Christmas Party!

Christmas Party!

Yesterday was our Christmas Party! We had lots of fun and a very special visitor…

Santa came to see us at our party! We were all very excited to see him and had lots of questions…

E – How did you get here?

T – Where is your sleigh?

L – Did you park it?

H – Where are your reindeer?

A – Do you know what your reindeer are called?

T – Is Rudolph the leader?

A – Are there two Santas? I think I’ve seen another at Meadowhall.

A – Do you live at Meadowhall?

R – Do you live somewhere cold?

J – Did you get our letters?

M – How many reindeer have you got?

E – Will you remember to come to our houses?

We reminded Santa about the letters we wrote to him last week and told him all the things we wanted for Christmas. Santa even brought us a present to share in nursery! Finally we sang Jingle Bells to Santa before he had to go.

After seeing Santa we played some dancing games. We listening to Christmas songs and had a dancing competition, played musical statues and musical bumps!

Then we had a GIANT Pass the Parcel and everybody won a prize!

Finally we went back down to our classroom and had some delicious party food that everybody had brought in to share. Then the morning and beginning of the week children went home and we did it all again in the afternoon!


We had a very busy day but it was lots of fun. We hope everybody enjoyed the Christmas Party and that you all have a lovely Christmas!


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