Our Last Couple of Weeks in Nursery 2020


It has been another couple of strange weeks as some children continued to stay home and some children came in Nursery. Miss Parker has loved seeing pictures of all the children though whether they were at home or at Nursery.

Firstly though, the staff in Nursery wanted to say goodbye to all the children and have a look back on our year together so they made a special video for all the children in Nursery. Can you spot yourself on it?

Let’s have a look back at what the children have been doing for the last couple of weeks as well.

Some children have stayed at home and continued with their home learning.

Some children came to Nursery for sessions with their ‘bubble’.

A big well done to everyone who has completed Home Learning while they’ve been at home. We’re super proud of how well you’ve all coped.

We wish you all a wonderful Summer and look forward to seeing lots of you again in September. Take care and have fun. 🙂

Back to Nursery for Some Children


Some children have returned to Nursery in the last couple of weeks. We have been so excited to see them and for them to see their friends. The children have returned in three small bubbles which is only one of the ways we have been keeping them safe. Look how much fun they have been having.

Mrs Woods and Mrs Joyce’s Bubble

The children also talked about feelings using the book The Colour Monster.


They have enjoyed spending lots of time outside as well and particularly enjoyed this target throwing game.


Mrs Brown and Miss Ellis’s Bubble

This bubble have been doing lots of the same activities as the emails which have been going home. Can you spot any of them?

Miss Parker and Miss Waldron’s Bubble

We enjoyed exploring and finding out what was still in Nursery on our first day. We did lots of name writing practise and planted sunflowers outside.


We had a great time making up our own stories using the rocket and aliens. Can you believe the aliens came and stole the rocket from the astronauts?!? We thought they’d never get it back!

That then turned into us watching a real life space rocket launch and practising our counting for the countdown to BLAST OFF!!!


We also made the most of the good weather while we could and had great fun making an ice cream shop to sell ice cream to all our friends. We also built sandcastles and then made our own flags to put in the top.

This week continued our Space adventure with Cosmic Yoga. You can find it by clicking here if you would like to try it at home. We also had a birthday to celebrate and made lots of cards and messages for Miss Waldron.

We also started eating our dinner in the big hall which was very exciting.


This morning we were excited to see Gary the Snail back in Nursery. It started a conversation about Gary and we tried to find out more before drawing him ourselves.

It has been great to see the children again and see them smiling with their friends. If you would like your child to return for their sessions please call the Office to book your place. Places need booking by Friday afternoon for the following week.

Lots more Nursery Home Learning


Its time to find out what your friends in Nursery have been doing over the last fortnight while they’ve still been at home. Can you see any of your friends?

Some children sent pictures of their Father’s Day cards and the name writing and pictures they had been doing. J’Nai drew the picture for her Daddy.

Other children continued to practise their name writing and other letter patterns.

Some children sent pictures of them out and about enjoying going to some different places on a walk.

Some children loved finding some superheroes and talking about their favourite ones.

Some children watched the weather out the window making the most of the sunshine in their gardens. They also then found some BIG hailstones. Did you get big hailstones in your garden?

Olivia drew this amazing picture of a surprised man. She told her mum he was surprised because he was having a surprise party 🙂


Some children looked after the plants they had grown in their garden. Look how beautiful it is. I wonder if you have any flowers in your garden…


This little girl has been a superstar helping her mum with the cooking while she has been at home. These enchiladas look yummy.


There was another chef in the making too. Look at this delicious pizza made using the special Easy Peasy Pizza recipe. She then made fruit salad for pudding- yum!

This little girl shared some more pictures with us of what she has been doing at home.

A big thanks to the parents/ carers who have continued to share what their children are doing at home. It is always lovely to hear from you and the children 🙂

The Nursery Home Learning Continues…


We’re still so proud of our Nursery children. Miss Parker has been speaking to their mums and dads and they’ve all been saying how well the children are doing at home. We all miss all of our Nursery children and are looking forward to seeing some of them back in Nursery this week.

Here’s a little look back at some of the home learning from the last couple of weeks. Its so lovely to be able to see what they children have been doing. A huge thanks to all the parents and carers who have been in touch.

Some children made their own play dough at home and made some wonderful creations. I love the dinosaur world that J’Nai created.


Some children went on a bug hunt around their garden to see what they could find.

Other children also let me know they’d been getting dressed by themselves at home and being more independent.


Some children didn’t let the rain put them off and spent the day investigating how much rain fell into their containers.

Some children made sure they stayed active riding their bikes and scooters and helping walk the dog.

Others stayed active playing Hide and Seek in the park with their grown ups.

One little boy went for a walk to find a very special man….

This little girl sent me a video of her telling her favourite story, Little Rabbit Foo Foo. It was lovely to see her smiling and joining in so much.

And there was so much more. These photos show you some of the other things our Nursery children have been doing at home and wanted to share with you all, including one little girl’s trip to the hospital. Her mum and dad wanted to share how brave she was and we’re all proud of her too. Thankfully, she is okay and well 🙂

Some More Nursery Home Learning


It’s been another busy fortnight for the Nursery children. Being at home has not stopped us learning. Miss Parker continues to stay in touch via email and sending out daily learning activities. The children and families are doing a great job of staying in touch and replying with photos and emails of their own. It always so lovely to see what everyone has been up to and to see their smiling faces 🙂

Some children had a great time exploring floating and sinking 🙂

Some children tried to see how far they could jump and if they could jump further than their grown ups. They even had a go at measuring how far they could jump with their footprints 🙂

Some children looked for objects longer or shorter than a stick and then found different objects to order by length. Look at the fantastic job done here 🙂


Some children painted pictures. These fabulous creations belonging to Imose and Omar 🙂

Some children made their own musical instruments and had a wonderful time playing them 🙂


One little girl had a magical day when her mum held a Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter Day for her and her big brother. They had all sorts of fun, have a look! 🙂

Look at this amazing rocket one little boy built with his Dad. They even built a second one for his toys.

Some children helped out with real life problems, like what to do when your bike tyre needs fixing 🙂


Some children continued to have fun in the sun before the weather changed 🙂

There was another Nursery birthday for this little girl 🙂


Cohen’s mum also let us know he had a wonderful time for his birthday last week 🎂

And there was lots of other great things happening at home as well. Have a look at these pictures to see what else Nursery have been doing 🙂

A big well done and thank you too all the children and families who have stayed in touch and shared their home learning with us. You’re all doing a great job while we’re not at Nursery and things have to be a little bit different. Miss Parker will continue to send the emails so please get in touch to share what you have been doing. She will continue to write these blog posts so you can see some of your Nursery friends even while we can’t all be together at Nursery.

Take care and stay safe everyone 🌈

Yet Even More Nursery Home Learning


Its been another busy week for the Nursery children at home. They’ve been busy doing lots of different activities. Some linked to the activities Miss Parker has been sending daily during the week and some which families have been finding for themselves. Its great to share all the different things that we’ve been doing while we can’t be together in Nursery.

Some children loved playing Kim’s Game to improve their memories and recall skills. Their parents said they got really good at remembering what was missing and could do it with more than one item gone.

Some children made wish jars to think of all the things they would like to do when Lockdown is over. This one had three things in it:

  • see all her friends in nursery
  • going to the park and farm to see animals
  • to go to Disneyland

We hope those things can happen soon too. Can you remember what you put in yours? 

Some children played a number Hoopla game where you had to throw an object into numbers and then make that number on your fingers.

Some children then enjoyed doing the follow up activity on Topmarks counting the spots on the ladybird and finding the correct number.

You can find the game here if you want to play as well.


Some children enjoyed exploring which objects could float and which ones sunk. They even made a boat which was able to float.

Some children worked hard to learn the letters in their name. Its important that we can order the letters in our name and then be able to copy them.

Some children were excited to see Gary the Snail on video. You can watch the videos here and here if you missed them.

They also had a go at a new experiment their mum found online for them to try making a Lava Lamp. If you would like you try it you can watch the same video by clicking here. Let us know how you get on with it.

Some children sent in pictures of their Eid celebrations over the weekend. Eid Mubarak. We all hope you had a wonderful time if you celebrated.


And there was lots of other things happening at home as well. Some more birthdays, painting and one little boy sent a video of the bee he watched in his garden. What else can you see your friends have been doing at home?


Thanks to everyone who sent in their pictures and shared what you’ve been doing at home. Its great to be able to ‘see’ you even while we can’t actually see each other. A BIG well done to all the children who have carried on working hard at home.

If you want to feature on the next blog please make sure you send any pictures to Miss Parker on the class email. Its always great to hear from you.

If you’ve missed them and you’d like to find any of these activities to try at home use the Ideas to Try at Home button above to find a link to the blog which has the full collection available. Just use the search function or click on the cog to find the activity you want.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully, soon when it is is safe. Take care everyone and stay safe

Even More Nursery Home Learning


Despite still not being in Nursery and missing all our friends its been another busy couple of weeks. Miss Parker has still been emailing everyone each day and loving when you reply and share what you’ve been doing at home. It only seems fair to share the responses with everyone so you can ‘see’ your Nursery friends even when we’re all at home.

Some of us used our senses and went on a Hunt in our gardens to see what our senses could find. Do you think the flowers smelt nice? How do you think the grass felt?

Some of use enjoyed making potions with water and other ingredients. One of these children even said their potion was to make the flowers grow.

We thought about Online Safety which is especially important at this time when many of us are spending more time on our devices. Did you watch the video with the Funny Tummy song? Find it again by clicking here and looking for Episode 1. This was really important as it had happened to J’Nai the day before.


Some of us built rockets on International Space Day using materials we could find round our house. Look at this amazing example…..

Miss Parker sent us a rhyming story is listen to so we could try and work out the rhyming words at the end of each sentence. If you’d like to listen to the rhyming story Oi Frog again then click on this link.

After this Freya downloaded another phonics games to her devices to she could practise.

Some of us thought about how important is to make sure we keep washing our hands and, after watching the Dr Ranj episode about Coronavirus, showed our families how to wash their hands properly.

We know how important it is to stay active and moving so some of us did some dinosaur dancing in our gardens and using Cosmic Yoga. Then we drew pictures of our dinosaurs all by ourselves.

Some of us tried a different type of exercise.

Some children tried to make different shapes with sticks and talked about the shapes they’d made.  Then they made some shape pictures. Can you see what it is?

And we’ve been doing and learning lots of other things while we’ve been at home as well. Just look at all these pictures…..


Finally Leelan asked if I could post his message to show Nicholas so here it is….


(I miss playing with Nicholas)

A BIG well done and thank you to these children and parents who have sent emails and photos. If you want to feature in our next blog post please make sure you send any pictures to Miss Parker on the class email. Its always great to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully, soon. Take care and stay safe 🌈


More Nursery Home Learning


Sadly Nursery is still closed so we can’t go to school and see our friends. Miss Parker has been in touch with everyone though and said “Hi!” Lots of you have been sending emails with the things you’ve been doing at home so we can share them together. Even though you can’t see each other in person yet, you might spot one of your friends on here. Don’t forget to send Miss Parker your photos so you can be on the next blog post and your friends will see you next time.

Firstly, you might spot some of the teachers you know on this special video….🌈🌈🌈  See if you can find the Nursery teachers.


Some children continued to celebrate Easter with their families at home.

Some children sent special messages to their friends and grown ups they can’t see yet.

Some children kept busy doing more moving and physical activity. Some grown ups joined in as well!

Some of us just relaxed with a book or enjoyed watching the story videos Miss Parker has been sending.

Some of us got outside and looked at our shadows in the sunshine.

Some of us have been doing some special writing books our grown ups have got for us.

Some of us had a go at the colour sorting and graphs that Miss Parker suggested we try.

Some of us continued to make rainbows to cheer ourselves, our families and our neighbours up.

Some of us tried to draw pictures of a Nursery Rhyme so Miss Parker could guess which one it was. Do you know? Then we tried to learn a new rhyme from this website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-songs-index/zhwdgwx 

And here are some of the other ways we’ve been busy while we’ve been at home, including a birthday and some exciting new baby news.

It is wonderful to see you all and that you’re still smiling. It is hard when we have to stay home but we’ll be allowed back to school when its safe. For now home is the safe place to be. We’re looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully, soon. Until then, stay in touch on the emails and keep checking back here for a new post every couple of weeks. Don’t forget to send your photos so your friends can see you as well.

Big thanks to all those who have been in touch and sent photos 😊

Take care everyone and stay safe 🌈

Nursery Home Learning


Its been a strange few weeks with no Nursery. Thankfully we’ve found a way to stay in touch through daily emails with parents. These provide a suggestion of an activity to do at home. It has also been great to see all the amazing ideas that parents and families have been coming up with and sharing with Miss Parker. As you can’t come to Nursery and see your friends maybe you’ll spot one or two of them here instead.

We made some rainbows to put up in our windows to help cheer our neighbours up.

We looked for shapes around our house on a Shape Hunt.

We looked for objects in our house which began with the same letter as our name.


We decorated eggs for Easter.

We have been keeping fit and playing games.

We have been looking for wildlife and nature in our gardens. This includes listening for it as well as looking.

And here are some of the other things we’ve been doing….

A BIG thank you to all the parents/ carers who have been sending the emails and sharing what the children have been doing. Emails should have been sent daily to every family in Nursery so check your junk mail and other folders in case they are hiding in there. If you’ve not been receiving the emails please comment on this blog post and Miss Parker will do her best to make sure you receive them.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


We had a surprise in Nursery a few weeks ago when we were all still in school. Miss Varley sent us some teeny, tiny caterpillars as a present. We had to make sure that we looked after them and something amazing would happen to them. Everyone was excited to find out what would happen.

Our caterpillars continued to get bigger and bigger. Everyone, including the teachers, was amazed by how quickly they grew and how big they got. While we were watching them and observing what they were doing we learnt a story about a caterpillar- The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Everyone did a wonderful job of learning the words and telling it themselves. Can you remember the words?


If you forget the story you can find it and listen again here.

We continued to watch our caterpillars and then around the time we all had to stop going to Nursery they decided it was time to spin their chrysalis. First they climbed to the top and hung upside down. That’s how we knew they were nearly ready.


Miss Parker decided to take the caterpillars home so she could continue to look after them and also let all the Nursery children know what had been happening with them. Nothing happened for over two weeks…….. Miss Parker was just about to give up all hope when, pop, out came a butterfly! It was followed by 4 more. All 5 of our caterpillars had metamorphosed into butterflies. Miss Parker was lucky enough to see one of the butterflies emerge and filmed it so you could all see. He had to work so hard to push his way out and was so determined and resilient. Can you see how tiny his wings look when he first came out?


Click on this link to see the video of the Emerging Butterfly

After a day of watching the butterflies and taking some more videos for all the Nursery children to see, Miss Parker decided to release the butterflies. It was such a sunny day and they needed to go off and see the world.

You can see the videos Miss Parker took here, including one where you can see the butterfly using its proboscis to drink.

Click here to see the Butterflies Moving.

Click here to see the Butterfly Drinking with its Proboscis

Click here to see the Butterfly Flying

Finally, click here to see the Butterflies being released

Its a shame we didn’t get to see this altogether in Nursery but hopefully you’ve been able to see what happened through these videos. Maybe if you’re lucky there will be some more caterpillars in school one day and you’ll get to see it for yourself 🙂