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The Giant Slide!

The Giant Slide!

Look what fun we have been having in our block area this week…

Read our learning story to find out how we made our GIANT slide!



Our New Alphabet Display


We have lots of new and interactive displays in our new classroom. One of our favourites is our new alphabet display.


Our display is made of boxes with different letters inside, the letters are both uppercase and lowercase. Children recognise the uppercase letters from the start of their names and their friend’s names.


We searched for small objects around the classroom to add to our display.


Then we added photos of all the children in our class. The children sorted the pictures of themselves and their friends by their initial sounds.


We love finding things around the room to add to our display, come back soon to see what else we have added!


Nuts and Bolts


We have had nuts and bolts in our classroom this week to help our hands and fingers get stronger ready for writing.


We used nuts, bolts, screws and washers of different sizes and colanders and pizza trays with holes in to screw them into.

It was a bit tricky to put the nut on at first and then we had to use our thumbs and fingers to twist them on.

These activities build up children’s fine motor skills to get them ready for writing.

Scissor Skills


We have been having lots of fun practising our scissor skills this week.

We filled the water tray full of scraps of paper, fabric, ribbon and wool.


We thought carefully about the materials we used; choosing cards and papers of different thicknesses, ribbons and fabrics of different lengths as well as different types of scissors.

What are children learning?

Children shared the over sized pieces of fabric and material

They talked to each other about what they were making and helped each other to hold their scissors

Children developed their scissor skills using different pieces of material

Children talked about the size and shape of the pieces they cut

They made puppets, characters, objects and animals

Children made decisions about the type of fabric they wanted to try and cut and challenged themselves and peers

Winter Activities


This week in nursery it’s been very COLD so we have been doing some exciting winter activities.

Our new favourite activity is SNOW SLIME. It is white and stretchy and grows when you pull it. We made snow balls, igloos, ice skating rinks and stretched it out.


On the easels we have been painting on foil. It was a bit trickier than painting on paper and made some interesting sounds.


When it snowed we collected some for our water tray. We painted using brushes and block paints, it was fun to watch the colours mix.


We explored blue and white winter themed loose parts. We balanced them and attached them together to make patterns and models.




We have been having lots of fun starting CHALLENGES  in nursery.

pic-collage 010 pic-collage 011 pic-collage 009

There are challenges in every area of nursery.

pic-collage 012 pic-collage 008 pic-collage 002

When we get busy in the classroom we can look at the photos and see if we can complete a challenge by ourselves. It might be writing our name, using scissors or counting out objects.

pic-collage 005 pic-collage 007 pic-collage 001

Some children have done more than 5 challenges already this week!

pic-collage 006 pic-collage 004 pic-collage 003