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It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

We have been feeling very Christmassy for the last few weeks in nursery. Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing…

In the water tray we made snowflake soup. We added glitter, stars, beads, pipe cleaners and sparkles. We put cups and tweezers in there so we could count out our ingredients and help to make our hands and fingers stronger.



We had lots of fun in the block area. We covered some of our blocks in white paper and used them to build igloos.


Then we added pens so we could make marks on our blocks. We drew on our blocks and made fire engines, Elsa’s castle, farms and cars.



On our maths table we had Christmas trees to decorate. We used the tweezers to pick up the different decorations. Then we counted how many we needed for each part of the tree. If we didn’t recognise our numbers we counted the spots of used our number track to help us.




We made more Christmas trees on the play dough table. We used green glittery clime to make trees then counted decorations onto them. We added beads, stars and pipe cleaners.


We kept our Christmas bags that we had been using for transporting last week and added labels to the front. We had to fill the bags with gifts for the different characters from the Jolly Postman. We needed to count out how many we needed and make sure we gave them to the right person!


We have also had lots of polar bear activities out! We were very interested in polar bears and read the story ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Heat?’ Then we added polar bears to our small world and maths area to count and play with.



Our mark making this week has been in the Christmas glitter and sparkles. We have been trying to write our numbers using the paint brushes.


We had a Santa’s Sleigh in the role-play area and had lots of fun delivering all the presents!

Finally on our phonics table we have been playing a rhyming game. We have lots of different objects and pictures and have to guess the rhyming phrase like cat in a hat, star in a jar or hay in a sleigh. We are very good at this game!


Finally we made our Christmas decorations to take home. The children decided they would like to make Ninja Turtle baubles this year! We added ribbon and googley eyes to green baubles then took them home to hang on our Christmas trees!



We hope you have lots of fun at home over Christmas. There are lots of Christmas activities you could try…

Make fake snow by mixing either corn flour or baking powder with shaving foam.

Pour some glitter or sparkles onto a tray or plate and make marks in it like letters and numbers

Cover your blocks at home in a bit of old paper or newspaper to encourage your children to write and draw on them (this is a great activity for boys who don’t usually choose to write and draw)

Decorate old baubles with scraps of paper or material

Look online for more fun Christmas activities.



Make Your Own Snow Paint

Make Your Own Snow Paint

With the weather getting colder we have been painting some snowy activities. This week we made snow paint.

On the easel we had shaving foam, powder paint in sugar shakers, ready mix paint in squeezy bottles and glitter in bottles.

The children mixed the ingredients to make their paint.

We followed the pictures and the instructions to make the paint. We learnt about how to make paint of different textures talking about thick and thin. We thought about wet and dry ingredients. We talked about the different shades of paint.

We had lots of fun making our paint. You could have a go at making your own paint:

In a sandwich bag mix 1/2 a cup of flour, 1/2 a cup of salt and 1/2 a cup of water. Add a few drops of food colouring and squeeze together to mix. Cut the corner off the bag and you’re ready to go!




Fun in the Snow


We have had a very exciting time in nursery today, it has been SNOWING!

We worked together to build a snowman. We used buckets, shovels and spades to collect the snow then rolled a head for the snowman. Then we added rocks for the eyes, a carrot nose, a scarf and hat, stick arms and we painted his mouth!


We had some fun new snow sledges to use with our friends. We tied a rope to the end then pulled our friends through the snow.


We took block paints, water colours and spray bottles out into the snow. Then we used them to paint patterns and pictures in the snow, even the snowman got painted!


We had lots of fun in the snow today, we hope it snows tomorrow!

Winter Activities


This week in nursery it’s been very COLD so we have been doing some exciting winter activities.

Our new favourite activity is SNOW SLIME. It is white and stretchy and grows when you pull it. We made snow balls, igloos, ice skating rinks and stretched it out.


On the easels we have been painting on foil. It was a bit trickier than painting on paper and made some interesting sounds.


When it snowed we collected some for our water tray. We painted using brushes and block paints, it was fun to watch the colours mix.


We explored blue and white winter themed loose parts. We balanced them and attached them together to make patterns and models.