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Muddy Puddles! (+video)

Muddy Puddles! (+video)

Update – Our Muddy Puddle Walk raised an amazing £306.50!

Thank you for all your sponsors!

This week was our Muddy Puddle walk for Save the Children. Have a look at our video…

We went on a walk all around school, up and around the secret garden and around the new pitch at the top of our school, it was a long way for little legs!

On the way we looked out for Peppa Pig and his friends hiding all around.


It was a lovely sunny day but we still wanted some puddles so when we got to the top of the hill we tipped out buckets of water and jumped in the mud!


When we got back we raised even more money by having a bake sale for parents and teachers. We had lots of fun and raised money for a great cause.

How can you continue learning at home?

We have talked a lot about charity this week and how there are people who aren’t as lucky as us. Everybody really wanted to look after other people and thought about ways we can help people. There were lots of questions and ideas about how we can help others.

You could talk to your grown-up about what charity means

At home you could think about ways to help others like your family and friends

You could donate old toys or clothes you no longer want

You could go on your own walk to somewhere new

You could bake buns or cakes at home

Click here to find out more about the Muddy Puddles Event and Save the Children.


The Curious Tale of the Disappearing Snail

The Curious Tale of the Disappearing Snail


This is the tale, of a giant land snail,

Who left nursery one day, leaving only a trail,

And how the grown-ups did worry, and the children did wail,

When they could not find Gary, the giant land snail,

They looked here and there, they searched up and down,

They spotted the slime, but no snail could be found,

Then the children they followed, the silvery track,

And they wished and they wished for their snail to come back,


They hunted the school and out in the yard,

‘Til one of the teachers, showed them a card,

It was Gary! He’d been on adventures galore,

When he’d slid his way out, of the classroom door,

He’d been on the tram, he’d gone to the zoo,

Out in the rain and the water park too!

He’d gone to Skegness and laid in the sun,

Oh Gary the Snail, you have had so much fun!


But the children they worried, he was all alone,

So they thought of a plan, to get their snail home,

Letters were written and even a map,

While some of the children, set up a trap,

They filled it with food, the trap it was set,

A plan to catch Gary and get back our pet,


When all of a sudden, a knock at the door,

And there was our snail, back home once more,

Oh Gary we missed you, don’t go away,

Next time come home, for a holiday!


What have we been learning?

Phew! We’re glad Gary is home. While we hunted for our snail what were we learning?

We talked to lots of new people. Sometimes the children can be shy in front of new people but they spoke to the teachers in school and asked them about Gary.

We did lots of writing. We wrote letters, post cards and posters. We drew pictures of Gary and put up signs.

We learnt to look carefully for clues. We thought of ideas for what might have happened and how we could get Gary back.

We learnt about snails. We learnt how to look after them and what they liked. We looked in books and on the internet to find more information.

We did lots of story telling, thinking of the adventures that Gary might have been on

We did lots of problem-solving. The children designed slides and traps to try and catch Gary.

Red Nose Day


We have been having lots of fun today for Red Nose Day.

Earlier in the week we talked about Red Nose Day, what charity means and why we might raise money for other people.

We thought about how lucky we were and all the things we had and thought about the people who do have these things.

The children came to school dressed in red with their faces painted and their red noses on.


Outside the children went on a hunt for red noses! They managed to find all ten, counted them up before hiding them again for the rest of the children to find!


The children also came in with donations, thank you to everyone who has got involved today and helped us raise money for Comic Relief.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt


We have had lots of fun doing our Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt today!

We love to hunt for things outside and we have hunted for letters, shapes, numbers and colours before but this hunt was a bit different.

Instead of reading the clues we had QR codes to find. We had to use the Ipad to scan the QR and then the clue would appear!


Once we had scanned the codes we could read the clues with an adult. All the clues had positional language in to help us find the next object. Some things were hiding on top, inside, behind or next to other things. We had to listen carefully to the clue before we went searching.


When we found each clue we also got a Valentine’s treat. We needed to find all 6 treats to fill our egg box. The last treat was the best because we could eat it!


We had lots of fun on our hunt, look our for QR codes in our classroom that you can scan to find out about what has been happening in nursery.

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