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Learning our Shapes


This week we have been learning to name and talk about 2D Shapes.

We used the flip flap to find and hide shapes.

We counted the shapes we could see.

We talked about the colours of the shapes.

We described and named the shapes we could see.

We tried to remember the shapes that were missing.


In our group times we had shape pictures to make.

Some of us had pictures of the different shapes to make with an extra shape that we did not need to make it tricky.

Other children had trickier pictures with no lines to tell what the different shapes were. We needed to look at the outline and try to move the shapes to match them. We talked about the shapes that we had used, naming and describing them.


In the classroom we used salt dough shapes. We made pictures with them and drew around the shapes. We talked about the shapes we had used then tried to find them around the classroom.


What shapes can you find at home?