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World Book Day

World Book Day

We have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day this week.

We all came to school dressed up as our favourite book characters. We had lots of princesses and superheroes! The best costumes won a book as a prize!


We visited our new school library and each took out a book to take home. In the afternoon an author came to school to tell us a special story, we joined in with the actions and helped to tell the story. It was very funny and even made us jump sometimes!


At the end we got to talk about the stories we liked best and we asked lots of questions about stories and our favourite characters. We even learnt that some of our favourite Disney movies were based on old stories.

There was a competition for every class to decorate their classroom doors. At the start of the week we wrote a list of our favourite stories then we took a vote to decide which story we would like to decorate our door as. The vote was definitely for jungles and monkeys so we chose ‘Walking through the jungle’.


We searched the cupboard and classroom for jungle things then drew some pictures of our own, added faces to monkeys and collaged the jungle background. We were very proud of our decorating…

We love stories and story telling in nursery and had lots of fun for World Book Day. Why not keep the fun going at home?

You could use your book day token to buy a £1 book or put it towards another book.

You could dress up at home and carry on telling stories.

Visit the local library for lots of fun story telling. There are always lots of events happening, especially in the school holidays.

Read a story everyday. Don’t forget there are lots of books in nursery for you to take home or for even more stories why not visit the local library?


I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, that’s me!

I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, that’s me!

Did you see Stick Man on TV on Christmas Day? Stick Man is a story by one of our favourite authors; Julia Donaldson. It is the story of Stick Man, a stick who goes on a lot of adventures on his way back to his family tree! Stick Man becomes a stick for a dog, an arm for a snowman, is weaved into a nest, is a flag for a sandcastle and even ends up on a fire!

stick man

061 (2)

We decided to do our own Stick-y activities, have a look what we have been up to…

Some of the children made their own Stick Men over the holidays and brought them to school…


We played with them in Stick Man’s forest…

Then we made some more Stick Men of our own….

We decided we would like our Stick Men to be musical and added keys and bells to make jingle sticks…

We used Stick Slime to make trees, sticks, branches and even letters…

We used the sticks with other natural materials to make transient art…

011 (2)

Then we added dough and plastecine to make stick structures…

091 (2)

Finally some of the children wanted to make bird’s nests like in the story…

What a busy week and what a lot of learning!

With all our Stick Man fun we learnt…

About different materials, we compared textures and talked about what we could see and feel exploring with our senses.

We planned our learning; building models, making transient art and building nests. We learnt to change our plans and ideas as we went along.

We learnt how to make and change sounds when we made our jingle sticks.

We learnt to retell the story remembering the parts that repeated – “I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, that’s me!”

We used the Stick Man forest to tell stories and learnt about other woodland animals.


How can you carry on learning at home?


Make your own Stick Man forest in your garden, what stories will you tell?

Use twigs and sticks to make your own stick family. Add old keys, bolts, washers or cutlery to turn them into music sticks!

Go on a nature walk to find twigs, pinecones and leaves to make your own nature art.

Turn other objects in your home into musical instruments a box and elastic bands can be a guitar, an empty tub can be a drum…






The Mixed-Up Chameleon


Our story this week is The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.


We have lots of chameleon and animal activities to do in nursery.

Our play dough this week is Mixed-Up Chameleon dough.


We made yellow play dough following our usual recipe (see post Our Favourite Recipes) and added a bit of conditioner to make it extra soft with a lovely smell!


We added animal cutters along with feathers, buttons, googley eyes, straws and colourful matchsticks to create our own weird and wonderful animals.


On the maths table we have been playing the game ‘Feed me Flies’ (from http://buggyandbuddy.com/mixed-chameleon-eric-carle/ )


We stuck plastic chameleons to tubes of the same colour. Then we used black beads and pieces of art straws to create flies. The children roll the dice and use the pegs to count out that many flies. This builds children counting skills as well as their fine motor skills. We added number cards and number tracks to extend children’s learning and support number recognition.

We have also been doing lots of camouflage activities around the story. First we talked about what camouflage meant then tried to match the patterns to the animals to camouflage them.


The children matched the animal to their fur pattern using animal print texture cards.


In the water tray we filled the tub with different coloured sensory materials such as pebbles, corn, foam and glass beads. The children matched the animals to the background where it could be camouflaged.


The children built on their maths skills recalling their previous learning about patterns and thinking about sorting and matching. Children learnt about camouflage, they thought about the similarities and differences between animals and learnt new animal names.


In the outdoor area we went on a chameleon hunt. We cut chameleons out of coloured plastic and stuck them to objects of the same colour so they were camouflaged. The children then hunted for chameleons.


Room on the Broom


This week we have been reading the story of Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

We have been using pictures, objects and sock puppets to retell the story.

DSCF1001 DSCF1002 DSCF1003

“I am a dog as keen as can be. Is there room on the broom for a dog like me?”


“I am a bird as green as can be. Is there room on the broom for a bird like me?”


“I am a frog as clean as can be. Is there room on the broom for a frog like me?”


“Oh oh, no more room on the broom”

“It broke!”

“They all fell down!”

DSCF1015 DSCF1009

“I’m a dragon as mean as can be. I’m going to have witch and chips for my tea”

“Oh no!”


“We’ll save you”

“She’s our witch”


“Thank you”

“Here’s a new broom”

“And a shower for the frog”


Choosing Stories in Nursery


We find a quiet space.

DSCF7005 DSCF7006

We use the front cover to help us choose a story we like the look of.

Some of us prefer books we can touch or that make sounds.

DSCF9122 DSCF9121

Some of us like nice sturdy board books, where the pages are easier to turn.


Some of us like to read paperback books.


Some of us like to read books on the laptop, whiteboard or IPad.


We try to find books that we think we might like for our classroom.


A few authors we like in Nursery

Julia Donaldson – rhyming stories like The Gruffalo

Eric Carle – colourful animal stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Oliver Jeffers – stories about adventures like Lost and Found

Mick Inkpen – stories with characters we follow like Wibbly Pig and Kipper

Giles Andrea – colourful animal stories like Giraffes Can’t Dance