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Our New Workbench

Our New Workbench

We are very excited to have our new workbench in nursery! We have been using real tools on our workbench and making some great models.


First we learnt how to keep ourselves safe. We explored the tools and learnt about the best ways to use them.


We thought about how to keep ourselves safe and put hand prints on the bench so we knew how to keep our hands a safe distance away. We wore safety goggles to make sure we didn’t get anything in our eyes. There are rules we have to follow when we use the work bench and we have all been very good at listening to the rules and keeping ourselves safe.

We started off by exploring each tool one at a time and finding the safest and most comfortable way to use them.


Once we were confident we started to combine tools by cutting wood and screwing two pieces together.

Now we are more confident we are starting to plan out what we want to build by drawing pictures and making our models. This week we have made robots and cars.


We have even started to try and make our models even better by going back and adjusting the wheels to try and make our cars work.

The children’s plan for next week is to work together to build a big house for the Three Little Pigs, check back next week to see how we do…

What are we learning about?

Using the tools is a great way to build children’s fine motor skills which helps to get them ready for writing. To use the saw and hammer the children need strength and coordination. To use the screw driver they must work with control, slowly and carefully. Whenever we use the tools the children have to listen very carefully and follow the instructions to work safely. They have to think of their own safety and the safety of their friends around them and concentrate very hard. When they make models they need to try different ways of doing things and make adjustments to make it work.

Already the children are becoming more safe and confident with using the tools and we have been very impressed with what they have made.

How can you continue learning at home?

Lots of parents have asked for their children’s target to be to write their name. As well as lots of practice drawing and making marks with a pencil there are other ways to help children build up their strength and control in their hands and fingers…

Buttons and zips help children with coordination and strength in their fingers. Encouraging children to help to get themselves ready for school by putting on their own shoes and socks or trying to get themselves dressed this will all build up children’s strength in their hands and arms.

Children need to build up their big muscles in their arms and shoulders as well as the little ones in their hands and fingers so lots of climbing at the park or riding bikes helps to build these muscles.

Toys and activities like using blocks, Duplo and Lego all help with children’s fine motor skills. As they get more confident with the bigger blocks getting out smaller ones like Lego will help to strengthen the muscles in their fingers. Threading, sewing, play dough and using scissors are all great ways to strengthen finger muscles.

Lots of chance to make marks like with a tray of gel or shaving foam that children can make marks in with their fingers or big chalks on the ground outside. Using big paper helps to build up bigger muscles. Painting, colouring and drawing are all great ways to get ready for writing.


The Giant Slide!

The Giant Slide!

Look what fun we have been having in our block area this week…

Read our learning story to find out how we made our GIANT slide!



Muddy Puddles! (+video)

Muddy Puddles! (+video)

Update – Our Muddy Puddle Walk raised an amazing £306.50!

Thank you for all your sponsors!

This week was our Muddy Puddle walk for Save the Children. Have a look at our video…

We went on a walk all around school, up and around the secret garden and around the new pitch at the top of our school, it was a long way for little legs!

On the way we looked out for Peppa Pig and his friends hiding all around.


It was a lovely sunny day but we still wanted some puddles so when we got to the top of the hill we tipped out buckets of water and jumped in the mud!


When we got back we raised even more money by having a bake sale for parents and teachers. We had lots of fun and raised money for a great cause.

How can you continue learning at home?

We have talked a lot about charity this week and how there are people who aren’t as lucky as us. Everybody really wanted to look after other people and thought about ways we can help people. There were lots of questions and ideas about how we can help others.

You could talk to your grown-up about what charity means

At home you could think about ways to help others like your family and friends

You could donate old toys or clothes you no longer want

You could go on your own walk to somewhere new

You could bake buns or cakes at home

Click here to find out more about the Muddy Puddles Event and Save the Children.

Jumping in Puddles

Jumping in Puddles

Today was a little bit rainy but it didn’t matter because we had our new outdoor clothes!


We have waterproof suits and wellies in different sizes so the children can go out whatever the weather.


Look how much fun we had playing in the rain…

Please remember to still send your child in clothes suitable for the changing weather. If you would prefer, you can also send your child to school in their own wellies. Thank you! 🙂


Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes

We have had something new and very exciting in nursery…balance bikes! They are like normal bikes but without pedals. We used the handle bars to steer and control them with our feet.

We even practised using the balance bikes outside.

In the hall we learnt how to move the bikes in different ways using our feet. We had races and competitions riding all the way from one side of the hall to the other. We used the bench to practice moving using our feet.

On the balance bikes we learn about control and coordination. We move around obstacles moving fast and slow and using the brakes. We have to control our bodies to keep our bike balanced. It was very tricky but we got better and better with each go!

Wednesday Vs United


This year in nursery there has been lots of talk about football!

Some of the children support Sheffield Wednesday and some support Sheffield United. Taela told us a story about watching Sheffield Wednesday with her dad. She then went to find out if all the teachers liked football.


We decided to go to the library and found some books about how to play football and football teams.


Then we went to play football!

First we practiced our ball skills. We stood in a circle and kicked the ball to each other. We had to look carefully so we could stop it with our feet. Then we did little kicks to our friends. It was tricky not to use our hands!


After practicing we had a match. Miss Webster’s team were Sheffield Wednesday and Miss Bibby’s team were Sheffield United. We had to kick the ball to our friends then try and score a goal. There were some good goals and lots of great saves too!


We talked about all the new football words we had learnt like dribble, goal, score and match. Then our share box came back with a Sheffield Wednesday ticket in it! The children were very excited to find out all about going to football matches.


We enjoyed learning about football

We learnt to use books to find out more about things we were interested in.

We learnt lots of new words that we can use in our play.

We learn about how to play as part of a team.

We thought about how to follow the rules when we play a game. We got better the longer we played!

We had to use lots of control to stop the ball and make it go where we wanted.

Sports Day


Yesterday was nursery’s sports day! We had lots of fun playing different games and sports. Our favourite part was the big races at the end!

First we got into teams. Then each team had a go at one of the activities.

There was jumping and hopping through the hoops as fast as we could:

010 158 159 138 137 143 153 152 005 112 003 035 029 030

There was balancing the ball in the cup and racing each other:

021037 034 027 050 051

122 123 006 151 156

There was balancing on stilts and trying to make it to the hoop without falling off (this one was tricky!)

022 019 017 036 026 047 044 054 053 119 002 126 134 128 127 140 130 141 144 145 148 157 154 014 007

Then we had lots of different races, we had boys vs girls running, jumping and hopping. Then all the boys went together to have a big race to the end and so did the girls.

081 076 074 078 069 065 064 057 083 090 098 099 105 102 093165 164 185 186 174 177 180 179 187 188

Everybody cheered each other on as they raced.


At the end we all took home a trophy we had made for taking part in nursery sports day. We had such a fun day, we can’t wait until next year!

107 108 109 110

Exploring Colour Mixing


This week we are exploring colour mixing. We used the primary colours red, yellow and blue and explored what happened when we mixed them together.

We have been mixing colours outside using squeezy bottles and scrapers in the tuff spot. First we added little blobs of colour and used our fingers to mix them on our paper. Then we used the scrapers to spread the paint and mix them together. We talked about what we could see and what we thought might happen.

147 154 159 160 165 169 172 173 175 180 182 188 189 190 192 194 198 199 200

In the sensory tray we used milk and droppers to mix colours together and see what happened. We liked the swirling patterns the colours made before they mixed together.

104 105 110 111 112

In the water tray we used food colouring in squeezy bottles. We added block paints and explored what happened when we poured the coloured water on. Then we used brushes to mix the colours together and droppers to collect the coloured water.

109 114 115 117 118 119 120 125 126 130 131 132 133 138 140

In the painting area the children have been mixing the colours independently and talking about what happens.




The children talked about the colours they made and the changes they could see. Some children started to predict what might happen when we mixed the colours together. Then we started adding more of each colour to see what might happen.

We learnt a lot about colours and colour mixing. We also thought about predicting and saying why we think something might happen.

Could you do some colour mixing experiments at home? What happens if you mix orange and black currant juice? Or when you add coco pops to milk? Ask a grown up to see if you could do some investigations together. We would love to hear about them!

Stop and Go


After a few near misses with the bikes we had a think and decided to add a road to our bike track. We used chalk to draw a road then we added traffic lights, a crossing and a car park.


One of the children then decided the roads needed some maintenance and introduced roadworks, adding cones and a sign and sending the bikes on a detour through the car park.


Then the children took it in turns controlling the traffic. They used a sign to tell the traffic when to stop and go.


We had lots of fun on the bike track. Soon the children were making up stories and adding extra resources from around the outside area. There were trips to McDonald’s, Asda and Meadowhall! The children started using direction words to tell each other which way to go and there were no more bumps!

We love using the chalks outside. We can draw on the ground and it washes off easily. Sometimes we use the chalks to draw pictures, maps, letters, numbers or practise our writing. What could you use chalks for at home?

Who took the Treasure?


We have been having lots of fun learning all about pirates over the last few weeks. Last week we made pirate ships outside and acted out some fun pirate stories.


First we collected some resources for our ship. We found tubes, poles, fabric, pegs, net, crates and even treasure chests!


The children then made up a pirate story:

“Arr we’re the Pirates.”

“We’re good pirates and bad pirates.”



The Pirates decided if they were good or bad Pirates.

“Are you a good pirate or a bad pirate?”

“I’m a bad pirate I tell you walk the plank!”

“But I can’t swim!”

“The sharks will eat you!”



Suddenly a shark came along…

“I’m a shark!”

“We get you shark, trap you in the net!”

“In our trap!”

“Oh I’m trapped, I’m going to escape!”






The pirates then went on a hunt for some treasure and found an empty treasure chest.



Luckily the the pirates found some gold for their treasure chest and put it in their ship.


“Lots of treasure”

“Let’s hide it”




Just as the pirates made plans to hide their treasure, along came a bad pirate!

“I’m a bad pirate arrrr”

“Oh no, she’s a bad pirate”

“I’m gonna get the treasure”


With a little help the bad pirate took the treasure!



The good pirates tried to get the treasure back but the bad pirate hid it in the trap!



The pirates then needed to draw a map so they knew where to find the treasure. They collected some paper and started their maps.



One of the pirates then decided to put their message in a bottle to send to other Pirates. She collected a bottle from the workshop inside and added her message.


I wonder who will find the treasure next?



What were we learning?

In their play children developed their imaginative language, speaking and listening skills, imaginative play and sharing their ideas with others.

They built on each other’s ideas to keep their play going.

Children then added mark making to their play drawing and writing messages and maps.


How can you continue this learning at home?

Provide children with pencils and paper to encourage writing and drawing in their play.

Encourage children to use things around them to extend their play and ideas.

Give children open-ended resources like cardboard boxes to develop their imaginative skills.