Secret Garden Visits


We’ve had a wonderful time in Autumn half term visiting our Secret Garden each week. It’s been great to see the changes that have happened through Autumn and as we go into Winter. We’ve also had a different focus each week for us to think about each week.

Week 1

We went to look for different Autumn colours in the Secret Garden. We had to look carefully to find the right shades of each colour.

Week 2

We went to the Secret Garden again this time to look for treasures. We were allowed to have a look round and find objects which interested us to take back to Nursery to explore further.

Week 3

This time when we got to the Secret Garden we found some Secret Symbols. We have to think very carefully to think what they might mean and who might have put them there. When we got back to Nursery we tried to write some Secret Symbols of our own.

Week 4

We noticed that the trees had started to look a bit different. We were a bit unsure whether the trees were dead or not. When we got to Secret Garden we looked for buds on the trees and used the Twig ID sheet to try and work out which tree it was. We learnt the trees weren’t dead they were just having a rest for the Winter.

Week 5

We practised our counting in the Secret Garden this week. Everyone was given a cup with a number (and the correct number of dots on) so we could see if we could count the correct number of objects into the cup. We were allowed to use whatever we could find in the Secret Garden.

Week 6

This week we made some new friends to look after our Secret Garden for us over the Christmas holidays. Little did we know they’d be looking after it for a lot longer than that. We had to use our hands to make the clay stick to the tree which was a bit tricky on a cold day and then search for objects to make the face.

We love our trips to the Secret Garden and can’t wait to get back up there soon to see how it has altered as the seasons have changes. What do you think it will look like there today?

We do also love listening out for our robin when we go up the Secret Garden. You can often hear him singing his song and if you’re lucky you can sometimes see him too.

Our Autumn Term Learning 🍂


We had a great time learning in school during Autumn term. Miss Parker followed the ideas of the children to guide our learning themes. Lots of what we learnt more about came from our observations of the world around us.

Have a look in our Floor Book to see what we have been learning about… Pumpkins, Fireworks, Poppies, Diwali, Light and Dark, Hibernation, Trees, Christmas and the Nutcracker ballet. Click on any of the pictures to see them enlarged.

You can see some close ups of our Christmas pictures here. We had so much fun with so many special events happening. Can you remember which your favourite was? A visit from Santa, it’s snowing!!!, our Christmas parties, our Christmas performances, decorating the tree, telling Christmas Stories.

Nursery’s October Home Learning


Unfortunately the nursery bubble has been closed for the last 14 days and we’ve all had to stay at home. That has not stopped some fabulous learning though and the Nursery bubble have carried on their hard work at home. 

Some children made some fabulous rainbows. Look at the different ways they chose to make them. I wonder if you can think of any other ways to make a rainbow. Other children chose to look for all the colours of the rainbow around their house. We learnt to sing the rainbow song as well. 

Lots of children loved the challenge of drawing a picture of Gary the Snail. They watched videos of him and then had a go at drawing him. Look at their amazing efforts. We can’t wait to show Gary when we get back to Nursery. 

Lots of children sent photos of them playing Kim’s game where you hide and object and someone has to try and remember what is missing. Do you think you’d remember everything in these collections? 

There was lots of sorting objects by colour and size. Some children even had a go at counting them to see how many they had in each pile. Could you sort  objects like this?

When Miss Parker set the challenge to find out what floats and sinks from your house, some children showed us what they found. I wonder what floats and sinks in your house.  

Lots of children loved having a shape hunt around their house. I wonder if, when we’re allowed back out, they could find the same shapes out and about. We also watched a Numberblocks episode with shapes and one little girl drew her house using all the shapes she knew. 

Miss Parker loved seeing all the potion making when the days activity was to see if you could make a potion and come up with a Halloween spell to say. I just wish you could hear the videos that were sent through (These are only snapshots taken from them)

Lots of children said they were enjoying the daily story videos and some children showed us their favourite books from home. We also did a special LIVE Storytime each Friday over Zoom. 

And there was so much more happening at home. Look at everything else the children shared with Miss Parker here. There’s long jump, more Numberblocks fun, story time, cutting with scissors, an Autumn bag, lots of colouring , making tea and getting dressed ourselves and more….. See what else you can spot happening. 

Miss Parker and all the nursery TAs are very proud of you for coping so well at home and continuing with your learning even when you couldn’t come to Nursery. Well done everyone 🙂

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all soon back at Nursery.

Take care and stay safe 🙂

Drumming Fun


We had a great time this week when we had an African Drum session in Nursery. Paul brought his drums to school and helped us learn about the different sounds we could make with them. It is all part of our learning for Black History Month in October.

It was very tempting to just bang as loud as we could on the drums but we learnt to listen carefully and to play the drums loudly and quietly. We tried to play the drums quietly to make them sound like the rain falling outside. Then we played them loud like the thunder. We also learnt to play the drum in a different way moving our finger tips across the skin to make it sound like the wind blowing.

Paul thought we were doing such a good job that we learnt how to play a rhythm on the drums. We had to count to three and bang the drum before shouting, “hey!” It was hard to begin with but everyone kept trying and we got it in the end.

Miss Parker was very impressed with how well everyone listened and followed the instructions. It was also the first time some children had been down to the big hall so a big well done to them for being brave and going somewhere new.

When we got back to Nursery we decided to link the learning we’d done in the Hall to our learning this week about Sticks. We took it in turns to make noises with the sticks and to play a rhythm just like we’d done in the Hall with the drums. Some children even worked out a brand new way to make a noise using the sticks and rubbed them together.  

Well done everyone! 🙂

Starting Nursery 2020


We’ve all been having a wonderful time since we returned to Nursery in September. Some of our children returned from last year while some children were starting Nursery for the very first time. It was a strange return for all of us after lockdown before the Summer and a range of different experiences for everyone. 

Miss Parker and the Nursery team were so proud of everyone and how they came back to and started Nursery.  Everyone seemed so excited to see their old friends and make some new friends. We read a book called The Colour Monster to help us think about how we were feeling. 

We made some feelings bottles together and used them to talk about our feelings when were were experiences different situations. It took great team work to make sure the right feelings and colours went in the right bottle. We’ve all got really good at being able to say how we’re feeling. We use lots of different words to talk about it. We also know some days we might be feeling  bit muddled up and feel more than one thing. 

happy       sad       angry      calm      loved        scared       brave       mad     excited    worried   lonely   relaxed       

We also painted some Colour Monsters and talked about the colours we were using. We mixed different colours so our Colour Monster felt the way we wanted him too. 

Here are some more photos to show you more of the fun we’ve been having since we started Nursery…. 

Well done everyone on a great return and start to Nursery this year! We’re excited to have lots more fun. Keep checking back to see what we’ve been doing. 

Our Last Couple of Weeks in Nursery 2020


It has been another couple of strange weeks as some children continued to stay home and some children came in Nursery. Miss Parker has loved seeing pictures of all the children though whether they were at home or at Nursery.

Firstly though, the staff in Nursery wanted to say goodbye to all the children and have a look back on our year together so they made a special video for all the children in Nursery. Can you spot yourself on it?

Let’s have a look back at what the children have been doing for the last couple of weeks as well.

Some children have stayed at home and continued with their home learning.

Some children came to Nursery for sessions with their ‘bubble’.

A big well done to everyone who has completed Home Learning while they’ve been at home. We’re super proud of how well you’ve all coped.

We wish you all a wonderful Summer and look forward to seeing lots of you again in September. Take care and have fun. 🙂

Back to Nursery for Some Children


Some children have returned to Nursery in the last couple of weeks. We have been so excited to see them and for them to see their friends. The children have returned in three small bubbles which is only one of the ways we have been keeping them safe. Look how much fun they have been having.

Mrs Woods and Mrs Joyce’s Bubble

The children also talked about feelings using the book The Colour Monster.


They have enjoyed spending lots of time outside as well and particularly enjoyed this target throwing game.


Mrs Brown and Miss Ellis’s Bubble

This bubble have been doing lots of the same activities as the emails which have been going home. Can you spot any of them?

Miss Parker and Miss Waldron’s Bubble

We enjoyed exploring and finding out what was still in Nursery on our first day. We did lots of name writing practise and planted sunflowers outside.


We had a great time making up our own stories using the rocket and aliens. Can you believe the aliens came and stole the rocket from the astronauts?!? We thought they’d never get it back!

That then turned into us watching a real life space rocket launch and practising our counting for the countdown to BLAST OFF!!!


We also made the most of the good weather while we could and had great fun making an ice cream shop to sell ice cream to all our friends. We also built sandcastles and then made our own flags to put in the top.

This week continued our Space adventure with Cosmic Yoga. You can find it by clicking here if you would like to try it at home. We also had a birthday to celebrate and made lots of cards and messages for Miss Waldron.

We also started eating our dinner in the big hall which was very exciting.


This morning we were excited to see Gary the Snail back in Nursery. It started a conversation about Gary and we tried to find out more before drawing him ourselves.

It has been great to see the children again and see them smiling with their friends. If you would like your child to return for their sessions please call the Office to book your place. Places need booking by Friday afternoon for the following week.

Lots more Nursery Home Learning


Its time to find out what your friends in Nursery have been doing over the last fortnight while they’ve still been at home. Can you see any of your friends?

Some children sent pictures of their Father’s Day cards and the name writing and pictures they had been doing. J’Nai drew the picture for her Daddy.

Other children continued to practise their name writing and other letter patterns.

Some children sent pictures of them out and about enjoying going to some different places on a walk.

Some children loved finding some superheroes and talking about their favourite ones.

Some children watched the weather out the window making the most of the sunshine in their gardens. They also then found some BIG hailstones. Did you get big hailstones in your garden?

Olivia drew this amazing picture of a surprised man. She told her mum he was surprised because he was having a surprise party 🙂


Some children looked after the plants they had grown in their garden. Look how beautiful it is. I wonder if you have any flowers in your garden…


This little girl has been a superstar helping her mum with the cooking while she has been at home. These enchiladas look yummy.


There was another chef in the making too. Look at this delicious pizza made using the special Easy Peasy Pizza recipe. She then made fruit salad for pudding- yum!

This little girl shared some more pictures with us of what she has been doing at home.

A big thanks to the parents/ carers who have continued to share what their children are doing at home. It is always lovely to hear from you and the children 🙂

The Nursery Home Learning Continues…


We’re still so proud of our Nursery children. Miss Parker has been speaking to their mums and dads and they’ve all been saying how well the children are doing at home. We all miss all of our Nursery children and are looking forward to seeing some of them back in Nursery this week.

Here’s a little look back at some of the home learning from the last couple of weeks. Its so lovely to be able to see what they children have been doing. A huge thanks to all the parents and carers who have been in touch.

Some children made their own play dough at home and made some wonderful creations. I love the dinosaur world that J’Nai created.


Some children went on a bug hunt around their garden to see what they could find.

Other children also let me know they’d been getting dressed by themselves at home and being more independent.


Some children didn’t let the rain put them off and spent the day investigating how much rain fell into their containers.

Some children made sure they stayed active riding their bikes and scooters and helping walk the dog.

Others stayed active playing Hide and Seek in the park with their grown ups.

One little boy went for a walk to find a very special man….

This little girl sent me a video of her telling her favourite story, Little Rabbit Foo Foo. It was lovely to see her smiling and joining in so much.

And there was so much more. These photos show you some of the other things our Nursery children have been doing at home and wanted to share with you all, including one little girl’s trip to the hospital. Her mum and dad wanted to share how brave she was and we’re all proud of her too. Thankfully, she is okay and well 🙂

Some More Nursery Home Learning


It’s been another busy fortnight for the Nursery children. Being at home has not stopped us learning. Miss Parker continues to stay in touch via email and sending out daily learning activities. The children and families are doing a great job of staying in touch and replying with photos and emails of their own. It always so lovely to see what everyone has been up to and to see their smiling faces 🙂

Some children had a great time exploring floating and sinking 🙂

Some children tried to see how far they could jump and if they could jump further than their grown ups. They even had a go at measuring how far they could jump with their footprints 🙂

Some children looked for objects longer or shorter than a stick and then found different objects to order by length. Look at the fantastic job done here 🙂


Some children painted pictures. These fabulous creations belonging to Imose and Omar 🙂

Some children made their own musical instruments and had a wonderful time playing them 🙂


One little girl had a magical day when her mum held a Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter Day for her and her big brother. They had all sorts of fun, have a look! 🙂

Look at this amazing rocket one little boy built with his Dad. They even built a second one for his toys.

Some children helped out with real life problems, like what to do when your bike tyre needs fixing 🙂


Some children continued to have fun in the sun before the weather changed 🙂

There was another Nursery birthday for this little girl 🙂


Cohen’s mum also let us know he had a wonderful time for his birthday last week 🎂

And there was lots of other great things happening at home as well. Have a look at these pictures to see what else Nursery have been doing 🙂