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Our New School


We are very lucky to be having a new school built.

We will be moving schools at Easter time and we are very excited about it!

This week we went to see our new school being built!


First we thought of things that we would like to find out.

Then we went to the building site to look at our new school being built.

We looked at the different parts of the building and talked about what we saw.


Here is what we thought:

”It’s black, our school is brown”.

“It’s black and grey now”

”It’s made out of rectangles”

IMG_1006 IMG_1007

”It’s got lots of windows”

”The windows are rectangles”

“We need it to get pretty, the digger can get the mud up so it’s nice and clean. I think he needs to go up, he will need the lift”


”The tractors are taking all the mud away”

”The tractors are digging big holes”

“The digger’s moving. The builder is moving it”

display 021 display 019

“These are the walls”


“”We can’t get closer coz we might get hurt, we could fall, things might fall on your head”

display 017 IMG_1001

Come back to see pictures when we move to our brand new school 🙂