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All Fun and Games

All Fun and Games

Last week Leelan asked if we could buy a board game for nursery and Miss Hulme wondered if we could make our own. Some of the children were very excited and drew their designs…



We used felt squares to make Lois and Miss Morris’ idea of a game of Twister…


We took photos of our pictures and played Guess Who…


We played some fun games in PE…


We played some board games in the classroom…

We designed and made our own board game…

The children had lots of great ideas and learnt lots while playing their games. We learnt to take turns and negotiate with our friends. We learnt to follow instructions and understand the rules of the games. We also had to explain the rules of the games to our friends. We did lots of counting in our dice games and matched colours in Twister. Games are a great way to teach children lots of different skills from ‘Simon Says’ to board games children can learn lots of new things in a fun way. Which games do you like to play at home?



Marble Madness!

Marble Madness!

Last Friday Oliver and Kallum wondered if we could make a marble run. They thought of what we needed and we went to collect tubes and pipes. We started building marble runs and we have continued all week!


First there were marble runs with tubes and pipes into the sandpit…


Then we built a giant marble run with the guttering outside…


Then we used lollypop sticks to make a pinball style marble run on a large piece of card…


Then we re-used our favourite box (check out past posts to see our box being used as a giant car, puppet show and rocket!) and made a marble run machine!


Finally we went up to the secret garden to find conkers to roll and we have big plans for them next week…


Marble runs are a great activity to try. Miss Hukin said she is going to have a go at making one at home. You could try –

  • Sticking lolly pop sticks or twigs to a large piece of card or wood. Make sure you add buffers at the edge to stop the marble flying off and cups or boxes at the bottom to catch the marbles
  • Using pieces of wood or plastic to make ramps and roll down cars, balls or marbles.
  • Using a wooden train track to create your own marble run
  • Sticking cardboard tubes or pool noodles to a box or wall to make a marble run
  • Using Lego to create your own marble maze
  • If you already have a marble run at home why not turn it into a game by using a measuring tape to see how far your marble can go or adding different coloured or numbered containers to catch the marbles!
  • Or check out youtube for some great DIY marble runs

We would love to see photos if you do give it a try, have fun! 



Movie Morning

Movie Morning

One day Asaad asked if he could make a video. We set up a video diary and the children learnt how to record themselves as they sang songs and told stories.


Everyone loved the idea and decided we should make a ‘real movie’ together. The children had lots of different ideas for their movie.


In the end we decided on the story of The Three Little Pigs. Everybody had their own job. We made masks and costumes for the different characters, build sets inside and outside, told the story using storyboards to help us, acted out the story, used puppets to tell the story, made sound effects, directed our friends and recorded our movie. What a busy week!

Then we thought about who might like to see our movie. We decided our grown-ups would so we made tickets, posters and invitations.


Then Paige said we should make jam tarts and Oliver, Lula, Toochi and Roman thought popcorn and hot chocolate!

PicCollage (23)

We baked our jam tarts and got everything ready for our movie mornings and  lots of our grown-ups stayed!


We had a lovely time and the children were all very proud of their movie. Thank you to everyone who stayed.


The children have already been talking about a Christmas movie for the sequel so watch this space!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We read non-fiction books and found out how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Then we thought about what we would like to do. We decided we would like to try some Chinese Food and definitely do a dragon dance! After reading the story of The Great Race we had races in PE. Yusuff was very interested in speaking Chinese so we learnt how to say Happy New Year in Chinese ‘Gung Hay Fat Choy’.

Here is our floor book with all our ideas ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We tried using chop sticks and learnt about different Chinese foods.


We tasted beansprouts, noodles, dragon fruit, chow chow and Chinese biscuits and snacks


Then we made our dragon. After looking at year 6’s amazing dragon, instead of using fabric the children decided they wanted lots of boxes stuck together.

We stuck the boxes together and then painted and decorated our dragon


Then we went up to the studio, listened to Chinese music and did our dragon dancing!


We had so much fun and we learnt to…

  • taste different foods
  • talk about how things taste and our likes and dislikes
  • work together to make the dragon move
  • use non-fiction books to find information
  • move to the music, moving our arms up and down and walking forward (very tricky!)
  • we learnt about other cultures and ways of life (we loved trying to eat with chop sticks!)
  • we learnt about colours and textures as we decorated our dragon


Underpants, snails and compliments…when the children choose their learning

Underpants, snails and compliments…when the children choose their learning

This year in nursery we have made a little change in the way we plan our learning. Everything we learn about is now chosen by the children.

Each week we sit down together and think about what we would like to learn about and how we could do it. The adults collect ideas of the things the children have been talking about when they have been playing or at news time. We think about special visits or trips the children have been on and take photos of things they have brought to school or in the Share Box.

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We collect all our ideas together in our special floor book. On one page we collect our ideas for what and how we would like to learn. On the next page we save pictures of our learning and talk about what we have done. Here is our year so far…

Spiders and Building a Bug Hotel 


Birthdays and Football


Magic and Weather


Snails, Apples and Leaves 


Conkers and Bus Rides 




Pumpkins and Fireworks 




Animals and Shadows




Frozen and Letters to Santa 


Christmas and Transporting 


Santa and Polar Bears 


Stick Man 


Inside Out and compliments


Story Telling (Our Favourite Characters)


Story Telling (Acting out our own Stories)


Pancake Day and Chinese New Year 


Valentine’s Day




Dinosaurs and World Book Day 


Dinosaurs and Hide and Seek

imageCome back soon to see what else we get up to. Don’t forget the floor book is out in the classroom everyday, you are always welcome to come and have a closer look at what we have been learning.

It all started with a magic wand…


Sophie brought her magic wand to nursery last week and we were all very excited. Everybody shared their ideas for magical things we could learn about. We used our floor book to plan our ideas.


We were very interested in the changing weather. One minute it was sunny and the next it was rainy! We used paint chips to look at the colour of the clouds and predict what was going to happen next to the weather!

DSCF2022 (2)DSCF2015



We learnt about the different kinds of weather. We learnt to think about things that might happen and say why we thought that. We paid attention to changes in the world around us. We learnt to name colours like black, grey and white and talk about things being darker or lighter.

Then we made some rain pictures. The rain had stopped by then so we had to make our own rain! We crushed paint and drew with crayons and felt tips then poured on water to make it rain. We watched all the exciting things happen to the paint as we poured the water. We tested our ideas seeing what happened when we crushed the paint up smaller or added more paint or water.

“It’s making green!”

“It’s gone brown now!”

“Its gone, it’s magic!”



We learnt about colour names and colour mixing. We talked about the changes we could see and why we thought that might happen. We made predictions about what might happen when we added water and tested our ideas. We also made beautiful pictures!

We turned our role-play area into a potion kitchen. We mixed potions in our cauldron and cast spells with our wands. We made jumping spells and dancing potions and turned each other into frogs!



We learnt to play imaginatively making up spells, stories and potions. We counted out the ingredients we needed. We learnt lots of new magical words.

We had lots of fun with our play dough. We added flowers and herbs to make potion dough. We used tools to press and cut the dough to make our potions.



We learnt to talk about the ways things felt and smelt. We used the tools to make our hands stronger for writing. We used knives and forks in the play dough to help our control and coordination. We used the potato ricer and the pestle and mortar to squeeze and crush and build our strength. 

We had lots of fun learning about magic. You could continue learning at home by;

  • giving children knives and forks to cut up their play dough or other safe tools from around the kitchen like wooden and metal spoons, bun tins or plastic cups
  •  making potions with a big bowl and spoon using things from around the house or kitchen or even leaves and grass from outside!
  • looking at the weather each morning and talking about what might happen and deciding what clothes we might need to wear
  • Creating your own rain painting with old broken paints, felt tips and crayons. Add a little water or even take them outside in the rain!

Happy Birthday to You…


Last week the children chose to learn about birthdays and parties. It was even two of the children’s birthdays. We thought about all the things we wanted to learn about birthdays and used our floor book to plan our ideas.

Birthday Stories

We read stories about birthdays and parties.

071 070

We learnt animal names in Spot’s Birthday Party and practiced counting with Wibbly Pig has 10 balloons.

Parties and Picnics

We turned our role-play area into a party, it was lots of fun. We had parties and picnics and sang Happy Birthday. We added a teddy bears picnic and kept bringing food and presents for the teddy bears. We even wrote cards and invitations for the bears!

DSCF2873 069 059 049 035 020

We learnt to find the resources we needed for our play around the classroom. We played imaginatively with our friends and the bears bringing presents and pretending it was their birthday. We practiced mark making, copying our friend’s names and writing our own names when we wrote our cards and invitations.

Guess the Sound

We wrapped the instruments to make them look like presents. Then we shook them and tried to guess what was hiding inside.

005 006 008 024

When we played guess the sound we had to listen very carefully. We learnt new words like rattle, squeak and bang and used them to describe the way things sound.

Play dough buns

In the play dough area we made buns with bun tins, cases and candles.

019 018 017 014

We built our fine motor skills to make our hands stronger with the play dough, pushing and squeezing the dough and rolling decorations.

Baking Buns 

We even baked our own buns! We mixed the ingredients and baked them in the oven.

011 007 003 DSCF2867 DSCF2876 DSCF2878 DSCF2880

We learnt about being safe and clean when we did our baking. We thought about following instructions and taking it in turns. We had to be very careful when we poured and mixed the ingredients.

Wrapping Presents 

In the workshop we wrapped boxes and containers in wrapping paper to look like presents.

DSCF2863 DSCF2872 DSCF2879 DSCF2875 DSCF2860 DSCF2858 DSCF2857

In the workshop we built our fine motor skills and coordination to make our hands stronger. We folded the paper and used the scissors to cut the paper and the tape.

We had lots of fun learning about birthdays and parties. You could try some of these activities at home too…

  • Use leftover wrapping paper to wrap empty boxes and containers.
  • Use empty party bags and decorations to have your own party.
  • Have a teddy bears picnic at home!
  • Bake your own buns or party food.
  • Use bun cases and candles to make play dough buns.
  • Wrap noisy objects in paper to play guess the sound.
  • Make birthday cards and invitations or write on old ones.

If you do anything that you would like to share with us at school please bring in a picture or something to share 🙂

There’s a Spider in the Bath!


At news time Evie told us a story about finding a spider in her bath. The rest of the children were very excited and shared their stories about finding spiders in funny places. There were spiders in boxes, spiders climbing the walls, spiders behind sofas and even spiders on scooters! We thought about what to do about the spiders we kept finding.  We used our brand new floor book to share our ideas and think about what we could do about all these spiders!


Some of the children went to visit the school library and found the story ‘Aargh Spider!’ It is a funny story about a spider who wanted to be a family pet but kept getting sent outside!

070 074 071 076

We  thought about making somewhere for the spiders and insects to live outside. We decided to build a bug hotel!

081 084 083

To build our bug hotel we used bricks, pallets, logs and branches. First we made the frame of the hotel using the pallets and carefully picking up bricks and placing them in between the pallets.


Then we filled the pallets with branches, twigs and leaves for the insects to live in.



We added straws and plant pots for bees. Some of the children then found some bugs and put them into the bug hotel.

047 045 042 040 038

We used magnifying glasses and checklists to see what bugs we could find.

066 065s,  064 063 062

Come back soon to see if our insects like their new home!