Packing our bags (The Transporters)

Packing our bags (The Transporters)

Last year we shared a learning story all about how the children loved to ‘transport’ things around the classroom. Well this year we have another class of transporters!


What does transporting mean?

Do you notice that your child…

  • Enjoys to pick things up and carry them with them?
  • Enjoys moving objects from one place to another?
  • Likes to fill bags, containers, wheelbarrows, prams etc with anything and everything and take them somewhere else?
  • Always has full pockets?
  • Likes to tip all their toys into a basket and take them somewhere new?

This might mean that your child likes to transport which is perfectly normal if a little frustrating when things disappear and end up somewhere unexpected!

What can we do?

Well if transporting is something the children are interested in we encourage it but try to give it a little more purpose.

This week we packed bags for an adventure. We sorted objects into things we thought we might need for an adventure and then took it in turns to pack a bag with what we thought we might need. To make it trickier we were only allowed to choose 3 things…


We learnt to think about what we were putting in the bag. We talked about our choices and made compromises with what we wanted to carry around. In children’s play they started to talk about what was going in their bags.

How can you continue learning at home?

If you notice your child loves to transport there are lots of activities you could try at home such as…

  • Encouraging children to help with tidying up and learn to sort by putting all their different toys into different containers
  • Playing games to teach children about their colours e.g. if you find something red you can put it in your bag, if you find something blue it can go in the basket etc
  • Giving children a limit of how many things they can carry and encourage children to count their items in their bags to check. Let children decide how many things are allowed in their bag today and encourage them to keep counting to check.
  • Letting children help with the shopping by putting items into a trolley or basket. Explain that children can only choose the items you say. When you get home let children help to unpack the bags and take things to the cupboards they can reach.
  •  Letting children help to pack their bags for school, for a day out, for a sleepover at grandmas etc – talk to them about the things they might need.






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