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Lunch with our grown-ups

Lunch with our grown-ups

On Wednesday we had a very exciting lunch time. All our parents were invited to come and try a school dinner with us. We all went up to the hall and chose a dinner together. Parents could see and taste what we had for school dinner and could find out what the children would try at school.

Thank you to everybody who came, we hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Lunches at Nursery


This year in nursery, lunches are a little bit different. Now everybody stays for lunch and we all eat our lunch together. There is even a special nursery menu so we can have hot school dinners!

Lunches are a great learning opportunity for the children. Lots of talk and conversations happen at lunch time. It is a chance to practise fine motor skills including strength and coordination by opening packets and containers, cutting food with knives and forks and eating carefully with knives, forks and spoons. We learn to wait our turn, help our friends, be responsible for our own things and use our manners. We are becoming more independent every day doing things for ourselves like opening our packets and throwing our own rubbish in the bin. We are trying hard to eat with our cutlery and we have tried lots of different foods!

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We all eat our lunch together on the tables in nursery. It is nice and quiet in nursery and gives the children lots of chance to talk.

There is always a member of nursery staff with the children while they eat their lunch. There is also Mrs Mills who you might have seen with nurture group and Lois our lunch time supervisor.

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After we have finished our lunch we sit down to look at stories until our friends have finished. It is a good chance to practise our reading skills and share stories with our friends.

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