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Pancake Day Fun

Pancake Day Fun

Today we have had a very happy pancake day. Each year we like to do pancake day a little differently and this year we decided the two things we were most interested in were flipping our pancakes and our pancake toppings.


We thought of everything we wanted on our pancakes and decided on lots of different fruit. Then we chose 3 fruit each to make our very own pancake toppings. We chose from apricots, blueberries, pineapple, fruit puree, apples, raspberries, oranges, pears and banana. We mashed, chopped and squeezed them together. Next we heated our pancakes in a pan over a tealight so we could all have a turn at flipping our pancakes.


Finally we spread our toppings on and EVERYONE ate their whole pancake!


We had so much fun we want to make more potion toppings tomorrow!



Tealight Pancakes

Tealight Pancakes

Yesterday we celebrated pancake day, we decided to make our pancakes a bit differently this year, the children cooked the pancakes!


First we mixed up the pancake batter then we poured it into a little tin. Very carefully we lit a tea light candle and put it in a holder. We thought about how to keep ourselves safe. Then we put the tin over the candle, because it was made of metal the tin got hot so we added a peg to hold onto.


We watched the mini pancakes cooking. We could see them changing colour and changing from liquids.

Abraham – “When it’s cooked it won’t be wet anymore”

Paige – “I can see smoke (steam) it’s very hot”

Olivia – “You got to stay back”

Romeo – “I can see bubbles, its cooking”

Yusuff – “When it is cooked the pancake changes colour then you can toss it in the air”

Caitlyn – “I smell pancakes!”

We tried adding different amounts of mixture and cooking it for different times to see what happened.

We used the spatula to carefully turn our pancakes over. Then we added toppings.

We had lots of fun cooking the pancakes ourselves, we had to work very carefully and safely. As the pancake cooked slowly we could watch all the changes that happened. We liked being able to use the spatula ourselves to turn the pancake over. We also had some different flavours of pancake to try, lemon was our favourite!

How can you continue learning at home?

Being able to see how things change really helped the children to understand what was happening. At home you could cook together and watch how things cook.

The children loved it when they could see, hear and smell the changes that were happening. Why not try this at home by making your own play dough, helping to cook dinner, baking together, making popcorn or cooking pancakes?  Can the children talk about what they can see, hear and smell?

Lots to celebrate…

Lots to celebrate…

There has been a lot to celebrate in nursery lately. We have had Pancake Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and lots of birthdays too!

Have a look at some of the fun we have been having…

Chinese New Year


We had noodles in the water tray. We learnt about different textures and how things change when they are cooked. We used chopsticks to pick up the noodles and filled bowls, building our fine motor skills (to get us ready to write). We talked about the foods we eat and foods from different countries and cultures.

We painted dragons. We used cotton buds to paint the details on dragons on the easel. Outside we filled a tray with water and poured in a little nail varnish to make marble effect dragons.

We read the story of The Great Race and had some races of our own in PE. We learn about the positions the animals came and learnt to put things in order.

Finally we had lots of Chinese Artefacts. We looked at a map to see where China was and talked about the other countries we knew. We talked about the objects from China and how they were the same or different to objects we might use. Miss Hulme shared pictures of when her mum went to China. We particularly liked the shapes and colours of the buildings and the Chinese writing.

Pancake Day


We have had a lot of fun getting messy for pancake day. We made our own version of ‘kinetic sand’ to make pancakes. Kinetic sand is a little like wet sand but it holds its shape better, more like play dough. To make it we mixed 3 cups of sand with a cup of cornflour and a squirt of washing up liquid. Then we added water until it was a mouldable consistency. It was lots of fun but turned back to dry sand quite quickly so we kept adding water!

The children had lots of fun making pancakes, measuring their ingredients and asking each other how many they would like and what toppings they wanted.

We also had an even messier pancake batter mix! We mixed cornflour and water to make gloop. This made really good play pancake batter. The children had lots of fun pouring, mixing and measuring. As the texture of the gloop started to change they thought about the ingredients they would need to fix it.

We tasted scotch pancakes. We thought about our favourite toppings and made pictograms in maths to show they toppings we liked best. We tasted the different toppings and talked about how they tasted and which ones we did or didn’t like.

We also invited our grown-ups to one of our story telling workshops! We retold the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes using Makaton signs. Then we went back to our classroom and made a story map to take home. We also sang our Chatterbox Challenge songs that we had been learning at home.

Valentine’s Day 

For Valentine’s Day we had lots of heart activities around the classroom. We went on a heart hunt outside, finding hearts of different sizes and ordering them. We counted out hearts using the tweezers to pick them up and made love potions.

We made and wrote Valentine’s Cards. We cut out a heart shape then put it in the salad spinner. We squirted on a little paint then span it round. It made great splatter hearts that we stuck to our cards. Then we wrote a message inside. Some of us wrote a message and we all tried to write our names.

Then we made Valentine’s Treats. We cut orange segments and put them on cocktail sticks. Then we melted chocolate thinking about how things change when they are heated and remembering to be safe. Finally we dipped the orange in chocolate to make yummy heart shaped treats.

More spinning…

With the spinning hearts on our cards we also had a bit more fun with spinning and used the gears to learn about how things turned and how to make different parts move…


How can you continue learning at home?

Any celebration is a great chance for learning. Encourage children to make cards for special occasions, copying the message and tying to write their name.

You could also make decorations or presents, using scissors to help. Scissors are a great way to build up children’s strength in their fingers and help to improve their coordination.

The children were very interested in things that spin. You could look at things that spin at home and think about how they work. The wheels on their bikes and scooter, the plate in the microwave, the washing machine etc. You could have a go at making something that spins.

This week we were thinking about how things change when they are cooked. Talk to children when they are eating or when you are cooking with them. Some of the children were surprised that noodles were hard before they were cooked. See if your children know what foods look like raw. Do they know chips come from potatoes? Or the tomatoes that make up their sauce?


How to Make Pancakes


After we made our pancakes the children then made instructions for how to make them.

We talked about what we had done and then cut out Communicate in Print pictures showing each step of making pancakes.


Next the children had to put the pictures into the correct order.

After that the children described what was happened in each picture.

We tried to think about using bossy words to tell people what they needed to do.

Some children also remembered to use ordering words like first, then and next to remind people of the right order to do things.

We stuck them in our books and the adults wrote down our ideas.

Pancake Play


We have been having lots of pancake day fun this week. Our favourite activity has been our pancake day tuff spot.


In the tray we have had a frying pan, felt pancakes, oven gloves, scales, whisks, eggs and plates for children to recreate making pancakes.

The children also added timers and made chefs hats using strips of card and white tissue paper.


The children have done lots of good thinking and learning in this area this week. They have been playing together, sharing ideas, using lots of talk in their play and using counting skills.

Have a look at a learning story of one of the children in the tuff spot this week:


Making Pancakes!


Last week was Pancake Day but because it was in the holidays we have been doing our pancake activities this week.

The first thing we did was make our own pancakes!


First we collected all our ingredients together; flour, eggs and milk and mixed them in a bowl.


Then we poured the mixture into a frying pan. We stood on crates at the kitchen side so we could see the pancakes cook. We couldn’t get too close to the oven because it was hot. We watched and listened to the pancakes cook and Miss Deakin even flipped them in the frying pan!


Next we chose the toppings we wanted for our pancakes, we could have lemon, orange, jam, sugar or chocolate spread. We squeezed, sprinkled or spread the toppings our pancakes.


Finally we ate our pancakes, they were delicious!