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Toast Station

Toast Station

In nursery we have a fun new addition to our snack area, a toast station!

We love having warm toast at nursery and lots of children who don’t normally try new foods have been tasting toast with different toppings! We have been trying different healthy toppings on our toast, a favourite is yoghurt and fruit!


This week we decided to use our extra ingredients from last week’s pizza making to make pizza toasties!



Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Last week lots of the children were busy making picnics with their friends so this week we had a real teddy bear’s picnic! The children decided they would like buns and pizza for their picnic and we wrote a letter home to bring in our teddies.

We wanted the children to be able to join in with the process of cooking and baking so we found an easy peasy pizza dough recipe that the children could do themselves.

We also used a mini-oven so we could watch the pizzas cook and talk about the changes.


As well as making pizzas we worked together to bake buns for our picnic too. We have been learning our numbers to 10 and that helped us to read our recipe. We used the numbers and pictures to follow the recipe ourselves.


Then we took our pizzas and buns and went to the secret garden for our teddy bears picnic!


We love seeing your photos of baking and cooking together at home. Baking activities are a great way to learn about numbers and measures as well as learning about changes and how to keep ourselves safe.


Christmas Workshop

Christmas Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who stayed for our Christmas Workshop this morning, we had lots of fun. All of our activities used bits and pieces from around nursery. We saved up empty jars and cans and collected scraps of wrapping paper, foam and felt to use again. We recycled old baubles to redecorate into something new. Why not have a look around at home and see what you can find to make your Christmas crafts?

We made our own snow globes…

All you need is an empty jar, some strong glue, a small toy, some water and some glitter. We did this job with Mrs Brown as she used the glue gun to attach our figures to the lid of the jar. Then we added water and glitter and stuck the lid on. They look great!

We made lots of Christmas decorations…

We used lollypop sticks, pipe cleaners and wire to create our own Christmas decorations then added glitter glue and coloured to make them our own.We used felt to make mini stocking and cut more pieces to decorate.

We used triangles of foam to make colourful Christmas trees then decorated and stuck to a ribbon to create a garland.

We made reindeer tins…

We used coffee tins wrapped in brown paper and added eye stickers, art straw antlers, ears and red button noses.

We made our own Christmas cards…

We used folded pieces of card and drew pictures then stuck on foam, glitter, stars and whatever else we wanted to use to make them our own.

We made yummy melting Snowman biscuits…

We used icing and chocolate beans to decorate biscuits to look like melting snowmen! We added pretzel pieces for the arms and used icing pens to add extra detail.

We decorated old baubles…

We used glue and scraps of wrapping paper and tissue paper to decorate then added string to hang them.

As well as being lots of fun joining in with arts and craft activities helps children to build fine motor skills that are really important for helping them to hold a pencil and learning to write. Using scissors is a great way to build hand strength and coordination and tearing little pieces of paper helps children to develop the smaller muscles in their hand and gain more control. Craft activities are also a great way to learn about colours and shapes by talking about what you see as you are making. The making is always much more important than how it looks at the end so let children do as much for themselves as you can and they will become more confident and learn much more, their creation will also be much more individual to them!

We always love to see your creations. If you make something at home why not bring it to school or email us a picture? We print all the pictures you send and the children love sharing them with their friends.

Marble Madness!

Marble Madness!

Last Friday Oliver and Kallum wondered if we could make a marble run. They thought of what we needed and we went to collect tubes and pipes. We started building marble runs and we have continued all week!


First there were marble runs with tubes and pipes into the sandpit…


Then we built a giant marble run with the guttering outside…


Then we used lollypop sticks to make a pinball style marble run on a large piece of card…


Then we re-used our favourite box (check out past posts to see our box being used as a giant car, puppet show and rocket!) and made a marble run machine!


Finally we went up to the secret garden to find conkers to roll and we have big plans for them next week…


Marble runs are a great activity to try. Miss Hukin said she is going to have a go at making one at home. You could try –

  • Sticking lolly pop sticks or twigs to a large piece of card or wood. Make sure you add buffers at the edge to stop the marble flying off and cups or boxes at the bottom to catch the marbles
  • Using pieces of wood or plastic to make ramps and roll down cars, balls or marbles.
  • Using a wooden train track to create your own marble run
  • Sticking cardboard tubes or pool noodles to a box or wall to make a marble run
  • Using Lego to create your own marble maze
  • If you already have a marble run at home why not turn it into a game by using a measuring tape to see how far your marble can go or adding different coloured or numbered containers to catch the marbles!
  • Or check out youtube for some great DIY marble runs

We would love to see photos if you do give it a try, have fun! 



Christmas Workshop

Christmas Workshop

Friday was our Christmas Workshop. Thank you to all the parents who came to help us make Christmas Crafts like…

Melting Snowman Biscuits



Ninja Turtle Baubles



Christmas Tree Cards


Pipecleaner and Bead decorations



Reindeer Decorations


Christmas Colouring


We hope you had fun! 🙂

Easter Workshop

Easter Workshop

Have a look at some of the fun we had for our Easter Workshop. Lots of our grown-ups stayed and helped us make our Easter crafts, follow the instructions below to have a go at home…


Bunny Bags 

You will need: 

2 Paper Plates

Pink Card


Ribbon/wool or string


Cut the top off one of your paper plates and cut it in half to make ears.

Staple your plates together.

Use pink paper to cut out details and a pen to add the bunny face.

Make two holes and attach your ribbon or string.


Bunny Ears

You will need:

White Card

Pink Card




Cut a strip of white card, measured the size of your head and staple together.

Cut out ear shapes and attach.

Use pink paper to make the inside of the bunny ears attach.


Paper Animals 

You will need:

Coloured Paper



Bits and Bobs e.g. Buttons, pom-poms, wool etc.


Cut a strip of paper and roll into a cylinder, staple together.

Cut out extra features like ears, wings or feet out of paper.

Add extra details to your animal with pens and stick on extra features.


Marshmallow Krispie Buns

You will need:

3 cups of Rice Krispies or similar cereal

Bun cases

One pack of Marshmallows

Mini Eggs


Tip marshmallows into a mixing bowl and microwave for approx 30 seconds (keep an eye on it as it will expand!)

Tip your cereal into the marshmallow and mix

Spoon into bun cases and top with a Mini Egg

Top Tip – the marshmallow gets stickier the longer it is left so work quickly or in small batches, or you might end up a bit sticky!image

Easter Cards

You will need:

Colourful Card

Colourful Paper





Fold your card in half.

Choose a piece of coloured paper. Please your hand on it and draw around then cut out.

Roll your hand cut-out into a flower shape and stick to your card.

Add a straw for your flower stem.

Write a message for your card.image


A big big thank you to all the parents who stayed, we hope you had lots of fun Easter fun at home!

Dino Small World


Something very exciting arrived in our classroom this week…a giant cable drum.

We had a think about what we wanted to use it for and decided that it could be a home for the dinosaurs.

048 049

We found grass to add to the drum, then we thought they might need some extra trees and water.

050 051

We searched our classroom for pebbles, sticks, beads and leaves to make our dinosaur small world area.

088 087 086 085

When we finished we used the dinosaurs in our new area to tell some exciting stories!

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