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Our New Classrooms

Our New Classrooms

It’s that time of year again and lots of the children in nursery are getting ready for going into reception!

We are very excited about moving into reception so we have been having lots of visits! We have been going everyday to spend time in our new classrooms and thinking about what will be the same and what will be different.


This year we are doing things a little bit differently and not splitting into two classes. Instead we will spend time in both classrooms and mix with lots of children we have not spent time with before. This is because most children either do beginning or end of the week sessions so they have not met lots of their new friends or any of the children coming from other nurseries. The children will have chance to get to know both reception teachers – Miss Parker and Miss Deighton. After a few weeks of settling in in September the children will then be put into two classes. Don’t forget to come to Parents Meeting on Monday to find out more information.



Click here to see the transition book reception made for us.

Why not look at it together at home? The children are all really excited to be moving into reception. If you have any questions or worries please come and talk to us!


Visiting Nursery


We have had lots of new friends starting nursery.

IMG_4276 IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4281

The children came for a visit and explored their new classroom.

IMG_4282 IMG_4284 IMG_4285 IMG_4286

The older children had chosen activities for their new friends. They chose slime, dinosaurs, dough and dolls for their new children to play with.

IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4290 IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4301

The children explored their new classroom inside and out!

IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4306 IMG_4311

We are very happy to have our new friends in nursery. Come back soon to see what we have been learning.