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Christmas Movies


In nursery we love to make a movie! Did you see our movie of The Three Little Pigs?  

Over the last two weeks the children have been making their own movies. They have thought of the scripts, made costumes, filmed and even edited their movies together (with a little bit of help!)

Check out our movies…

When Santa got Stuck in the Chimney…


The Mischievous Elf and the Big Bad Wolf


Santa Eats his Vegetables


We love story telling in nursery and have had a lot of fun making our own movies. We learnt to share our ideas, think of stories together, think about characters and use the ipads to record. Why not try making your own mini movie at home?



A Special Delivery (Christmas Movie)


We were very excited to have a special delivery in nursery yesterday afternoon. We went out to play and when we tried to get back in the door was locked! There was magic dust all over the floor and giant footprints. Then we found a huge present and a dvd to watch. It was a message from Santa and he had photos of us and knew all about us!

Click here to see Santa’s message

It was so exciting, watch our movie to see what happened…





Christmas Workshop


We had lots of fun at our Christmas Workshop on Friday morning. Have a look what we got up to…

Melting Snowman biscuits with icing, marshmallows and chocolate drops…


Fluffy snow paint with shaving foam, white paint and glitter with sponges and card to take home and paint with…


Baubles with foil, sequins, glitter and polystyrene balls…


Pipe cleaner decorations, carefully thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners to make decorations…


Christmas tree cards with strips of green paper and glitter and sequins to decorate…


A big thank you to all the parents who stayed for Christmas Workshop. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas crafts.



Our Christmas Nativity

Our Christmas Nativity

This week we did our Christmas nativities for all of our grown-ups. Our performance this year was full of Maths and all about counting for Christmas!

In nursery we learnt all the songs and the actions. This was the children’s first performance and it can be very scary singing in front of a big audience. Everybody did really well to join in and we hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you to everybody who came and a big well done to all the Reception children too!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

In nursery we are getting into the Christmas spirit. Have a look at some of the fun we have been having…

Sending Letters to Santa 

Making a Santa Sleigh 

Candy Cane Sensory Play 

(Shaving foam, food colouring, peppermint scent and a little glitter) 


Decorating Trees 

Christmas Tree Playdough 

Bauble Roll 


A big THANK YOU to all the parents who have brought us in Christmas trees and decorations, we really appreciate them!

Christmas Workshop

Christmas Workshop

Friday was our Christmas Workshop. Thank you to all the parents who came to help us make Christmas Crafts like…

Melting Snowman Biscuits



Ninja Turtle Baubles



Christmas Tree Cards


Pipecleaner and Bead decorations



Reindeer Decorations


Christmas Colouring


We hope you had fun! 🙂

Dates for Your Diary

Dates for Your Diary

Christmas is coming up and we’ve got some important Christmas dates for your diary…


Nativity and Christmas Performance Dates

Tuesday 6th December- 9.30am FS Christmas Performance (nursery and reception)

Thursday 8th December- 2.15pm FS Christmas Performance (nursery and reception)


Christmas Party & Disco Dates

Wednesday 14th December- Nursery (morning and afternoon) party & disco

We will let you know nearer the time what we would like your child to bring for the party & disco.


Last day of School

Friday 16th Dec


First day back

Tuesday 3rd Jan


Other Important Dates 

Friday 2nd December FS and KS1 Christmas Workshop 8.40-9.30- Stay and make some Christmas Crafts!

Wednesday 7th December- School Christmas lunch




It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

We have been feeling very Christmassy for the last few weeks in nursery. Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing…

In the water tray we made snowflake soup. We added glitter, stars, beads, pipe cleaners and sparkles. We put cups and tweezers in there so we could count out our ingredients and help to make our hands and fingers stronger.



We had lots of fun in the block area. We covered some of our blocks in white paper and used them to build igloos.


Then we added pens so we could make marks on our blocks. We drew on our blocks and made fire engines, Elsa’s castle, farms and cars.



On our maths table we had Christmas trees to decorate. We used the tweezers to pick up the different decorations. Then we counted how many we needed for each part of the tree. If we didn’t recognise our numbers we counted the spots of used our number track to help us.




We made more Christmas trees on the play dough table. We used green glittery clime to make trees then counted decorations onto them. We added beads, stars and pipe cleaners.


We kept our Christmas bags that we had been using for transporting last week and added labels to the front. We had to fill the bags with gifts for the different characters from the Jolly Postman. We needed to count out how many we needed and make sure we gave them to the right person!


We have also had lots of polar bear activities out! We were very interested in polar bears and read the story ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Heat?’ Then we added polar bears to our small world and maths area to count and play with.



Our mark making this week has been in the Christmas glitter and sparkles. We have been trying to write our numbers using the paint brushes.


We had a Santa’s Sleigh in the role-play area and had lots of fun delivering all the presents!

Finally on our phonics table we have been playing a rhyming game. We have lots of different objects and pictures and have to guess the rhyming phrase like cat in a hat, star in a jar or hay in a sleigh. We are very good at this game!


Finally we made our Christmas decorations to take home. The children decided they would like to make Ninja Turtle baubles this year! We added ribbon and googley eyes to green baubles then took them home to hang on our Christmas trees!



We hope you have lots of fun at home over Christmas. There are lots of Christmas activities you could try…

Make fake snow by mixing either corn flour or baking powder with shaving foam.

Pour some glitter or sparkles onto a tray or plate and make marks in it like letters and numbers

Cover your blocks at home in a bit of old paper or newspaper to encourage your children to write and draw on them (this is a great activity for boys who don’t usually choose to write and draw)

Decorate old baubles with scraps of paper or material

Look online for more fun Christmas activities.


The Room That Moved… (The Transporters)

The Room That Moved… (The Transporters)

In nursery we love to transport! This is when we move things from one place to another, filling every container we can find! So many of our children in nursery love to do this you might have noticed them doing it at home too!

Does your child like to fill up bags, buckets, prams and sometimes just their hands? Do they constantly take things from one place to another? Do they hide things in a special place? Do they collect things on their travels? Are their pockets always full?

Don’t worry! We see this at nursery too. It’s a completely normal part of their development. However we know this can be challenging , especially when everything keeps disappearing!

So we had a think about how to help the children learn through their transporting. First we read the children a story about their transporting (names have been hidden!)…


The children were very excited to read a book where they were the characters. They knew they liked to move things but talked about not being able to find things to play with. They decided that they would quite like lots of bags to fill up but they would remember to put things back when they had finished. We gave the children lots of bags and sacks to fill with things. The children had to remember to use their toys once they had taken them somewhere. We talked to the children about what they were going to put in their bags.

We made a game with the bags. We packed Christmas gifts for the different characters in the Jolly Postman. We had to look what was on the picture and just put those things inside the bag.

We made Santa’s sleighs to carry things around. We had sacks for toys and had to remember to deliver them to the right people. We then had to collect things back up to take them to the next children.

We made big Santa sleighs outside using the play pod. We filled suitcases with toys to deliver.

We did lots of posting activities to make our transporting more purposeful.


We also did other activities  like carrying blocks in the wheelbarrow, dressing up as the post man to deliver letters and finding a new way for Santa to carry his presents when his sleigh broke down.

Does your child transport? You can help to move their learning on…

Give children things to help them transport:

Bags, rucksacks, suitcases, bikes, trucks, prams, mops, brushes

Let them help with activities like:

Sweeping, vacuuming, tidying up, helping with unpacking shopping, writing and posting letters

Children will enjoy visits:

To the post box, the shops, transport museums, riding on buses and trams