What’s inside the Share Box today?

What’s inside the Share Box today?

This year we have something new and very exciting in nursery…The Share Box.

The Share Box is a special box that we take it in turns to take it home. Everybody can’t wait for it to be their turn!

At home we fill it with 2 or 3 things that we would like to tell our friends about.

Then we bring it back to school and tell our friends all about the things that are special to us.

We have seen all sorts from the Share Box!

Sometimes we bring in things to do with what we are learning about, sometimes things from our holidays or special occasions, things we have been talking about at nursery, interesting things we have found or special toys and objects.

Some of the things we have shared;

  • Shells, conkers, rocks and leaves
  • Trains, cars and trucks
  • Elsa, Jessie, Buzz, Woody, Minions, Trolls and Spiderman
  • Dresses and costumes
  • Teapots, buckets and spades
  • Things to play doctors, nurses and shop keepers
  • Postcards and Bus Tickets
  • Football tickets and even a Lanyard from Coronation Street!


003 002

DSCF2005 (2) DSCF2004

004 001


030 029


063 060

I wonder what we will see in the Share Box next week…


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