Slime Bubbles

Slime Bubbles

When one of the children brought in some slime they had made at home we decided to make some more slime for nursery. We mixed two cups of glue with one cup of liquid washing detergent.

Then Maddison noticed that there was a bubble in the slime. That gave us an idea we got straws and blew the slime to make the biggest bubble we could!


We experimented with the slime to see how we could blow the biggest bubble. We tried stretching the slime, putting the straw in the middle, putting the straw underneath and working together.

We learnt to persevere, work together, try different ways to do things, share our ideas and listen to our friend’s ideas, talk about what we could see happening and what worked.

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  1. Hi Diamond Class

    The slime bubbles look Gigantic!!

    We have some questions about your bubbles.

    Ya Qing wants to know if you can make them any bigger?
    Kadi wants to know if you had fun doing the slime bubbles?
    Lucas wants to know how you could make the bubbles smaller?
    Summer wants to know how did the slime feel?

    Love from Topaz Class x x


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