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Father’s Day Stay and Play


A few weeks ago we had a lovely time celebrating Father’s Day with our grown-ups. We invited everyone to come and play games together, on the park, ball games and on the Muga.

Check out our video below….

Thank you to everyone who came! We look forward to having more fun at our sports day next Wednesday!


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday was Father’s Day so last week we were busy making things for our dads. We made cards and drew a picture of our dad (or a special grown-up like granddad or uncle) and inside we thought about why we loved them.

Then we made medals for our dads and cut out pictures of things we thought our daddies would like and decorated them. On the back we thought about why our daddy had got the medal and what he was the best at.

Some daddies were the best at making dinner or giving cuddles or telling jokes or reading stories.

Today was our special Father’s Day Event. We invited all of our dads, granddads, big brothers and uncles to come to school and play games with us and what a sunny day it was!


We had a lovely time playing ball games and going on the park with our grown-ups.


Thank you to everyone who came we had a lovely afternoon and we hope you did too!

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Monday was Halloween and everybody was very excited!

The children dressed up and went trick or treating around the classroom.

We made doors to knock on and handed out sweets (pompoms)

At the end we counted up our sweets and shared them fairly between our friends.

We had lots of pumpkin fun before the holidays but we still had a couple left so the children decided to cut them up and scoop them out.

One of the ‘pumpkins’ was green on the outside so everybody guessed what colour it might be inside…

We read Halloween stories and drew Halloween pictures. Click here to see what we got up to when we read the story of Spinderella.

We also played a Halloween game where we had to pick up the pompoms with the tweezers of throw them into the skeleton buckets. We had to think about our colours and we counted to see who was the winner.

What have we been learning?

  • When we were trick or treating we were learning to pretend, to listen to our friends ideas, to share, to take it in turns, to keep our play going by listening and responding to others, to talk about the colours of our ‘sweets’ and to count them
  • When we were playing with the pumpkins we learnt to talk about what we could see, feel, smell and hear. We thought of describing words and thought about what we thought we might see.
  • When we coloured our Halloween pictures we thought about the colours we needed, we learnt to hold our pens and pencils properly and to try and make slow and careful movements rather than scribbling.
  • When we played our Halloween game we learnt our colour names and counted the pompoms to see who had more.

How can you continue learning at home?

Lots of the children need a bit more practise with their colour names. At home you could try ..

  • going on a colour hunt
  • naming colours as you travel to school – ‘what colour is the traffic light?’
  • playing I spy with colours – ‘I spy with my little eye something blue’
  • naming the colours as children get ready – ‘can you find your yellow socks?’
  • playing a colour game like seeing who can see the most red things on the walk to school
  • colouring pictures and talking about the colours you need

We hope everybody had lots of fun trick or treating and a Happy Halloween!

Pirate Fun

Pirate Fun

We have been having lots of fun learning all about pirates and seasides.

We built a giant pirate ship using our new blocks outside…


We turned our open-ended role-play area into a pirate ship. We added a wheel, hats, fabric for the flags and the water, tubes became telescopes and boxes became treasure chests!


We played lots of pirate board games (check out our post here)


And even made up our own games…


We made up poems about the seaside (check out our post here) 


We had lots of fun with the shells and moon sand. Moon sand looks just like real sand but it easier to mould. Recipe … 4 cups of wholemeal flour, half a cup of baby oil. You can use any oil. More oil will make it more like wet sand and less will make it more powdery.

006 062

We made pirate obstacle courses outside to find the treasure and walk the plank. We had to follow instructions and listen to the positions moving under, over, round and through.



How can you continue learning at home?

  • Play or make your own board games
  • Make your own moon sand (recipe above) or use play sand, add buckets, numbers, cutters, spades, diggers, cars or whatever your child is interested in
  • Make your own obstacle course in the garden, try going down the slide, over the grass, round the tree etc.
  • Use scraps of fabric and empty boxes to make your own pirate ship – a pillowcase makes a great flag, tubes for telescopes and almost anything sparkley can be ‘treasure’!



Pirate Board Games

Pirate Board Games

In nursery we love a competition. At the moment our favourite thing is to get into teams and play board games.


First we had to learn how to play the games. We rolled the dice, counted the spots and moved our character that many. Some children chose to use the numbered dice instead…

We played some games where it was a race to the finish and other games where we had to get the most treasure. We used a number track to keep track of who had the most treasure.


Then we made our own games using maps.

We thought of ideas to write on the cards. We had to think of some ways to add more treasure and some to take treasure away. Both teams were very keen on the idea of taking each others’ treasure!


Next we might need to work on being good winners!


Board games are a great way to teach children lots of skills. We learnt about following instructions, taking turns and working in a team. We learnt lots of maths skills by counting the spots on the dice, matching numbers and amounts and counting on. We thought about whether we needed to add or take away as we picked up the challenge cards. The children even started to work out who would win based on what they rolled.

Why not play board games at home?

Dice or spinner games are great for teaching maths skills. A lot of board games involve counting, turn taking and following instructions and are a fun way to teach children these skills.


Christmas Party!

Christmas Party!

Yesterday was our Christmas Party! We had lots of fun and a very special visitor…

Santa came to see us at our party! We were all very excited to see him and had lots of questions…

E – How did you get here?

T – Where is your sleigh?

L – Did you park it?

H – Where are your reindeer?

A – Do you know what your reindeer are called?

T – Is Rudolph the leader?

A – Are there two Santas? I think I’ve seen another at Meadowhall.

A – Do you live at Meadowhall?

R – Do you live somewhere cold?

J – Did you get our letters?

M – How many reindeer have you got?

E – Will you remember to come to our houses?

We reminded Santa about the letters we wrote to him last week and told him all the things we wanted for Christmas. Santa even brought us a present to share in nursery! Finally we sang Jingle Bells to Santa before he had to go.

After seeing Santa we played some dancing games. We listening to Christmas songs and had a dancing competition, played musical statues and musical bumps!

Then we had a GIANT Pass the Parcel and everybody won a prize!

Finally we went back down to our classroom and had some delicious party food that everybody had brought in to share. Then the morning and beginning of the week children went home and we did it all again in the afternoon!


We had a very busy day but it was lots of fun. We hope everybody enjoyed the Christmas Party and that you all have a lovely Christmas!

Sports Day


Yesterday was nursery’s sports day! We had lots of fun playing different games and sports. Our favourite part was the big races at the end!

First we got into teams. Then each team had a go at one of the activities.

There was jumping and hopping through the hoops as fast as we could:

010 158 159 138 137 143 153 152 005 112 003 035 029 030

There was balancing the ball in the cup and racing each other:

021037 034 027 050 051

122 123 006 151 156

There was balancing on stilts and trying to make it to the hoop without falling off (this one was tricky!)

022 019 017 036 026 047 044 054 053 119 002 126 134 128 127 140 130 141 144 145 148 157 154 014 007

Then we had lots of different races, we had boys vs girls running, jumping and hopping. Then all the boys went together to have a big race to the end and so did the girls.

081 076 074 078 069 065 064 057 083 090 098 099 105 102 093165 164 185 186 174 177 180 179 187 188

Everybody cheered each other on as they raced.


At the end we all took home a trophy we had made for taking part in nursery sports day. We had such a fun day, we can’t wait until next year!

107 108 109 110

Our Father’s Day Event


We had lots of fun at our special Father’s Day event. We invited all the dads, step-dads, grandads and uncles to join us for fun and games.


We played lots of games and our families joined us for fun and activities in our yard.


We had lots of fun and some of the dads and grandads even came to help us in the classroom making some sand slime for the children.


Thank you to everybody who came. We love having our grown-ups join us for special events and can’t wait for the next one!