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Tumbling Towers!

Tumbling Towers!

In nursery we love to build towers and we love to knock them down even more! We decided to learn all about towers. We learnt which shapes were best for building towers with. We learnt about balance and height and we learnt two new words – tall and short.

Outside we even built a pendulum to help us knock the towers down. It was very tricky and we had to solve lots of problems such as thinking about the height of the pendulum, the length of the string, how tall to build our tower and how far to pull it back. We tried lots of different designs and we even learnt about heavy and light as we tried to knock down different towers.



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

After building lots of bridges to save the gingerbread man we decided to read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Everybody loved the story! All week the children retold the story and acted it out with the goats, on the bridge outside and at group times…

Lots of the children were inspired to produce some AMAZING home learning all about The Billy Goats Gruff …

Olivia’s beautiful Billy Goats Gruff scene inspired lots of clay work to create trolls and goats


We built lots of bridges with all different types of blocks and in the workshop too, we had to work as a team and test our bridge to see if it was string enough…

In Maths we learnt about the size of the Billy Goats then followed instructions to put them in different positions…

We were learning to..

  • Retell the story
  • Give the characters voices
  • Remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end
  • Solve problems to build bridges of our own
  • Work together and share ideas
  • We learnt about size with the big, middle and little goats and position as we moved the goats around
  • Mould the clay into the shape we wanted and add features



Love Monster


This week we have been reading the story of the Love Monster by Rachel Bright as part of our Valentine’s celebrations.


We then found a bag of presents from the Love Monster!

The only problem was…the presents had all been muddled up!


We needed to help the Love Monster and sort all the presents. We thought of different ways we could sort the presents.

First we sorted them into the different shapes we could see, this was tricky because some of the shapes were different sizes so we had to look very carefully. We talked about how we knew what shape it was.

Then we decided to sort the shapes by their colours and patterns. We put all the same colours together.

Finally we sorted the shapes into size. We made two piles of big and small presents but we had some that weren’t quite big or little so we made a pile of middle sized presents as well.

Heart Maths


On the Maths table this week we have had lots of hearts!

We have had hearts of different colours and sizes. We have had some hearts with numbers and amounts on each side. We have also had number cards and Numicon in our heart tray.


The children could decide what they wanted to do in the Maths tray.

Some children made repeating patterns with the hearts.


Some children put the hearts in order of their size.


Some children counted hearts out to match the number cards and Numicon.

017 016

Some children matched numbers and amounts on either side of the hearts.

020 019

We had lots of fun and the children worked together, talking about the Maths they were doing.

The activity was open-ended so everybody could join in and they could choose the Maths they wanted to do.

Love Bugs


As part of our Valentine’s theme this week we have been making love bugs!

We had pink and scented play dough with googley eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers and heart cutters to make our love bugs.


We counted how many eyes/feathers etc we used and compared the sizes of our love bugs.

We talked about why our love bugs were special and the people who we love.

Bear Maths  


We have been doing lots of fun bear maths!

We found lots of colourful bear prints in our classroom.


We had to work out what size and colour the bears had been.


Then we had to count the footprints.


We have been making bear faces using the play dough.


We have been counting out what we need and talking about the shapes and colours.

After reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears we learnt all about things that are big, middle sized and small.

We put the bowls in order of size and found the right size spoons and bears to match.

DSCF9016 DSCF9014 DSCF9013 DSCF9011

We made chairs in the play pod and talked about the sizes.

A big chair for daddy bear.DSCF9029 DSCF9104

A middle sized chair for mummy bear.DSCF9103 DSCF9036

A little chair for baby bear.DSCF9034 DSCF9027 DSCF9021