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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Last week lots of the children were busy making picnics with their friends so this week we had a real teddy bear’s picnic! The children decided they would like buns and pizza for their picnic and we wrote a letter home to bring in our teddies.

We wanted the children to be able to join in with the process of cooking and baking so we found an easy peasy pizza dough recipe that the children could do themselves.

We also used a mini-oven so we could watch the pizzas cook and talk about the changes.


As well as making pizzas we worked together to bake buns for our picnic too. We have been learning our numbers to 10 and that helped us to read our recipe. We used the numbers and pictures to follow the recipe ourselves.


Then we took our pizzas and buns and went to the secret garden for our teddy bears picnic!


We love seeing your photos of baking and cooking together at home. Baking activities are a great way to learn about numbers and measures as well as learning about changes and how to keep ourselves safe.



We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt,

We’re going to catch a big one,

What a beautiful day,

We’re not scared…


We had lots of fun in nursery yesterday going on our own bear hunt. We followed the sounds of the bear growls and walked through the long wavy grass, the sticky mud and the deep river…

the forest…

and the snow storm!

We got to the cave and who do you think was hiding inside?


When we got back Brooklyn drew a map of our bear hunt…


Click here to watch Michael Rosen telling the story or click here to sing the bear hunt song.

Play dough


In nursery we love play dough! We add scents, spices and food colourings for different smells and colours.

We use different tools in the play dough to help our hands and fingers get stronger for writing. We use rolling pins, stampers, rollers, scissors and cutters.


We added beads, stones, dried pasta and conkers to the play dough to make bear faces.

DSCF7085 DSCF7084 DSCF7083 DSCF7081

We used googley eyes, buttons, straws and pipe cleaners to make pumpkins for Halloween.

DSCF9059 DSCF9056 DSCF9049

We added stars, colourful matchsticks and glittery pipe cleaners to the play dough to make firework pictures.


Come back to see what we do for our Christmas play dough!

Why don’t you have a go at making some play dough at home? 

Here is the recipe we use at school  (From the website The Imagination Tree)


2 cups of plain flour

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1/2 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

Up to 1 1/2 cups of boiling water (add a bit at a time until it looks right)

Food colouring/scents (optional)


Mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil in a mixing bowl

Add the boiling water

Stir until it becomes a sticky, combined dough

Add the food colouring

Allow it to cool down and take out of the bowl and knead vigorously for a couple of minutes until all the stickiness has gone (This is the most important part of the process, so keep at it until it’s the perfect consistency!)

If it is still a little sticky then add a touch more flour until just right

Sharing Stories in Nursery


In Nursery we love to share stories. Here is one of the ways we like to look at books together.

We start by turning our books the right way up and finding the front cover. Next we find the title and look at the picture to see if we can find clues for what the story might be about.

DSCF9101 DSCF9100

Today’s Story – This is the Bear and the Scary Night

“Why might the night be scary?”

“I think it will be monsters and the bear’s running away”

“The thunder’s coming and it might be scary”

“That baby bear can’t find his mummy and his daddy”

“Where do you think the bear is?” 

“At park”

“Yeah, he’s watching the sun”


Then we have a look at the pictures for some more clues about what is happening. We can turn our pages one at a time.


“What can you see?” 

“He’s left on his own”

“Something’s going to happen…it’s thunder and lightening”

“The boy’s forgotten!”

“Yeah and he’s sad”

“Now he looks like he’s shouting”

“He says HELP!”


“How do you think the bear’s feeling?”

“Bear’s getting angry”

“Oh the owl’s gonna gobble him up”

“I think he’s shouting MUM!”

“Yeah louder!”

“He’s scared”


“What do you think might happen next?” 

“He’s gonna fall in the water”

“He’s gonna be cold isn’t he?”


“What can you see happening now?” 

“Those are water lilies on the pond”

“The man with the trumpet’s got him”

“He’s gonna take him home, to his house”

“He’s happy now”


We then went back to the front cover and the adult read the words while the children followed them with their finger.

It was a rhyming story so the children said the words at the end of the line when the adult paused.


When we finished we talked about what had happened and if our guesses were right. Then we chose our favourite parts of the story.

“I liked the man who rescued him”

“I liked when he was angry and shouting”

“When the boy was chucking him up and coming back down again and the bear was happy”


Bear Maths  


We have been doing lots of fun bear maths!

We found lots of colourful bear prints in our classroom.


We had to work out what size and colour the bears had been.


Then we had to count the footprints.


We have been making bear faces using the play dough.


We have been counting out what we need and talking about the shapes and colours.

After reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears we learnt all about things that are big, middle sized and small.

We put the bowls in order of size and found the right size spoons and bears to match.

DSCF9016 DSCF9014 DSCF9013 DSCF9011

We made chairs in the play pod and talked about the sizes.

A big chair for daddy bear.DSCF9029 DSCF9104

A middle sized chair for mummy bear.DSCF9103 DSCF9036

A little chair for baby bear.DSCF9034 DSCF9027 DSCF9021

Gummy Bear Experiments


We put gummy bears in different liquids to see what happened!

Some gummy bears went in water.DSCF7023DSCF7027

Some went in soda.DSCF7025

Some went in vinegar.


We looked at how they changed, felt them, then tasted them. Some children even wanted to taste the vinegar gummy bears (yuck)!


Can you see what happened to the gummy bears?

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


After reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ we went on our own bear hunt outsideDSCF7029

Long, wavy grass

Swishy, swashy, swishy, swashy DSCF7031DSCF7032

A deep, cold riverDSCF7037

Splish, splosh, splish, splosh

Thick, oozy mudDSCF7038

Squelch, squerch, squelch, squerchDSCF7039

A swirling, whirling snowstorm,DSCF7044

Hoo woo, hoo wooDSCF7045