The Journey Home From Nursery

The Journey Home From Nursery

We have been reading one of our favourite stories … The Journey Home from Grandpas.


It is all about the things we see on the way home.

We learnt our colour names and the names of the different vehicles.

We thought about our own journeys and drew maps of the things we saw. We thought about the different directions we travelled in and the positions. We directed the cars and talked about how they travelled under, over, around and through. We followed directions moving them forwards, backwards and sideways.


Then we decided to make our own story… The Journey Home from Nursery!

We thought about how we got home, the things we saw, the sizes and the colours. Then we tried to make it fit with the rhythm of the first story, what do you think?

What do you see on your way home nursery?

Which way do you travel?

What do you go past?

Can you make up your own story?


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