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That’s not my triangle…

That’s not my triangle…

Last week we started learning about shapes. To get ready we looked for shapes as part of our home learning. We searched for shapes around our homes and made shape pictures.


Next we went on a shape hunt outside. We looked for shapes and took photos. We tried to name and describe shapes and looked for shapes that were the same.

Then we looked for objects in the classroom. We took photos and collected objects then matched the shapes. We tried to talk about the shapes we found.


After that we cut out our shapes and stuck them on card. We thought about whether they had straight or round sides and looked for corners. We looked for shapes in magazines.


Finally we were ready to make our ‘That’s not my shape…’ book.


We have been very interested in the ‘That’s not my…’ series of books and we have got some special Easter ones. They are feely books and help us to think about the properties of things and to describe. Have a look at ‘It’s not my Giraffe’


We used all the shapes we had cut out to create our book. We needed a front cover and a title and then we stuck our shapes on. We decided our first book could be called ‘That’s not my triangle’.

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On the pages we stuck different shapes. We thought about why it was not a triangle. We had to describe the shapes and think about things that were the same and things that were different. It helped us to learn about the properties of shapes.

On the last page Miss Hulme had stuck lots of different shapes like arrows and hearts. We thought about why they couldn’t be triangles. First we thought it was because they didn’t have any pointy bits (corners) but then we noticed one corner on the heart and two on the moon. Zak corrected us to say that it was because they didn’t have 3 corners.

Miss Hulme made it extra tricky by having shapes of different sizes, some shapes upside down and some shapes that are harder to recognise like very long thin rectangles and different types of triangles.

What have we been learning? 

We have learnt lots about shapes! We have been learning to find shapes outdoors, talk about shapes, name shapes, describe shapes, compare shapes, talk about properties of shapes. We have been doing some tricky learning, talking about how we know something is a particular shape.

How can you continue on learning at home? 

Look out for shapes around your house or on your way to school

Cut out shapes to make your own shape pictures can you make a car with a rectangle, square and circles?

Look out for shapes in old magazines and cut them out

You could even make your own shape book

Sort toys into shapes, when you tidy up put all of the same shaped toys together

Look out for shapes with blocks and Lego while you build and see if you can talk about them



Love Monster


This week we have been reading the story of the Love Monster by Rachel Bright as part of our Valentine’s celebrations.


We then found a bag of presents from the Love Monster!

The only problem was…the presents had all been muddled up!


We needed to help the Love Monster and sort all the presents. We thought of different ways we could sort the presents.

First we sorted them into the different shapes we could see, this was tricky because some of the shapes were different sizes so we had to look very carefully. We talked about how we knew what shape it was.

Then we decided to sort the shapes by their colours and patterns. We put all the same colours together.

Finally we sorted the shapes into size. We made two piles of big and small presents but we had some that weren’t quite big or little so we made a pile of middle sized presents as well.

Building with Sweets


This week the children decided they wanted to build with food!

We decided to use sweets of all different shapes to carry on our shape work.

First we chose the sweets we wanted to build with and used icing to stick them together.


We learnt that some shapes were better than others for building.

The flying saucers kept getting squashed!

The bonbons were too round and rolled away!


The milk bottles and jelly beans were a bit better if we laid them down but the walls weren’t very strong.


The fudge and toffee were nice flat shapes (like bricks) and made strong walls.


We had lots of fun building with sweets.

The children talked about the shapes they used and could say which shapes were better.

Maths, maths everywhere!


We noticed the children weren’t doing a lot of maths by themselves in the classroom so this week we have got maths activities everywhere!


On the easel we stamped pictures using 2D shapes.

In the sand tray the children made 2D shape pictures, click here to find out more – diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/learning-our-shapes/

In the water tray we counted out amounts and matched numbers, see the full activity here- diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/numbers-in-the-water-tray/

On the tuff spot we matched Numicon, numbers and objects, see what we did here – diamondclassfs1.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/numicon-in-nursery

We have had lots of fun doing our activities this week, what maths learning can you do at home?

Learning our Shapes


This week we have been learning to name and talk about 2D Shapes.

We used the flip flap to find and hide shapes.

We counted the shapes we could see.

We talked about the colours of the shapes.

We described and named the shapes we could see.

We tried to remember the shapes that were missing.


In our group times we had shape pictures to make.

Some of us had pictures of the different shapes to make with an extra shape that we did not need to make it tricky.

Other children had trickier pictures with no lines to tell what the different shapes were. We needed to look at the outline and try to move the shapes to match them. We talked about the shapes that we had used, naming and describing them.


In the classroom we used salt dough shapes. We made pictures with them and drew around the shapes. We talked about the shapes we had used then tried to find them around the classroom.


What shapes can you find at home?