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Toast Station

Toast Station

In nursery we have a fun new addition to our snack area, a toast station!

We love having warm toast at nursery and lots of children who don’t normally try new foods have been tasting toast with different toppings! We have been trying different healthy toppings on our toast, a favourite is yoghurt and fruit!


This week we decided to use our extra ingredients from last week’s pizza making to make pizza toasties!





We have been having lots of fun starting CHALLENGES  in nursery.

pic-collage 010 pic-collage 011 pic-collage 009

There are challenges in every area of nursery.

pic-collage 012 pic-collage 008 pic-collage 002

When we get busy in the classroom we can look at the photos and see if we can complete a challenge by ourselves. It might be writing our name, using scissors or counting out objects.

pic-collage 005 pic-collage 007 pic-collage 001

Some children have done more than 5 challenges already this week!

pic-collage 006 pic-collage 004 pic-collage 003