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World Book Day

World Book Day

We have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day this week.

We all came to school dressed up as our favourite book characters. We had lots of princesses and superheroes! The best costumes won a book as a prize!


We visited our new school library and each took out a book to take home. In the afternoon an author came to school to tell us a special story, we joined in with the actions and helped to tell the story. It was very funny and even made us jump sometimes!


At the end we got to talk about the stories we liked best and we asked lots of questions about stories and our favourite characters. We even learnt that some of our favourite Disney movies were based on old stories.

There was a competition for every class to decorate their classroom doors. At the start of the week we wrote a list of our favourite stories then we took a vote to decide which story we would like to decorate our door as. The vote was definitely for jungles and monkeys so we chose ‘Walking through the jungle’.


We searched the cupboard and classroom for jungle things then drew some pictures of our own, added faces to monkeys and collaged the jungle background. We were very proud of our decorating…

We love stories and story telling in nursery and had lots of fun for World Book Day. Why not keep the fun going at home?

You could use your book day token to buy a £1 book or put it towards another book.

You could dress up at home and carry on telling stories.

Visit the local library for lots of fun story telling. There are always lots of events happening, especially in the school holidays.

Read a story everyday. Don’t forget there are lots of books in nursery for you to take home or for even more stories why not visit the local library?

Our New Alphabet Display


We have lots of new and interactive displays in our new classroom. One of our favourites is our new alphabet display.


Our display is made of boxes with different letters inside, the letters are both uppercase and lowercase. Children recognise the uppercase letters from the start of their names and their friend’s names.


We searched for small objects around the classroom to add to our display.


Then we added photos of all the children in our class. The children sorted the pictures of themselves and their friends by their initial sounds.


We love finding things around the room to add to our display, come back soon to see what else we have added!


Classroom Displays


You might have noticed the different displays we have been putting up in nursery.

We have changed how we do displays a little in Foundation Stage. We have changed the background colours so they are more natural and calming and the children’s work stands out more. We have also tried to add more of what the children have said about their learning to displays.

Here are some of the new displays in our classroom:

Children’s Display

You will have seen your child’s photo on the wall. Every child has a space with their photo, their name (written from memory) and their targets. We will continue to add children’s work to this display to show you what they have been doing in nursery. This might be photos, models, writing, art work or learning stories. There will also be a speech bubble showing what the children have said about their learning. Please look at your child’s space and ask us anything you would like to know about it. If children have done something at home you would like to share please bring it in to show us!


Interactive Maths Display

In our maths area we have a new interactive maths display to support children’s maths skills. There are envelopes with the numbers to ten filled with objects. There are photos of that number of children, number cards, counting fingers, photos of numbers in the environment, objects to count etc. Children can count out objects, order numbers, match numbers and amounts etc. Children can carry on this learning at home; looking for numbers in the environment (on signs, phones, buses, trams, clocks etc), counting out objects when playing, eating and baking.


Critique Display

The children drew a picture of themselves. They then shared it with their friends who suggested how they might make it better. They had another try at their drawing taking on board their friends’ comments. As you can see there is a big difference between their first and second drawings. This process encouraged children to be reflective and supportive to friends.


Construction Display

The children drew a picture of what they wanted to build then created it with the blocks. They then talked about what they had made.


Early Years Display

This display has information about the Early Years Foundation Stage. It includes information about the characteristics of learning which are things we want to see in the children’s learning and play such as exploring and having their own ideas. There are photos to show what this looks like in children’s play. In the children’s end of year reports we will be looking at how the children show these characteristics in their play.