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Books at Bedtime

Books at Bedtime

In nursery we know how important it is to share books as often as we can. Even though the children might not be reading the words yet it is still so important to read to them regularly, looking at the pictures, telling the story, talking about what they see, thinking about what might happen next. A great way to fit in reading with your child at home every day is to share a story before bedtime. To help us think about the importance of books at bedtime we have had a bit of a competition!


Every day for the last 3 weeks the children have been reading a story before bed and writing it down. Each week there have been special stickers and prizes. For our final week we had a books at bedtime celebration! The children came to school in their pyjamas, we had hot chocolate and biscuits and there was a grand prize draw for the children who had been sharing stories everyday!

Well done to everybody who took part, we hope you continue to enjoy your books at bedtime.


Building Boats


We have been learning about pirates! 

We decided to make the pirates a new boat. First we thought about the materials we could use. We chose the size we needed then tested the materials to see if they were waterproof. Some of the boys noticed that even though the materials were waterproof some had little holes in so we couldn’t use them for boats.

142 144

We thought about what else our boat might need. L suggested that the boats might need sails. We chose from waterproof materials and cut them to the size we needed. We then used pegs, clips and elastic bands to attach the sails.

145 146

Finally we tested our boats in the water to make sure the Pirates didn’t sink!

154164 160

If the boats didn’t work the children worked together to find ways to make them waterproof.


Finally we took them to the water tray to hold the Pirates and their treasure.


What were we learning? 

We investigated materials comparing the different materials for different purposes

We learnt about what waterproof meant

We learnt about floating and sinking

We made choices of how best to attach materials together

We worked together to try and improve our models

What can you do at home? 

Make models from objects around the house such as empty containers

Investigate floating and sinking in the sink or bath

Talk about different materials when choosing clothes for different weathers e.g. choosing a waterproof coat in the rain

World Book Day


We have had lots of fun today for World Book Day!

We had a competition in school to decorate our classroom doors like different book covers. We made our door look like the story ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and added a washing line of underpants!


The children came to school dressed up as their favourite characters, like The Gruffalo, The Cat in the Hat and Cinderella. Some children brought their favourite books to school as well. In assembly there were prizes for the best costumes.


We decorated fairy cakes to look like apples from the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We piped swirls of red icing on top of the fairy cakes, then we added a piece of pretzel for the stalk and a jelly caterpillar.


We moved a little bookshelf into the jungle and the children read stories to the animals.


We listened to stories through headphones, made our own stories with story stones and told stories with finger puppets.


We added polystyrene balls, pegs, lollypop sticks and glue to the water tray and used all our scraps we had been practising cutting this week to make puppets.


In the reading area we read and told stories to each other, using the puppets to help us.


We made a stage in the construction area and used it to sing songs and tell stories to our friends. The children loved using the props and costumes to dress up and perform for their friends!


We used fabric, tables, chairs and pegs to create reading dens then added baskets of books and torches.


We have had lots of fun for World Book Day and there are lots of things you can do to get your children excited about stories at home:

Let children dress up in their favourite character clothes and tell or perform stories

Use bed sheets or towels over tables or chairs to make a reading den, a cosy place to read stories together

Encourage children to read their stories to their cuddly toys

Draw, cut and stick puppets from children’s favourite stories

Use toys to make up stories

Have a look on Purple Mash for some more story activities to try at home

Reading from left to right


In our reading groups this week we have been thinking about where we start reading and trying to follow the words.

DSCF1001 DSCF1002

We had special lolly pop sticks with eyes on to help us remember to follow the writing.

DSCF1014 DSCF1012 DSCF1013 DSCF1017

We followed the words as the adult read them.

DSCF1008 DSCF1015

We pointed to the words, reading from top to bottom, left to right.

Choosing Stories in Nursery


We find a quiet space.

DSCF7005 DSCF7006

We use the front cover to help us choose a story we like the look of.

Some of us prefer books we can touch or that make sounds.

DSCF9122 DSCF9121

Some of us like nice sturdy board books, where the pages are easier to turn.


Some of us like to read paperback books.


Some of us like to read books on the laptop, whiteboard or IPad.


We try to find books that we think we might like for our classroom.


A few authors we like in Nursery

Julia Donaldson – rhyming stories like The Gruffalo

Eric Carle – colourful animal stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Oliver Jeffers – stories about adventures like Lost and Found

Mick Inkpen – stories with characters we follow like Wibbly Pig and Kipper

Giles Andrea – colourful animal stories like Giraffes Can’t Dance


Sharing Stories in Nursery


In Nursery we love to share stories. Here is one of the ways we like to look at books together.

We start by turning our books the right way up and finding the front cover. Next we find the title and look at the picture to see if we can find clues for what the story might be about.

DSCF9101 DSCF9100

Today’s Story – This is the Bear and the Scary Night

“Why might the night be scary?”

“I think it will be monsters and the bear’s running away”

“The thunder’s coming and it might be scary”

“That baby bear can’t find his mummy and his daddy”

“Where do you think the bear is?” 

“At park”

“Yeah, he’s watching the sun”


Then we have a look at the pictures for some more clues about what is happening. We can turn our pages one at a time.


“What can you see?” 

“He’s left on his own”

“Something’s going to happen…it’s thunder and lightening”

“The boy’s forgotten!”

“Yeah and he’s sad”

“Now he looks like he’s shouting”

“He says HELP!”


“How do you think the bear’s feeling?”

“Bear’s getting angry”

“Oh the owl’s gonna gobble him up”

“I think he’s shouting MUM!”

“Yeah louder!”

“He’s scared”


“What do you think might happen next?” 

“He’s gonna fall in the water”

“He’s gonna be cold isn’t he?”


“What can you see happening now?” 

“Those are water lilies on the pond”

“The man with the trumpet’s got him”

“He’s gonna take him home, to his house”

“He’s happy now”


We then went back to the front cover and the adult read the words while the children followed them with their finger.

It was a rhyming story so the children said the words at the end of the line when the adult paused.


When we finished we talked about what had happened and if our guesses were right. Then we chose our favourite parts of the story.

“I liked the man who rescued him”

“I liked when he was angry and shouting”

“When the boy was chucking him up and coming back down again and the bear was happy”