How to build a giant robot

How to build a giant robot


Last week was Environment Week so we decided to build a giant recycled robot!

First Miss Hulme and Miss Parker went to the Scrap Store to collect lots of bits and bobs to create our robot. If you have never been it is full of great ‘junk’. Check it out here.

Then we thought about how we wanted our robot to look and drew our designs…


Next we got out the clear mannequin torso from the Scrap Store and filled it with bits of rubbish to be the robots insides. We used things that would have normally been thrown away like broken lids and bits of flooring. We had to think about the size of what we were putting in to fill the robot.


Then we made his body. We added a plastic tub head and screwed tins together to be arms.

The legs were tricky, after trying cones and wire reels we decided on old plastic boxes that were going to be thrown away. We wanted our robot to live outside so we had to think about how to keep it waterproof.

The children added their own personal touches like sunglasses and a necklace…


Finally we decided it should be silver so Miss Hulme sprayed it. Look closely at his stomach and you should still be able to see his insides!

Here is our finished robot, what do you think?



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