Seaside Poetry

Seaside Poetry

In nursery we share our ideas in lots of different ways. This week we have been making 3D mind maps.

We started with a treasure box full of things that reminded us of the seaside.


We thought about all the things we knew about the seaside. We thought about the things we might see, hear, taste, feel and even smell. As we thought of ideas we shared them with our talk partners then we stretched out the words and Miss Hulme wrote them on cards or we sounded them out to write ourselves.


As we said an idea we found the object in the treasure chest. Then we passed around tubs with the different scents we might smell at the seaside like salty water, ice-cream or suncream.

Soon we had lots of ideas and we spread them out to make a mind map. We thought of whether it was something we might hear, smell, taste, see or feel…

Then we used our mind map to make up poems about the seaside…

I can see … seagulls flapping

I can hear … waves swooshing

I can smell … salty seas

I can feel … sand tickling me

I can taste … ice-cream melting


I can see … water crashing

I can hear … seagulls squawking

I can smell … sunny sun-cream

I can feel … sand crunching

I can taste … cold ice-cream


We were learning…

To describe what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch

To explore using all our senses

To think about describing words and learn new words

What poems are and how they are different to songs and stories

To talk about our own experiences

To sound out words to write

To sort and organise our ideas

How can you continue learning at home?

Encourage children to describe things. Rather than them saying something smells or tastes nice ask children what it reminds them of. Give them a choice of words and ask them why they like things or don’t like things. Describe things that you like – e.g. I like these sweets they are sour like lemons.

Books like Dear Zoo are great for teaching children about describing words. They can think of their own words to describe each animal. Or The Gruffalo where children can use the picture and think of their own words to describe The Gruffalo.


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