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Pancake Day Fun

Pancake Day Fun

Today we have had a very happy pancake day. Each year we like to do pancake day a little differently and this year we decided the two things we were most interested in were flipping our pancakes and our pancake toppings.


We thought of everything we wanted on our pancakes and decided on lots of different fruit. Then we chose 3 fruit each to make our very own pancake toppings. We chose from apricots, blueberries, pineapple, fruit puree, apples, raspberries, oranges, pears and banana. We mashed, chopped and squeezed them together. Next we heated our pancakes in a pan over a tealight so we could all have a turn at flipping our pancakes.


Finally we spread our toppings on and EVERYONE ate their whole pancake!


We had so much fun we want to make more potion toppings tomorrow!



Easter Workshop

Easter Workshop

Have a look at some of the fun we had for our Easter Workshop. Lots of our grown-ups stayed and helped us make our Easter crafts, follow the instructions below to have a go at home…


Bunny Bags 

You will need: 

2 Paper Plates

Pink Card


Ribbon/wool or string


Cut the top off one of your paper plates and cut it in half to make ears.

Staple your plates together.

Use pink paper to cut out details and a pen to add the bunny face.

Make two holes and attach your ribbon or string.


Bunny Ears

You will need:

White Card

Pink Card




Cut a strip of white card, measured the size of your head and staple together.

Cut out ear shapes and attach.

Use pink paper to make the inside of the bunny ears attach.


Paper Animals 

You will need:

Coloured Paper



Bits and Bobs e.g. Buttons, pom-poms, wool etc.


Cut a strip of paper and roll into a cylinder, staple together.

Cut out extra features like ears, wings or feet out of paper.

Add extra details to your animal with pens and stick on extra features.


Marshmallow Krispie Buns

You will need:

3 cups of Rice Krispies or similar cereal

Bun cases

One pack of Marshmallows

Mini Eggs


Tip marshmallows into a mixing bowl and microwave for approx 30 seconds (keep an eye on it as it will expand!)

Tip your cereal into the marshmallow and mix

Spoon into bun cases and top with a Mini Egg

Top Tip – the marshmallow gets stickier the longer it is left so work quickly or in small batches, or you might end up a bit sticky!image

Easter Cards

You will need:

Colourful Card

Colourful Paper





Fold your card in half.

Choose a piece of coloured paper. Please your hand on it and draw around then cut out.

Roll your hand cut-out into a flower shape and stick to your card.

Add a straw for your flower stem.

Write a message for your card.image


A big big thank you to all the parents who stayed, we hope you had lots of fun Easter fun at home!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Today was a very special day. We invited our mummies, aunties and grandmas to our Mother’s Day performance. We have been getting ready for this morning by making special things for our mummies.

First we made butterfly Mother’s Day cards. We painted our hands in different colours and patterns and printed butterfly wings. Then we painted the body and wrote a message and our names inside.


We made jewellery out of salt dough. We mixed 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of flour. We added colour and rolled them into beads. Once they were dry we made a pattern and threaded them onto elastic.

We have been trying hard to learn our songs ready for today’s performance. We learnt Skidamarink and a special Mother’s Day song for our mummies.



Skidamarink a dink a dink

Skidamarink a doo

I love you

Skidamarink a dink a dink

Skidamarink a doo

I love you

I love you in the morning

And in the afternoon

I love you in the evening

And underneath the moon

Skidamarink a dink a dink

Skidamarink a doo

I love you

Boo boo bi doo


Finally it was time for our performance!

We sang our songs for our mummies, aunties and grandmas. Then we gave our mummies their special cards and presents.


We hope you all enjoyed this morning as much as we did!

Lots to celebrate…

Lots to celebrate…

There has been a lot to celebrate in nursery lately. We have had Pancake Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and lots of birthdays too!

Have a look at some of the fun we have been having…

Chinese New Year


We had noodles in the water tray. We learnt about different textures and how things change when they are cooked. We used chopsticks to pick up the noodles and filled bowls, building our fine motor skills (to get us ready to write). We talked about the foods we eat and foods from different countries and cultures.

We painted dragons. We used cotton buds to paint the details on dragons on the easel. Outside we filled a tray with water and poured in a little nail varnish to make marble effect dragons.

We read the story of The Great Race and had some races of our own in PE. We learn about the positions the animals came and learnt to put things in order.

Finally we had lots of Chinese Artefacts. We looked at a map to see where China was and talked about the other countries we knew. We talked about the objects from China and how they were the same or different to objects we might use. Miss Hulme shared pictures of when her mum went to China. We particularly liked the shapes and colours of the buildings and the Chinese writing.

Pancake Day


We have had a lot of fun getting messy for pancake day. We made our own version of ‘kinetic sand’ to make pancakes. Kinetic sand is a little like wet sand but it holds its shape better, more like play dough. To make it we mixed 3 cups of sand with a cup of cornflour and a squirt of washing up liquid. Then we added water until it was a mouldable consistency. It was lots of fun but turned back to dry sand quite quickly so we kept adding water!

The children had lots of fun making pancakes, measuring their ingredients and asking each other how many they would like and what toppings they wanted.

We also had an even messier pancake batter mix! We mixed cornflour and water to make gloop. This made really good play pancake batter. The children had lots of fun pouring, mixing and measuring. As the texture of the gloop started to change they thought about the ingredients they would need to fix it.

We tasted scotch pancakes. We thought about our favourite toppings and made pictograms in maths to show they toppings we liked best. We tasted the different toppings and talked about how they tasted and which ones we did or didn’t like.

We also invited our grown-ups to one of our story telling workshops! We retold the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes using Makaton signs. Then we went back to our classroom and made a story map to take home. We also sang our Chatterbox Challenge songs that we had been learning at home.

Valentine’s Day 

For Valentine’s Day we had lots of heart activities around the classroom. We went on a heart hunt outside, finding hearts of different sizes and ordering them. We counted out hearts using the tweezers to pick them up and made love potions.

We made and wrote Valentine’s Cards. We cut out a heart shape then put it in the salad spinner. We squirted on a little paint then span it round. It made great splatter hearts that we stuck to our cards. Then we wrote a message inside. Some of us wrote a message and we all tried to write our names.

Then we made Valentine’s Treats. We cut orange segments and put them on cocktail sticks. Then we melted chocolate thinking about how things change when they are heated and remembering to be safe. Finally we dipped the orange in chocolate to make yummy heart shaped treats.

More spinning…

With the spinning hearts on our cards we also had a bit more fun with spinning and used the gears to learn about how things turned and how to make different parts move…


How can you continue learning at home?

Any celebration is a great chance for learning. Encourage children to make cards for special occasions, copying the message and tying to write their name.

You could also make decorations or presents, using scissors to help. Scissors are a great way to build up children’s strength in their fingers and help to improve their coordination.

The children were very interested in things that spin. You could look at things that spin at home and think about how they work. The wheels on their bikes and scooter, the plate in the microwave, the washing machine etc. You could have a go at making something that spins.

This week we were thinking about how things change when they are cooked. Talk to children when they are eating or when you are cooking with them. Some of the children were surprised that noodles were hard before they were cooked. See if your children know what foods look like raw. Do they know chips come from potatoes? Or the tomatoes that make up their sauce?


Sports Day


Yesterday was nursery’s sports day! We had lots of fun playing different games and sports. Our favourite part was the big races at the end!

First we got into teams. Then each team had a go at one of the activities.

There was jumping and hopping through the hoops as fast as we could:

010 158 159 138 137 143 153 152 005 112 003 035 029 030

There was balancing the ball in the cup and racing each other:

021037 034 027 050 051

122 123 006 151 156

There was balancing on stilts and trying to make it to the hoop without falling off (this one was tricky!)

022 019 017 036 026 047 044 054 053 119 002 126 134 128 127 140 130 141 144 145 148 157 154 014 007

Then we had lots of different races, we had boys vs girls running, jumping and hopping. Then all the boys went together to have a big race to the end and so did the girls.

081 076 074 078 069 065 064 057 083 090 098 099 105 102 093165 164 185 186 174 177 180 179 187 188

Everybody cheered each other on as they raced.


At the end we all took home a trophy we had made for taking part in nursery sports day. We had such a fun day, we can’t wait until next year!

107 108 109 110

Mother’s Day Celebrations


This Sunday is Mother’s Day so we have been celebrating this week in school.

First we made Mother’s Day cards. The children took off their shoes and stepped in paint to make butterfly footprints. They then wrote a message on their cards.


We then invited mums, aunties and grandmas to hear our songs we have been practising. We went to the hall and sang Skidamarink, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Alice the Camel.


After our songs the parents came back to the classroom with us to make jewellery using beads the children had made along with pasta, straws and plastic beads.


Thank you for coming to celebrate with us, we hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Chinese New Year


This week we have been thinking about Chinese New Year.

First we read the story of The Great Race then had races outside. We wore animal masks and had different kinds of races to see who would come first, second and third. We then put the animals into the right order using the number track to help us.

After that we used the cars inside to have more races and practise putting our numbers in order.


Then we went on a number hunt outside. Special Chinese New Year numbers were hidden in our outdoor area and we tried to find all the numbers we could!

First we looked for all the numbers we could find then we tried to see if we could find then in the right order, it was very tricky!

DSCF1280 DSCF1276 DSCF1275 DSCF1271 DSCF1269 DSCF1266 DSCF1265 DSCF1264 DSCF1263 DSCF1259 DSCF1257 DSCF1253

What numbers can you find?

See if you can spot some numbers around your home or on your way to school.

Making Pancakes!


Last week was Pancake Day but because it was in the holidays we have been doing our pancake activities this week.

The first thing we did was make our own pancakes!


First we collected all our ingredients together; flour, eggs and milk and mixed them in a bowl.


Then we poured the mixture into a frying pan. We stood on crates at the kitchen side so we could see the pancakes cook. We couldn’t get too close to the oven because it was hot. We watched and listened to the pancakes cook and Miss Deakin even flipped them in the frying pan!


Next we chose the toppings we wanted for our pancakes, we could have lemon, orange, jam, sugar or chocolate spread. We squeezed, sprinkled or spread the toppings our pancakes.


Finally we ate our pancakes, they were delicious!