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The Very Hungry Caterpillar


We had a surprise in Nursery a few weeks ago when we were all still in school. Miss Varley sent us some teeny, tiny caterpillars as a present. We had to make sure that we looked after them and something amazing would happen to them. Everyone was excited to find out what would happen.

Our caterpillars continued to get bigger and bigger. Everyone, including the teachers, was amazed by how quickly they grew and how big they got. While we were watching them and observing what they were doing we learnt a story about a caterpillar- The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Everyone did a wonderful job of learning the words and telling it themselves. Can you remember the words?


If you forget the story you can find it and listen again here.

We continued to watch our caterpillars and then around the time we all had to stop going to Nursery they decided it was time to spin their chrysalis. First they climbed to the top and hung upside down. That’s how we knew they were nearly ready.


Miss Parker decided to take the caterpillars home so she could continue to look after them and also let all the Nursery children know what had been happening with them. Nothing happened for over two weeks…….. Miss Parker was just about to give up all hope when, pop, out came a butterfly! It was followed by 4 more. All 5 of our caterpillars had metamorphosed into butterflies. Miss Parker was lucky enough to see one of the butterflies emerge and filmed it so you could all see. He had to work so hard to push his way out and was so determined and resilient. Can you see how tiny his wings look when he first came out?


Click on this link to see the video of the Emerging Butterfly

After a day of watching the butterflies and taking some more videos for all the Nursery children to see, Miss Parker decided to release the butterflies. It was such a sunny day and they needed to go off and see the world.

You can see the videos Miss Parker took here, including one where you can see the butterfly using its proboscis to drink.

Click here to see the Butterflies Moving.

Click here to see the Butterfly Drinking with its Proboscis

Click here to see the Butterfly Flying

Finally, click here to see the Butterflies being released

Its a shame we didn’t get to see this altogether in Nursery but hopefully you’ve been able to see what happened through these videos. Maybe if you’re lucky there will be some more caterpillars in school one day and you’ll get to see it for yourself 🙂



The Tiger Who Came to Tea


After it was shown on the TV at Christmas some us came back to Nursery saying we’d seen The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Lots of us didn’t know it was a book first.

We read the book in Nursery and did lots of talking about the tiger. We even decided to have a tea party of our own with a real tea pot.


You can see lots of our talking in the Floor Book.


We played some alliteration games with the words tiger and tea by trying to think of some other meals that animals might eat. We had to listen really carefully to the first sounds in words and find one which sounded the same. We even managed to find some children who could also eat that meal as well!

The children loved reading the book and watching the film of the book. Everyone thought it was really funny when the tiger drank all the water in the tap and drank daddy’s beer. We then started to watch some real tigers and find out more about where real tigers live. Everyone started talking about the tiger’s teeth which inspired our next week’s learning.

We talked about teeth and why we needed to brush our teeth. We shared our experiences of going to the dentists. Miss Parker even gave everyone a toothbrush and toothpaste to take home.


The Easter Bunny has lost his bounce!

The Easter Bunny has lost his bounce!

Last week we got a letter from the Easter Bunny saying that he had lost his bounce! We needed to think of ways to get him jumping again in time to deliver all the Easter Eggs. The children came up with their own ideas for how to help the Easter Bunny…



Later on we went for an Easter Egg Hunt in the Secret Garden…


We even added eggs to our story telling…



World Book Day

World Book Day

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day!

We love World Book Day in nursery, it’s a chance for the children (and teachers!) to dress up as their favourite book characters. Have a look at some of the children’s amazing outfits…


We also have a competition to decorate our door like our favourite story. This year we chose Dear Zoo and the children had a fun week decorating boxes and making animals to go on the door…


Have a look at some of the other amazing doors around school…


We had a busy day making puppets and characters from our favourite stories. We also shared some of our favourite books and some children brought in their favourite books from home to share with their friends.



Today we celebrated ‘Wear it Wild’ Day. We all dressed up as wild animals to raise money and awareness about endangered species. Check out our amazing costumes!


About Wear it Wild

Wear it Wild is WWF’s annual fundraising event.

In workplaces, schools and homes up and down the land, people will be donning wildlife-inspired fancy dress – and raising money to save incredible wildlife at the same time.

Since 1970, populations of wild species have fallen by half. Without the tireless efforts of conservation organisations like WWF, iconic species like tigers, elephants and rhinos could become extinct in our lifetimes.

We’re not going to let that happen. But we rely on the support of people like you to bring about a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Taking part in Wear it Wild is a great way to raise funds, raise awareness – and have fun too.

Click here to find out more

As well as dressing up and learning about wild animals we also made animal masks in our weekly workshop with our grown-ups. We have so much fun for ‘Wear it Wild’


Graves Park


Last Wednesday we went on our first nursery school trip to Graves Park!

We had a lovely time seeing and feeding all the animals, having a picnic and ice-creams and playing on the park.

Click here to see what we got up to…

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Come back soon to see all the amazing stories, paintings and drawings we have been doing following our trip.

World Book Day

World Book Day

We love stories in nursery (Check out some of our story telling here) so World Book Day is always one of our favourite days of the year! We love to dress up, tell stories and our favourite part is the door decorating competition! Each class decorates their door to look like one of their favourite books covers.

This year we chose Rumble in the Jungle and we thought about what we needed.

Lula – We can make some leaves out of cardboard

Oliver – Tape leaves to the door, real leaves

Jacob – Put a lion on it

Scarlette – Put some animals on

Lois – Glue animals in the workshop

Lexi-Lou – Paint some animals

So we made and painted animals and leaves. Then some new sound buttons arrived in nursery so we added sound effects to our door too!

Then Macey wanted a crocodile. We found one in the cupboard and Miss Hulme thought it could go on the floor but the children decided it needed to hang up.

084.jpg We hung up our crocodile and added fairy lights to make our door extra special. The school council came to see which door they liked the best and we won!


Have a look at some of the other great doors around school…


We won vouchers to spend at our book fair at school. Come back soon to see what we get and don’t forget to visit the book fair from the 19th until the 23rd of March.






Bye Bye Butterflies!

Bye Bye Butterflies!

After watching our caterpillars grow then go into their chrysalises, they turned into butterflies and it was finally time to let them go. The children chose the top of the hill near the secret garden to let the butterflies go. Carefully we took them up the hill then let them fly away…




The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

After building lots of bridges to save the gingerbread man we decided to read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Everybody loved the story! All week the children retold the story and acted it out with the goats, on the bridge outside and at group times…

Lots of the children were inspired to produce some AMAZING home learning all about The Billy Goats Gruff …

Olivia’s beautiful Billy Goats Gruff scene inspired lots of clay work to create trolls and goats


We built lots of bridges with all different types of blocks and in the workshop too, we had to work as a team and test our bridge to see if it was string enough…

In Maths we learnt about the size of the Billy Goats then followed instructions to put them in different positions…

We were learning to..

  • Retell the story
  • Give the characters voices
  • Remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end
  • Solve problems to build bridges of our own
  • Work together and share ideas
  • We learnt about size with the big, middle and little goats and position as we moved the goats around
  • Mould the clay into the shape we wanted and add features