Inside Out, a week of compliments…

Inside Out, a week of compliments…

When the children came back from their holidays they had lots of lovely things to say to their friends. Everybody was telling each other how much they liked their new winter clothes. We learnt a new word compliment.


This week we decided to learn all about compliments and feelings. We had nearly all seen the new Disney film, Inside Out, which is all about our feelings so we had lots of Inside Out fun too!

We made up a new game called The Compliment Game. First we put on the music and danced around (because music makes us feel happy!). When the music stopped we shook our friends’ hands and gave them a compliment. We tried to find as many friends as we could before the music came back on. We said kind things like:

I like your long hair

Cool shoes!

I like your jumper

You are funny

You’re good at drawing

The compliment game left us all feeling very happy.

We talked about the other feelings we might have and made Inside Out sensory bottles…


We thought about the colours of the different feelings and chose bottles that were the right shape. We matched the colours and added extra bits like jingle bells for joy and a spiky stone for anger. We filled the bottles with a mixture of glue, water, glitter glue and glitter. Then we added food colouring and watched what happened.



We played with the bottles talking about how we felt and watching the glue and glitter move slowly in the bottle. Then we added our bottles to our sensory area.

We learnt to colour match. We worked with control as we poured and measured into the bottles. We use our bottles to help us talk about our feelings.


We also made Inside Out potions in the mud kitchen…


We filled the tubs with all different things for each feeling. We had blue bubbles for sadness, green slime for disgust, red gloop for anger and yellow glitter and sparkles for joy. We talked about our potions adding a splash of red anger and a sprinkle of yellow joy.

We learnt to talk about our feelings, mix colours and talk about changes.


How can you continue at learning at home?

Carry on the compliments, can children say one kind thing a day? Can they say something kind to everybody in their family?

Make your own sensory bottles with glitter glue, water and a bit of food colouring. Add a little object like a Lego character. These bottles are great for helping children have some calm down time, watching the toy move slowly through the glitter. Make sure you seal the lid on with tape or glue!

Make your own potions using things around your home like washing up liquid, shower gel and shampoo. You could even add cornflour to water to make your own gloop!


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