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Safety Week


This week has been a very important week at school, it has been Safety Week.

Throughout school the children have been doing different activities all about how to keep safe.

In nursery we have been thinking about how to keep safe on building sites because we have just finished our topic about buildings and we are very excited about our new school being built!

First we talked about last week’s visit to the building site of our new school.

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We thought about things that might be dangerous and ways to keep ourselves safe.

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Then the builders of our new school kindly sent us a presentation all about our new school and how to keep safe.

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We learn a lot about things that could be dangerous and ways to keep ourselves safe.

Come back to see our talking book all about what we have learnt!

Our Book about Buildings


In Nursery we like to make our own books.

For our buildings topic we made a book all about different kinds of buildings.


To give us ideas for our book we visited a building site, looked on the internet and in non-fiction books, talked to people about buildings and shared our ideas with each other.

To make our book some children looked at photographs of our new school being built and talked about things they knew and things they could see.

Some children drew pictures of different types of buildings and talked about what they had learnt.

Some children labelled their pictures of buildings to show their learning.

We like making our own books , see if you can spot some of them in our book corner.

Asking Questions


This week we have been thinking about how to ask questions to find out more.

We have been thinking of things we would like to find out about buildings then asking questions about them. It was sometimes tricky to turn our ideas into a question.

Here are some of the things we wanted to find out about buildings:

  1. “Why do houses have curtains?”
  2. “Why haven’t schools got curtains?”
  3. “Why do walls have pictures on them?”
  4. “Why are houses built of bricks?”
  5. “Why are schools made of bricks?”
  6. “Is the new school going to be bigger?”
  7. “Is this school going to be knocked down when we go to our new school?”
  8. “How can they (builders) build a house?”
  9. “Why do we live in a house?”
  10. “Why do shops have two doors?”
  11. “Why do shops have big doors?”
  12. “Why do Asda put blocks on their roof?”
  13. “Why do McDonalds have this thing (an M) on their roof?”
  14. “Why has Meadowhall got a circle roof?”
  15. “Why is the house roof a triangle?”

Then we tried to find the answers by;

  • looking in non-fiction books for information
  • looking on the internet
  • asking people who might know
  • talking to each other
  • looking at buildings and visiting a building site to find out more


Building with Blocks


We have been using the blocks to make lots of different buildings for our theme of buildings, structures and homes. We have been talking about the size and shapes of blocks and making different types of buildings.


We added pictures of buildings to the front of some of the blocks. We used them to make towns and villages. We added cars, people and the Three Little Pigs and used them to tell stories.


The Three Little Pigs


We have been learning all about the Three Little Pigs.

We have been practising telling the story ready for showing our parents at our story telling workshop.

Today some of the children retold the story in the puppet theatre.


On the interactive whiteboard we have been exploring different materials and making pictures of buildings.