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Be Bright Be Seen

Be Bright Be Seen

At the end of October we had a very special dress up day. We dressed in bright clothes as part of Road Safety Awareness.

With the evenings getting darker sooner and even the mornings getting darker it is very important that we dress brightly so we can be seen.

The important message we remember is BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN!

We all tried very hard to dress in our brightest clothes.

008 (6) 005 (2)

Then the older children came to give out prizes to the children dressed the brightest.



004 (4) 003 (4) 002 (2) 001 (3)

Here are our winners! Miss Bibby even won the brightest dressed adult, well done everybody!



007 (6)006 (5)




Safety Week


This week has been a very important week at school, it has been Safety Week.

Throughout school the children have been doing different activities all about how to keep safe.

In nursery we have been thinking about how to keep safe on building sites because we have just finished our topic about buildings and we are very excited about our new school being built!

First we talked about last week’s visit to the building site of our new school.

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We thought about things that might be dangerous and ways to keep ourselves safe.

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Then the builders of our new school kindly sent us a presentation all about our new school and how to keep safe.

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We learn a lot about things that could be dangerous and ways to keep ourselves safe.

Come back to see our talking book all about what we have learnt!