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I Spy Outside


This week we played I spy outside. First we wrote letters on woodcuts and hung them up in the outside area.


Then we went looking for things that started with those sounds. We had post-it note pictures to find and stick to each letter.


After we had found all the pictures we went looking for objects that started with those sounds.


We had lots of fun playing I spy and we play lots of different versions of I spy in the classroom.

It is a great way to teach children their initial sounds and to start recognising letters and is something you can do at home, on walks, at the park or on the bus. Where do you like to play I spy?


Our New Alphabet Display


We have lots of new and interactive displays in our new classroom. One of our favourites is our new alphabet display.


Our display is made of boxes with different letters inside, the letters are both uppercase and lowercase. Children recognise the uppercase letters from the start of their names and their friend’s names.


We searched for small objects around the classroom to add to our display.


Then we added photos of all the children in our class. The children sorted the pictures of themselves and their friends by their initial sounds.


We love finding things around the room to add to our display, come back soon to see what else we have added!


Crack the Code


We have been cracking pirate codes!

The pirates sent us secret messages, we had to match the colours to find letters and read the words.


First we looked at the cards the pirates had sent us. They had different colours in a row.


Then it was some children’s job to match the colours to the shells.


We turned the shells over and found letters on the back!


We sounded out the words then told our friends what we thought it might say. We had pictures to help us match the answer.


Once we cracked to code we found the matching picture.


We worked together and managed to crack all the pirate’s codes!


We love cracking codes and we’ve been doing more in our phonics sessions and around the classroom. There is a lot of different learning in our code cracking activities! We learnt to colour match, recognise letters, read left to right, blend sounds to read and match words and pictures.

To support children’s letters and sounds at home you can play ‘I spy’, listening for initial sounds or blending sounds in words e.g I spy a z-i-p. You can support children to recognise letters on signs and labels, they might first recognise the letters from their names then begin to recognise other letters.

A Message in a Bottle


We received a very exciting letter in Nursery. We are used to receiving messages in the post but this one came in a bottle!


The letter was from Pirate Jake! He wanted us to help him with some special pirate jobs but first we had to answer some questions to see if we were ready!

Jake asked us how old we were, the city we lived in, what we were good at and what we liked to eat.

We worked together to sound out words and write a reply to Pirate Jake. All the children had a turn at writing the letters they knew.



We put our message in a bottle. Luckily one of our teachers was going to the beach so we asked them to send our message back to Jake.


What were we learning? 

We listened for the sounds in words.

We sounded out words to read and write them.

We all had a turn at writing letters.

We shared the letters we knew how to write independently, such as the letters from our name.

You can continue this learning at home writing cards and letters to family and friends.

Phonics Fun



We have a new favourite phonics game!

In phonics we have been trying very hard to learn our initial sounds. We learnt the first sounds in our names and our friends’ names. Then we started to find the first sounds in other words around the classroom.

Today we have been playing a new phonics game.


First I wrote a sound on some post-it notes. We went for a hunt around the classroom looking for as many things as we could find starting with that sound.


Then children thought of the sounds they wanted to search for. If they knew the letters they wrote them on the post-its.


Then it got a bit trickier, the children chose something they wanted to stick a post-it to. But before they could stick a post-it they had to write the sound first.


Finally we got into teams and had a race! The children were given a letter post-it and had to race to find something that started with that sound!


We had so much fun playing our new game the children got into teams and played it themselves all afternoon!


What could you do at home? 

I spy is a great way to practise initial sounds.

Help children look out for letters in the environment; on labels, books and signs.

Try to listen for the first sounds in new words or people’s names

If you have post-its you can play this game at home too!

Matching Sounds


In nursery we learn Phase 1 Phonics. We are learning to listen to sounds, to find sounds that are the same or different and to describe sounds.

This week we have been using the egg shakers to listen to the sounds and talk about what might be inside.

DSCF2020 DSCF2023

We talked about the kind of sound the egg made, if it was a jingling or a banging sound.

DSCF2021 DSCF2019

We decided if any of the eggs sounded the same or different.


We tried to guess what was hiding inside the eggs.

DSCF2022 DSCF2021 DSCF2018