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Caterpillars and Butterflies


After reading the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar we got some caterpillars of our own!

We have been watching them grow bigger and go into their cocoons.

Today was the day to set them free!


We took our butterfly gardens outside and opened them to let the butterflies go. Some of the butterflies didn’t want to fly away at first so we used twigs and leaves to encourage them. Some butterflies flew away and we took the others to a plant outside. One butterfly even landed on one of the children’s noses!


What have we been learning?

We have learnt about how to care for living things

We learnt about what living things need to help them grow

We learnt about the life cycle of caterpillars

We looked at caterpillars and butterflies closely and talked about what we could see

What could you do at home?

Have a hunt for insects in your garden

Talk about how you need to be gentle with living things

If you have pets at home children could help to look after them, helping to clean cages and feed them