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Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants

Last week the children decided to learn about … underpants!

We read the story Aliens Love Underpants.

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In the water tray we had underwear to wash and hang. We tried to match the underwear by their colours and patterns then hung them to dry.


In the sand tray we had aliens and a mini washing line. We told stories with the aliens and pretended they came to take all our pants!


On the washing line we counted and ordered the pants. On the back of the pants there were patterns. We sorted and matched the pants. We also learnt a new song …


Chilly the Polar Bear

(to the tune of 5 Little Speckled Frogs)

Chilly the polar bear,

Hanging his underwear,

Out on the Arctic washing line, to dry,

He had one pair on the line,

And hung one more out to dry,

Now there’s two pairs of polar bear, underwear

(We carried on to 5 but you can use it to count in 2s or start counting from different numbers)



We made a new exploration and investigation area. We learnt about plants and caring for living things, including looking after Gary the snail!


We worked together to complete the jigsaws and learn about how things grow…


We had lots of fun making spinning cards for Valentine’s Day last week so we kept the spinning going with cogs in the classroom. We added more puzzles and jigsaws to help our coordination and fine motor skills.



What have we been learning?

We have been learning to sort and match by colour and pattern

We have been thinking about numbers, matching numbers to amounts and putting numbers in orders

We have been thinking about how things work with our new puzzle area, thinking of and testing our ideas

We have been learning to care for living things including plants and our class snail

Using pegs helps to build our fine motor skills and coordination getting us ready for writing!

We learnt to listen carefully to the story, remembering the important parts and using the characters to retell the story

How can you continue learning at home?

Have fun with pegs. Pegs are great for building children’s motor skills. Opening and closing the pegs helps children with their pinching skills.

Use dolls and toys to retell stories at home

Learn about how to look after living things by caring for flowers and plants in your house or garden or looking after a pet. Give children little responsibilities like checking when things need more water.

Use jigsaws and puzzles and support children with their hand strength and coordination ready for writing

Encourage the children to help with the washing! Can they sort things by colours or patterns? Can they match their socks before they are put away?



We had so much fun learning about underpants we decided to have more pants fun next week! Come back soon to see what we get up to when we read Dinosaurs Love Underpants!




Valentine’s Fun


This week we have been doing lots of activities for Valentine’s Day. Have a look at the fun we’ve had in our activities below:

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Look at our other blog posts for more information about our activities.

Maths, maths everywhere!


We noticed the children weren’t doing a lot of maths by themselves in the classroom so this week we have got maths activities everywhere!


On the easel we stamped pictures using 2D shapes.

In the sand tray the children made 2D shape pictures, click here to find out more – diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/learning-our-shapes/

In the water tray we counted out amounts and matched numbers, see the full activity here- diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/numbers-in-the-water-tray/

On the tuff spot we matched Numicon, numbers and objects, see what we did here – diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/numicon-in-nursery

We have had lots of fun doing our activities this week, what maths learning can you do at home?

Numbers in the Water Tray


This week we are practising our counting in the water tray.

We have number cards and magnetic numbers to recognise and match numbers.

We have tweezers and cups to count things out.

We have dinosaurs to count out.

We have coloured, numbered and spotted dice to roll and match colours or count amounts out.


The children could pick what they wanted to do in the water tray:

Some children chose to count amounts into cups.

Some children pegged numbers to the cups and filled the cup with that amount of dinosaurs.

Some children rolled the dice and raced to fill their cup first.

What counting can you do at home?

Building in Nursery


We have been doing lots of fun activities this week in Nursery for our buildings theme.

In the sensory tray we have been playing with sand slime. We used it to stick blocks together and build walls using the tools.


In the play dough we use vehicle cutters, diggers and rocks.


In the water tray we used colourful ice to make sculptures. We added fake snow, styrofoam and white foam cylinders to build models.


In the painting area we used Duplo blocks to stamp patterns.


Making Potions


In nursery we have been making lots of potions for our topic of Magical Me!

In the water tray we have made potions with different coloured waters, glitter and bubbles. This week we have been making foaming potions.


In our potion kitchen we have been thinking of lots of different potions to make in the cauldrons. Have a look at our recipes below.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night


We had lots of fun learning about fireworks and Bonfire Night in Nursery.

We mixed brusho and food colouring into a tray of gloop (cornflour and water) to make fireworks. We use the tools to make lines and swirls.

DSCF7041 DSCF7012 DSCF7014

In the water tray we used oil mixed with food colouring to make it look like fireworks! We added glitter and used the whisks to mix them around.

DSCF7026 DSCF7024 DSCF7034 DSCF7032

In our special glittery play dough we used colourful matchsticks, stars and sparkly pipe cleaners to make our own fireworks.


We looked at firework pictures and listened to the sounds of fireworks to help us write firework poetry.

DSCF9113 DSCF9114 DSCF9116