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The Giant Slide!

The Giant Slide!

Look what fun we have been having in our block area this week…

Read our learning story to find out how we made our GIANT slide!




Slime Bubbles

Slime Bubbles

When one of the children brought in some slime they had made at home we decided to make some more slime for nursery. We mixed two cups of glue with one cup of liquid washing detergent.

Then Maddison noticed that there was a bubble in the slime. That gave us an idea we got straws and blew the slime to make the biggest bubble we could!


We experimented with the slime to see how we could blow the biggest bubble. We tried stretching the slime, putting the straw in the middle, putting the straw underneath and working together.

We learnt to persevere, work together, try different ways to do things, share our ideas and listen to our friend’s ideas, talk about what we could see happening and what worked.

Caterpillars and Critters (update…the butterflies have arrived!)

Caterpillars and Critters (update…the butterflies have arrived!)

We have had a very exciting arrival in nursery…caterpillars!

We are enjoying watching them grow and have been thinking about what might happen next. We have had lots of questions and have been finding out all about caterpillars and other critters…


We read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children were very interested in how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. With a little toilet paper and some help from our friends we re-enacted it!


After we had read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar we thought about all the different foods he ate. Some of us weren’t sure of the names of the different fruits and vegetables and what they tasted like so we had a food tasting. Everybody was very brave and had a little taste of everything, even the sour grapefruit! Lots of children were surprised that they liked plums and asked for more…


We had lots of fun playing with the fruits and vegetables inside and out. Some of the children even brought in fruits and vegetables from home…


While we were thinking about fruits and vegetables we did some planting of our own outside.

We have been watching our caterpillars grow very carefully, they are getting bigger everyday, we are excited for them going into their cocoons.image

We had lots of questions about the caterpillars, here are the things we would like to try and find out…


We are getting very good at sounding out our words. We sounded out words for things we knew about caterpillars and butterflies.



We learnt about butterflies and symmetry. We used loose parts to make patterns and match the two sides.


We had a challenge to get the caterpillar to the leaf. We thought of different ways to get the caterpillar up to the leaf. We tried stacking crates, making stairs out of bricks and tying string to the caterpillar…


What have we been learning? 

We have learnt alot about caterpillars – what they eat and how they grow

We learnt the names of different fruits and vegetables and tried new foods

We learnt about patterns, colours and symmetry

We sounded out words and wrote the sounds we knew

We thought of what we would like to know and asked questions

We learnt how to care for living things including insects and plants

We have been solving problems and working together finding ways to get the caterpillar to the leaf

How can you continue learning at home?

Look for insects in the garden or at the park

Do some planting in the garden and encouarge the children to care for and water the plants

Learn about patterns and colours drawing and painting symetrical butterflies and building models that are the same on both sides

Encourage children to taste small pieces of things they think they don’t like, they might be surprised!



Our butterflies arrived and on Friday it was time to let them go to live in the flowers…




Next Stop Monkey Business!

Next Stop Monkey Business!



After lots of talk about travelling and vehicles the children started making buses using the chairs around the classroom.


They went on lots of adventures so we decided to change our role-play area into a bus too.


We added money, steering wheels, phones, maps, bus tickets and seats. We also added bags and torches to pack for adventures.


DSCF2215 DSCF2213 DSCF2196 DSCF2191

Here is our learning story of one of our adventures on the bus:

1MB 2MB 3MB 4MB 5MB 6MB 7MB 8MB 9MB 10MB 11MB

What’s inside the Share Box today?

What’s inside the Share Box today?

This year we have something new and very exciting in nursery…The Share Box.

The Share Box is a special box that we take it in turns to take it home. Everybody can’t wait for it to be their turn!

At home we fill it with 2 or 3 things that we would like to tell our friends about.

Then we bring it back to school and tell our friends all about the things that are special to us.

We have seen all sorts from the Share Box!

Sometimes we bring in things to do with what we are learning about, sometimes things from our holidays or special occasions, things we have been talking about at nursery, interesting things we have found or special toys and objects.

Some of the things we have shared;

  • Shells, conkers, rocks and leaves
  • Trains, cars and trucks
  • Elsa, Jessie, Buzz, Woody, Minions, Trolls and Spiderman
  • Dresses and costumes
  • Teapots, buckets and spades
  • Things to play doctors, nurses and shop keepers
  • Postcards and Bus Tickets
  • Football tickets and even a Lanyard from Coronation Street!


003 002

DSCF2005 (2) DSCF2004

004 001


030 029


063 060

I wonder what we will see in the Share Box next week…

Classroom Displays


You might have noticed the different displays we have been putting up in nursery.

We have changed how we do displays a little in Foundation Stage. We have changed the background colours so they are more natural and calming and the children’s work stands out more. We have also tried to add more of what the children have said about their learning to displays.

Here are some of the new displays in our classroom:

Children’s Display

You will have seen your child’s photo on the wall. Every child has a space with their photo, their name (written from memory) and their targets. We will continue to add children’s work to this display to show you what they have been doing in nursery. This might be photos, models, writing, art work or learning stories. There will also be a speech bubble showing what the children have said about their learning. Please look at your child’s space and ask us anything you would like to know about it. If children have done something at home you would like to share please bring it in to show us!


Interactive Maths Display

In our maths area we have a new interactive maths display to support children’s maths skills. There are envelopes with the numbers to ten filled with objects. There are photos of that number of children, number cards, counting fingers, photos of numbers in the environment, objects to count etc. Children can count out objects, order numbers, match numbers and amounts etc. Children can carry on this learning at home; looking for numbers in the environment (on signs, phones, buses, trams, clocks etc), counting out objects when playing, eating and baking.


Critique Display

The children drew a picture of themselves. They then shared it with their friends who suggested how they might make it better. They had another try at their drawing taking on board their friends’ comments. As you can see there is a big difference between their first and second drawings. This process encouraged children to be reflective and supportive to friends.


Construction Display

The children drew a picture of what they wanted to build then created it with the blocks. They then talked about what they had made.


Early Years Display

This display has information about the Early Years Foundation Stage. It includes information about the characteristics of learning which are things we want to see in the children’s learning and play such as exploring and having their own ideas. There are photos to show what this looks like in children’s play. In the children’s end of year reports we will be looking at how the children show these characteristics in their play.


Scissor Skills


We have been having lots of fun practising our scissor skills this week.

We filled the water tray full of scraps of paper, fabric, ribbon and wool.


We thought carefully about the materials we used; choosing cards and papers of different thicknesses, ribbons and fabrics of different lengths as well as different types of scissors.

What are children learning?

Children shared the over sized pieces of fabric and material

They talked to each other about what they were making and helped each other to hold their scissors

Children developed their scissor skills using different pieces of material

Children talked about the size and shape of the pieces they cut

They made puppets, characters, objects and animals

Children made decisions about the type of fabric they wanted to try and cut and challenged themselves and peers