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Big Board Game Day 2017 (with printable games)

Big Board Game Day 2017 (with printable games)

This morning was our Big Board Game Day Workshop. We invited parents to come and play and make board games to help raise money for NSPCC.

We made our own board games with numbers to ten and played board games too.


Board games are a great way to help teach turn taking, counting and matching colours. Different board games can help to teach different skills too. We focused on numbers to ten in our board games to help the children with counting skills.


You can download and print the games we played today here –  board games. You can use anything you want for counters like use small toys, characters or even pebbles.


Thank you to everybody who came, find out more about the great cause you are supporting with Big Board Game Day here

Spinderella Maths

Spinderella Maths

This week we read the story ‘Spinderella’. It is the story all about a spider who wants to learn about counting and numbers. There is lots of counting in the story so we did lots of our own counting around the classroom.

In the story Spinderella and The Hairy Godmother count out boots for the spiders. We decided to sort out our wellies for outside. We counted how many we needed each and counted how many children could go outside.

In the story Spinderella likes to play football but she has to teach the other spiders to count the teams and keep score.

We got ourselves into teams and thought about what it meant to be FAIR. Then we played cups and saucers outside and kept score. We learnt that the winner was who had the most.


We have had lots of fun learning to count with Spinderella. We need a bit more practise saying our numbers in order to 10. There is lots of counting you can do at home, why not…

  • Sing number rhymes like 5 little ducks or 5 currant buns. BBC radio is a great place to listen to number rhymes online, click here to listen.
  • Count as you move – you could count stairs, count steps or count jumps.
  • You could count on your way to school, how many traffic lights do you see, how many buses?
  • Count as you get ready for school – how many shoes do you need? How many socks?
  • Count at home – how many people in your family? how many bedrooms in your house?
  • Count out food – can you eat three chips?
  • Count as you tidy – lets see how many cars there are to put away 1,2,3,4
  • Play your own games and keep score.



Loose Parts Maths Play


We have been using loose parts on our maths table this week.

We had natural materials such as corks, pegs, wood cuts, card circles, wooden wheels and bamboo mats.


The children could choose how they accessed the provision.

Some children chose to use the parts to build with and talked about the size of their towers.


Some children created or completed repeating patterns using the pieces.


Some children counted out different objects and matched them to number cards.


We continued our learning in the outdoor area using objects and finding patterns in the environment.

Chinese New Year


This week we have been thinking about Chinese New Year.

First we read the story of The Great Race then had races outside. We wore animal masks and had different kinds of races to see who would come first, second and third. We then put the animals into the right order using the number track to help us.

After that we used the cars inside to have more races and practise putting our numbers in order.


Then we went on a number hunt outside. Special Chinese New Year numbers were hidden in our outdoor area and we tried to find all the numbers we could!

First we looked for all the numbers we could find then we tried to see if we could find then in the right order, it was very tricky!

DSCF1280 DSCF1276 DSCF1275 DSCF1271 DSCF1269 DSCF1266 DSCF1265 DSCF1264 DSCF1263 DSCF1259 DSCF1257 DSCF1253

What numbers can you find?

See if you can spot some numbers around your home or on your way to school.

Heart Maths


On the Maths table this week we have had lots of hearts!

We have had hearts of different colours and sizes. We have had some hearts with numbers and amounts on each side. We have also had number cards and Numicon in our heart tray.


The children could decide what they wanted to do in the Maths tray.

Some children made repeating patterns with the hearts.


Some children put the hearts in order of their size.


Some children counted hearts out to match the number cards and Numicon.

017 016

Some children matched numbers and amounts on either side of the hearts.

020 019

We had lots of fun and the children worked together, talking about the Maths they were doing.

The activity was open-ended so everybody could join in and they could choose the Maths they wanted to do.

Numicon in Nursery


We have started using Numicon in Nursery this week.

We have been counting the Numicon pieces and matching them to numbers and real objects.

We also counted beads out onto the Numicon.


We are learning to:

  • Recognise numbers
  • Count out objects
  • Touch to count
  • Count saying one number at a time
  • Match numbers and amounts
  • Match real objects and numbers

Numbers in the Water Tray


This week we are practising our counting in the water tray.

We have number cards and magnetic numbers to recognise and match numbers.

We have tweezers and cups to count things out.

We have dinosaurs to count out.

We have coloured, numbered and spotted dice to roll and match colours or count amounts out.


The children could pick what they wanted to do in the water tray:

Some children chose to count amounts into cups.

Some children pegged numbers to the cups and filled the cup with that amount of dinosaurs.

Some children rolled the dice and raced to fill their cup first.

What counting can you do at home?