Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We read non-fiction books and found out how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Then we thought about what we would like to do. We decided we would like to try some Chinese Food and definitely do a dragon dance! After reading the story of The Great Race we had races in PE. Yusuff was very interested in speaking Chinese so we learnt how to say Happy New Year in Chinese ‘Gung Hay Fat Choy’.

Here is our floor book with all our ideas ….

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We tried using chop sticks and learnt about different Chinese foods.


We tasted beansprouts, noodles, dragon fruit, chow chow and Chinese biscuits and snacks


Then we made our dragon. After looking at year 6’s amazing dragon, instead of using fabric the children decided they wanted lots of boxes stuck together.

We stuck the boxes together and then painted and decorated our dragon


Then we went up to the studio, listened to Chinese music and did our dragon dancing!


We had so much fun and we learnt to…

  • taste different foods
  • talk about how things taste and our likes and dislikes
  • work together to make the dragon move
  • use non-fiction books to find information
  • move to the music, moving our arms up and down and walking forward (very tricky!)
  • we learnt about other cultures and ways of life (we loved trying to eat with chop sticks!)
  • we learnt about colours and textures as we decorated our dragon



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  1. WOW! It looks like you had so much fun learning about Chinese New Year. We love the brilliant, fantastic and amazing dragon you have created!

    We would like to ask some questions about your learning.
    What did the food taste like?
    How did you make your dragon?
    Did you have lots of fun?

    We look forward to your reply.

    Love from
    Sapphire Class x


    • Thank you Sapphire Class

      We thought that the peas tasted crunchy, the dragon fruit tasted like water and the noodles tasted slippery.
      We usually make our dragon out of a box and fabric but we saw year 6’s dragon and decided we wanted to make one like that. We lined up boxes and stuck them together with tape then we painted them. We made holes with a pencil then stuck pipe cleaners in and decorated it in our workshop. We had lots of fun!
      How did you celebrate Chinese New Year? x


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