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Cops and Robbers


The children in Nursery had been returning to the same interest in their play again and again. They loved ‘putting you in jail’ so we decided to learn more about the Police.

We read books from our school library about Police. Some of them were information books and some of them were stories. We watched videos about the Police and read information from the computers to find out more.

The Police and What They Do PowerPoint from 

We then put what what we had learnt into our play. Some of use decided to build jails outside and played at being cops and robbers.

When we were learning more about the Police we saw their cars so we turned a car in our Outdoor Area into a Police car with a flashing blue light. We also got the road signs out so we could practise helping people keep safe on the roads. Everyone had a go at reading the road signs and giving meaning to the letters and symbols.

Some of of us played at being the Police inside. We had some special Police notebooks and phones so we could take messages. There was lots of mark making going on while the children wrote ‘tickets’ for each other.

We also made up a new song with Ms Woods and Miss Webster. Here are the words if you want to sing along at home….


And then there was a special surprise… some really life police officers came to visit us in Nursery. It was great to see them and we saw lots of the things we’d been talking about during the week in real life. We found out what happened if there was a traffic accident and cars crashed.

Thank you so much Michelle and John for coming to see us. We hope we see you again soon.


What have we been learning?

  • About the job of a Police Officer
  • To read road signs and write tickets like a Police officer
  • To talk about what we can see and what we’ve learnt

How can you continue the learning at home? 

  • Talk with your children about jobs they are interested in. This could be anything: Police officer, Fire fighter, Race car driver, Astronaut, Chef, Teacher or anything else your child is interested in. 
  • Look at road signs and other signs (on shops, buses, cars etc.) when you’re out and about and talk about their meaning. This is the beginning of reading. 
  • Sing the song the children made up together. See if you’re can make up an extra verse or make up a song about a different job. 


National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day. Each year there is a different theme and this year the theme is change. After spending time in the secret garden this week and looking at the changing leaves and conkers we have been doing a lot of talking about Autumn.


Poem was a brand new word so we thought about what it meant. We decided a poem was a bit like a story and a bit like a song and it could tell us about how things look, feel, sound, taste or smell.

We talked about Autumn and all the changes we had noticed. The children described what they could see and hear and we put our ideas together to turn them into a poem.

Here is the poem from the afternoon and beginning of the week children…


Here is the poem from the morning and end of the week children…


We hope you like our poems. To learn more about National Poetry Day and explore poems at home you can visit the website below…

Click here to learn more about National Poetry Day

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo

Last week began with lots of letter writing. The children were writing letters home and to their friends. We got out the post bag so we could deliver our letters.

In the construction area lots of children were building cages and zoos for the animals.

We remembered our story from guided reading all about sending letters to the zoo. It was called ‘Dear Zoo’. We read it at story time and then we got a delivery from the zoo!

We weighed the animals to see if they could be sent in the post. As everybody knows only animals that weigh less than a hamster can be sent in the post.


Some of the animals were feeling a little bit poorly but luckily the vets were there to make sure they were ok.

Some of the children decided they needed to use tools to make their zoos even better.

Then they asked to build a real zoo with real tools!


We thought about what we would need and wrote a letter to Ella’s daddy who looks after our school.


Then we drew designs for how we wanted our zoo to look.


We used the big drill, the saw and the screwdrivers to build our zoo. We had to work together and be very careful. We had lots of fun, especially using the big drill!

When the zoo was finished we sorted the animals to see who could live inside it.

What were we learning about? 

This week the children decided everything we learnt about. All the activities were planned because of what the children said or did. This way the children were very interested in their learning.

The children did lots of mark making. They wrote letters to the zoo and to other people. They drew designs for their zoo and talked about their pictures.

We learnt about letter writing. We made sure we said who our letters were to and who they were from.

We learnt the names of different animals including more unusual animals like flamingos.

The children had discussions about where different animals live e.g. would we find a spider in the zoo? They learnt to ask questions and look in books to find the answers.

We learnt about vets. The children took on a role in their play, asking and answering questions. They began adding more mark making to their play by writing what was wrong with the animals.

We learnt about tools. We learnt how to be safe and manage risks.

In maths we learnt the words ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ and could sort the animals. We learnt that not everything that was big was heavy and not everything small was light.

How can you continue learning at home? 

Following children’s interests at home is a great way to help their learning.  Children that don’t normally pick up a pencil will often write more if it is part of their play.

If your child likes to build encourage them to draw what they are building and talk about their pictures.

If they like to play football and other games give them a pen and paper or chalk to write on the ground and encourage them to keep a score.

Letting the children use tools in a controlled and supervised environment allows them to learn about safety. For example, letting children use scissors and talking to them about how to use them safely means they are less likely to be dangerous with them than if they never use them.




It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

We have been feeling very Christmassy for the last few weeks in nursery. Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing…

In the water tray we made snowflake soup. We added glitter, stars, beads, pipe cleaners and sparkles. We put cups and tweezers in there so we could count out our ingredients and help to make our hands and fingers stronger.



We had lots of fun in the block area. We covered some of our blocks in white paper and used them to build igloos.


Then we added pens so we could make marks on our blocks. We drew on our blocks and made fire engines, Elsa’s castle, farms and cars.



On our maths table we had Christmas trees to decorate. We used the tweezers to pick up the different decorations. Then we counted how many we needed for each part of the tree. If we didn’t recognise our numbers we counted the spots of used our number track to help us.




We made more Christmas trees on the play dough table. We used green glittery clime to make trees then counted decorations onto them. We added beads, stars and pipe cleaners.


We kept our Christmas bags that we had been using for transporting last week and added labels to the front. We had to fill the bags with gifts for the different characters from the Jolly Postman. We needed to count out how many we needed and make sure we gave them to the right person!


We have also had lots of polar bear activities out! We were very interested in polar bears and read the story ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Heat?’ Then we added polar bears to our small world and maths area to count and play with.



Our mark making this week has been in the Christmas glitter and sparkles. We have been trying to write our numbers using the paint brushes.


We had a Santa’s Sleigh in the role-play area and had lots of fun delivering all the presents!

Finally on our phonics table we have been playing a rhyming game. We have lots of different objects and pictures and have to guess the rhyming phrase like cat in a hat, star in a jar or hay in a sleigh. We are very good at this game!


Finally we made our Christmas decorations to take home. The children decided they would like to make Ninja Turtle baubles this year! We added ribbon and googley eyes to green baubles then took them home to hang on our Christmas trees!



We hope you have lots of fun at home over Christmas. There are lots of Christmas activities you could try…

Make fake snow by mixing either corn flour or baking powder with shaving foam.

Pour some glitter or sparkles onto a tray or plate and make marks in it like letters and numbers

Cover your blocks at home in a bit of old paper or newspaper to encourage your children to write and draw on them (this is a great activity for boys who don’t usually choose to write and draw)

Decorate old baubles with scraps of paper or material

Look online for more fun Christmas activities.


Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

We have been having lots of fun posting our drawings and pictures into the postbox in our classroom. We decided we would like to go to the post office to send some real letters but who to write to?


We had a little think and decided to write to Father Christmas!

We all thought of one present we would like and drew a picture of it. We sounded out the words and wrote or copied the letters we knew. Then we wrote our names.

Next we needed to send them! We put them in envelopes and stuck Santa’s address to the front. Then we added our own address so that we would get a reply from Santa.

Then we went to the post office to deliver our letters!

Finally we waited for our replies from Santa!




Exciting Writing


We have been trying to get the children in nursery excited about writing!

Everybody is doing really well writing their name every day with their grown ups when they get to school.

We wanted to see the children doing a bit more writing around the classroom so we asked the children who their favourite characters were. The winners were: Spider-Man, Minions, Buzz and Woody and all things Frozen!


We added some of these characters to our writing area containers and printed special paper with characters on.

The children have loved our special writing area and we have seen lots of children writing and drawing who might not normally. We have also seen the children going back to do lots of different pieces of writing and drawing.


We have already had requests for the characters the children want next week!

The writing area was very easy to create, you could make something similar at home by covering empty containers with stickers or printing favourite characters to get children excited about writing!

Fine Motor Skills


This week in nursery we have been trying hard with our fine motor skills. These are important to help us to get ready for writing.

In the sand tray we have been using our new tweezers to pick up small objects and count them into tubs. We have also been using chopsticks because we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The chopsticks were the trickiest!


In the water tray we have been using special squeezy pipettes to help make our fingers stronger. We have been been using jugs and beakers to fill and pour.


In the play dough we have had letters this week. We have used them to practise recognising our letters and stamping the letters in our name. We have also been using the rollers and tweezers to help make our hands stronger.


On the quiet table we have had cotton buds, water and chalk boards. We dipped our cotton bud in the water then used it to make a pattern. After a few seconds it disappeared!


All these activities help to get us ready for writing. At home you can help your children get ready for writing with activities like play dough, drawing, painting, threading, jigsaws and using small objects such as Lego.

Our Book about Buildings


In Nursery we like to make our own books.

For our buildings topic we made a book all about different kinds of buildings.


To give us ideas for our book we visited a building site, looked on the internet and in non-fiction books, talked to people about buildings and shared our ideas with each other.

To make our book some children looked at photographs of our new school being built and talked about things they knew and things they could see.

Some children drew pictures of different types of buildings and talked about what they had learnt.

Some children labelled their pictures of buildings to show their learning.

We like making our own books , see if you can spot some of them in our book corner.

A Day of Writing


In Nursery we love to write!

We like to write in the writing area but we don’t have a table. We have cushions so we can choose what we need from the writing shelves.


We write in the role-play area on the notebooks and big paper.


We have quiet time writing in our new writing den. It’s a good place for sending special messages.


In the construction area we draw maps and buildings.


We also have writing carriers and writing bags to take around the classroom so we can write everywhere!


Where is your favourite place to write at home. We’d love to see the writing you have been doing at home.

Our New Writing Den


In nursery we have made a new writing den!

This is how we made it:

display 003

We had lots of fun writing and drawing in it, there is even paper on the bottom of the table to write on!

display 001

Why do we have a writing den?

display 002

Could you make a writing den at home?

We would love to see the writing that you do at home.