Movie Morning

Movie Morning

One day Asaad asked if he could make a video. We set up a video diary and the children learnt how to record themselves as they sang songs and told stories.


Everyone loved the idea and decided we should make a ‘real movie’ together. The children had lots of different ideas for their movie.


In the end we decided on the story of The Three Little Pigs. Everybody had their own job. We made masks and costumes for the different characters, build sets inside and outside, told the story using storyboards to help us, acted out the story, used puppets to tell the story, made sound effects, directed our friends and recorded our movie. What a busy week!

Then we thought about who might like to see our movie. We decided our grown-ups would so we made tickets, posters and invitations.


Then Paige said we should make jam tarts and Oliver, Lula, Toochi and Roman thought popcorn and hot chocolate!

PicCollage (23)

We baked our jam tarts and got everything ready for our movie mornings and  lots of our grown-ups stayed!


We had a lovely time and the children were all very proud of their movie. Thank you to everyone who stayed.


The children have already been talking about a Christmas movie for the sequel so watch this space!


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  1. You were all amazing! I loved the costumes. What a great idea Assad.
    You must have all worked really hard to make such a fantastic movie.
    Miss you all lots and lots.
    Mrs Brown


    • Mrs Brown, We love you very much.
      We have some gummy bears and candy for you.
      Thank you for watching our movie.
      We hope you are feeling better.
      We hope we will see you very soon.
      Miss you lots and lots and lots!!
      Hope you have a nice Christmas,
      Lots of love and hugs,
      Diamond Class XXXX


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