Wednesday Vs United


This year in nursery there has been lots of talk about football!

Some of the children support Sheffield Wednesday and some support Sheffield United. Taela told us a story about watching Sheffield Wednesday with her dad. She then went to find out if all the teachers liked football.


We decided to go to the library and found some books about how to play football and football teams.


Then we went to play football!

First we practiced our ball skills. We stood in a circle and kicked the ball to each other. We had to look carefully so we could stop it with our feet. Then we did little kicks to our friends. It was tricky not to use our hands!


After practicing we had a match. Miss Webster’s team were Sheffield Wednesday and Miss Bibby’s team were Sheffield United. We had to kick the ball to our friends then try and score a goal. There were some good goals and lots of great saves too!


We talked about all the new football words we had learnt like dribble, goal, score and match. Then our share box came back with a Sheffield Wednesday ticket in it! The children were very excited to find out all about going to football matches.


We enjoyed learning about football

We learnt to use books to find out more about things we were interested in.

We learnt lots of new words that we can use in our play.

We learn about how to play as part of a team.

We thought about how to follow the rules when we play a game. We got better the longer we played!

We had to use lots of control to stop the ball and make it go where we wanted.


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