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Be Bright Be Seen

Be Bright Be Seen

At the end of October we had a very special dress up day. We dressed in bright clothes as part of Road Safety Awareness.

With the evenings getting darker sooner and even the mornings getting darker it is very important that we dress brightly so we can be seen.

The important message we remember is BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN!

We all tried very hard to dress in our brightest clothes.

008 (6) 005 (2)

Then the older children came to give out prizes to the children dressed the brightest.



004 (4) 003 (4) 002 (2) 001 (3)

Here are our winners! Miss Bibby even won the brightest dressed adult, well done everybody!



007 (6)006 (5)




Fun in the Snow


We have had a very exciting time in nursery today, it has been SNOWING!

We worked together to build a snowman. We used buckets, shovels and spades to collect the snow then rolled a head for the snowman. Then we added rocks for the eyes, a carrot nose, a scarf and hat, stick arms and we painted his mouth!


We had some fun new snow sledges to use with our friends. We tied a rope to the end then pulled our friends through the snow.


We took block paints, water colours and spray bottles out into the snow. Then we used them to paint patterns and pictures in the snow, even the snowman got painted!


We had lots of fun in the snow today, we hope it snows tomorrow!

Winter Activities


This week in nursery it’s been very COLD so we have been doing some exciting winter activities.

Our new favourite activity is SNOW SLIME. It is white and stretchy and grows when you pull it. We made snow balls, igloos, ice skating rinks and stretched it out.


On the easels we have been painting on foil. It was a bit trickier than painting on paper and made some interesting sounds.


When it snowed we collected some for our water tray. We painted using brushes and block paints, it was fun to watch the colours mix.


We explored blue and white winter themed loose parts. We balanced them and attached them together to make patterns and models.