Pumpkin Palaver

Pumpkin Palaver

After Halloween the children decided they wanted plenty of pumpkins in our classroom.

There were pumpkins in the water tray. So we made pumpkin potions, using the tweezers to take out the pumpkin seeds and adding colours and scents to the potions. The children counted out the ingredients they needed for their potions.

We were learning to count out amounts, use language like full and empty. Talk about changes and what happens when we add ingredients. We found out what happened when we mixed colours together. We built our fine motor skills pinching the seeds and using the tweezers, this will help get our fingers ready for writing. Sensory activities are  great way to encourage children to talk about the things they see happening.


DSCF2254 DSCF2253


Our colour of the week was orange. We had orange sand and our colour table was orange to match our pumpkins.

We learn one colour each week. We try to name, find and match the colours of different things we find. We learn that there can be different shades of the same colour.

image image


On the writing table we had a big tuff spot that we covered in paper. We had lots of unusual pumpkins of different sizes as well as squash and we drew what we could see.

We learnt to look carefully at details such as shape and colour. We talked about the shapes and textures we could see. Some children even made up stories about their pumpkins turning them into scary pumpkins to scare the monsters away!




image  image image  


On the fine motor table we used the hammers to hammer golf tees into the pumpkins. We had to carefully hold the pumpkin in one hand and hammer the golf tee with the other. This taught us about coordination and control. We learnt to use the tools safely and it helped to build our strength. It was even trickier to try and get them out again!




How can you continue learning at home?

There may not be many pumpkins around now Halloween’s over but there are lots of activities you could do with other fruits and vegetables.

You could make your own potions using cut up fruit in a bowl of water. You can add food colouring, bowls, spoons and anything you have in your cupboards! Talk to the children about the changes they see and encourage them to count their ingredients, use scales to weigh things out or talk to them about things being full and empty.

You could encourage the children to find colours at home. You could go on a colour hunt and find one thing of every colour or you could find something to add to our colour of the week display!

The children had to really concentrate when they were drawing their pumpkins. You could do some drawings of your own, with fruits and vegetables around the house. Encourage children to talk about the different sizes, colours, shapes and textures. Remind children to try and colour things using the colours they can see.




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