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Splish, splash, splosh!

Splish, splash, splosh!

After last week’s heatwave the weather is back to rainy again! Luckily in nursery we  love all kinds of weather so we have been having lots of fun in the rain. Ever since our muddy puddles walk we have loved finding and making puddles to splash in.

How can we make the biggest splash? 

We took running jumps and tried to make the biggest splash in the big puddle around the side of the yard.

Then the children wanted to make their own puddle. We tried to make a barrier then used tarpaulin to stop the water getting out.

We noticed water had collected on top of the sand pit and collected it with buckets and pulleys then poured it down the guttering to water the flowers.

Do you have fun in the rain at home?

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A Very Rainy Day

A Very Rainy Day

Well Monday was a very rainy day. It was so rainy in Sheffield that even some of the buses and trams stopped running! But in nursery we like to make the most of the wet weather. Our new outdoor suits and wellies mean we can go out whatever the weather and we did!

We had lots of fun painting outdoors. We tried different paints, chalks and crayons on paper then put them in the rain to see what would happen…

“It’s washing it away”

“It’s getting it clean”

“It’s making purple water down the yard”

“That one int, that one is still there”


We also made some sounds and music with the rain.

In a tuff spot we put different containers and let them fill up with water. We then hit them to listen to the different sounds they made…

Do you go out when it is rainy?

There’s lots of fun to be had in the rain. You can splash in puddles, sprinkle paint in puddles to make pictures, build shelters, put out pans and let them fill up with water and listen to the sounds, catch the rain etc… Just make sure you’ve got coats and wellies on!

It all started with a magic wand…


Sophie brought her magic wand to nursery last week and we were all very excited. Everybody shared their ideas for magical things we could learn about. We used our floor book to plan our ideas.


We were very interested in the changing weather. One minute it was sunny and the next it was rainy! We used paint chips to look at the colour of the clouds and predict what was going to happen next to the weather!

DSCF2022 (2)DSCF2015



We learnt about the different kinds of weather. We learnt to think about things that might happen and say why we thought that. We paid attention to changes in the world around us. We learnt to name colours like black, grey and white and talk about things being darker or lighter.

Then we made some rain pictures. The rain had stopped by then so we had to make our own rain! We crushed paint and drew with crayons and felt tips then poured on water to make it rain. We watched all the exciting things happen to the paint as we poured the water. We tested our ideas seeing what happened when we crushed the paint up smaller or added more paint or water.

“It’s making green!”

“It’s gone brown now!”

“Its gone, it’s magic!”



We learnt about colour names and colour mixing. We talked about the changes we could see and why we thought that might happen. We made predictions about what might happen when we added water and tested our ideas. We also made beautiful pictures!

We turned our role-play area into a potion kitchen. We mixed potions in our cauldron and cast spells with our wands. We made jumping spells and dancing potions and turned each other into frogs!



We learnt to play imaginatively making up spells, stories and potions. We counted out the ingredients we needed. We learnt lots of new magical words.

We had lots of fun with our play dough. We added flowers and herbs to make potion dough. We used tools to press and cut the dough to make our potions.



We learnt to talk about the ways things felt and smelt. We used the tools to make our hands stronger for writing. We used knives and forks in the play dough to help our control and coordination. We used the potato ricer and the pestle and mortar to squeeze and crush and build our strength. 

We had lots of fun learning about magic. You could continue learning at home by;

  • giving children knives and forks to cut up their play dough or other safe tools from around the kitchen like wooden and metal spoons, bun tins or plastic cups
  •  making potions with a big bowl and spoon using things from around the house or kitchen or even leaves and grass from outside!
  • looking at the weather each morning and talking about what might happen and deciding what clothes we might need to wear
  • Creating your own rain painting with old broken paints, felt tips and crayons. Add a little water or even take them outside in the rain!