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Norfolk Park Trip

Norfolk Park Trip


Today we had a lovely time on our trip to Norfolk Park. We went on a nature walk, played sports day style games, had a picnic, played even more games and went on the adventure playground.

A huge thank you to everyone who came, the bit of rain didn’t put us off! We hope you all had a great time too.


Back to School

Back to School

We have had a busy first two weeks back at nursery! As well as lots of familiar faces from last year we have also had lots of new friends starting nursery.

We have been busy getting to know our new children, having fun in PE, exploring our classroom and doing lots of playing! We’ve also had a mini-trip, baked a cake and searched for our missing snail!

When we got back to nursery Gary the Snail was missing! The children searched all around the school and talked to lots of teachers to see if anyone had seen Gary. Luckily he came back this week, he had been on his holidays at Oliver’s house.


Last Friday we went on a mini-trip to Asda. The children were very sensible walking up the hill and crossing the road safely. We looked at the building site as we went then followed our shopping list and collected everything we needed. The children even paid for the shopping.


This week we used our ingredients to bake a cake…


I wonder what we will get up to next week…



Graves Park


Last Wednesday we went on our first nursery school trip to Graves Park!

We had a lovely time seeing and feeding all the animals, having a picnic and ice-creams and playing on the park.

Click here to see what we got up to…

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Come back soon to see all the amazing stories, paintings and drawings we have been doing following our trip.

Ambulance Visit

Ambulance Visit

This morning was extra special in nursery we had a visit from a real Ambulance!

First Don came to talk to us about the ambulance. We learnt –

  • all about his special uniform like his reflective jacket
  • that paramedics carry lots of important things in their pockets like gloves and a torch
  • that paramedics wear an upside watch hanging on their top in case they need to take someone’s pulse
  • that paramedics are not allowed to wear anything on their arms in case of germs
  • that we need to phone 999 in an emergency
  • that ambulances weigh 4 tonnes!

After we had listened to Don we even got to try on the special uniform!



Then we went outside to see the ambulance. Yusuff noticed that the ambulance had the same ‘reflecting pattern’ as on Don’s jacket.


We got to go inside the ambulance and learnt about all the important things the paramedics use. At the end Don turned on the lights and sirens, it was very loud!


What a fun morning, thank you Don for coming to see us!

How can you continue learning at home? 

This week we are learning all about how to keep safe. You can have lots of conversations about things that keep us safe and things that might be dangerous.

Some of the children were a little bit mixed up between fire engines and ambulances, you can look out for them and talk to your children about the difference

Look on cbeebies for lots of videos about hospitals

Or click here to find out about other emergency services



Trip to see The Chimpanzees of Happy Town

Trip to see The Chimpanzees of Happy Town

This week we went on a very exciting trip to see The Chimpanzees of Happy Town at The Crucible Theatre.

We had been getting ready by reading the story and learning all the songs and actions.

Click here to watch the songs and actions again with Polly!

We got the tram to the theatre. It was very exciting because it was some children’s first trip on the tram!


We loved seeing all the different instruments and joining in with the story…


How can you continue learning at home?

You could look for other books by Giles Andrea at the library, some of our favourites are Giraffes Can’t Dance, The Lion who wanted to Love, Rumble in the Jungle and Commotion in the Ocean

You could click on the link above to see Polly singing the songs and teaching us the actions again

You could talk to your child about what they remember about the story or ask them to draw a picture from the story, some children have already brought some in!

You could go and see the family performance at The Crucible in March, click here to find out more


Sing a Story

Sing a Story

In nursery we had a very exciting trip to The City Hall. We went to ‘Sing a Story’ from Music in the Round. We had been getting ready for our trip by learning the stories .. Little Rabbit Foo Foo, The Train Ride, Three Little Pigs and The Grand Old Duke of York.


We went to The City Hall and had a very exciting afternoon. We went down on the tram with all of our friends.

When we got to the City Hall there was an orchestra and we saw lots of interesting instruments we had never seen before. There were lots of songs and actions to join in with and there were even amazing actors who dressed up and acted out the stories. We were so happy that our grown-ups came with us too.

Thank you to everybody who came!

Visiting Nursery


We have had lots of new friends starting nursery.

IMG_4276 IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4281

The children came for a visit and explored their new classroom.

IMG_4282 IMG_4284 IMG_4285 IMG_4286

The older children had chosen activities for their new friends. They chose slime, dinosaurs, dough and dolls for their new children to play with.

IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4290 IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4301

The children explored their new classroom inside and out!

IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4306 IMG_4311

We are very happy to have our new friends in nursery. Come back soon to see what we have been learning.

Our New School


We are very lucky to be having a new school built.

We will be moving schools at Easter time and we are very excited about it!

This week we went to see our new school being built!


First we thought of things that we would like to find out.

Then we went to the building site to look at our new school being built.

We looked at the different parts of the building and talked about what we saw.


Here is what we thought:

”It’s black, our school is brown”.

“It’s black and grey now”

”It’s made out of rectangles”

IMG_1006 IMG_1007

”It’s got lots of windows”

”The windows are rectangles”

“We need it to get pretty, the digger can get the mud up so it’s nice and clean. I think he needs to go up, he will need the lift”


”The tractors are taking all the mud away”

”The tractors are digging big holes”

“The digger’s moving. The builder is moving it”

display 021 display 019

“These are the walls”


“”We can’t get closer coz we might get hurt, we could fall, things might fall on your head”

display 017 IMG_1001

Come back to see pictures when we move to our brand new school 🙂

Amazing Owls


Today we had a very exciting day in nursery, the owls came to visit!

Meet the owls:


First we had a talk about owls and learnt what the different owls eat, where they live, why their talons are sharp and how they hunt for food. While we listened the owls flew around the room, sometimes just over our heads!


Next some children had the chance to stand up and wear a special glove and the owls flew to them!


At the end we sketched the owls.


Lacey said it was the best day ever!

image image image image image image image image image image image image

image image