Happy Birthday to You…


Last week the children chose to learn about birthdays and parties. It was even two of the children’s birthdays. We thought about all the things we wanted to learn about birthdays and used our floor book to plan our ideas.

Birthday Stories

We read stories about birthdays and parties.

071 070

We learnt animal names in Spot’s Birthday Party and practiced counting with Wibbly Pig has 10 balloons.

Parties and Picnics

We turned our role-play area into a party, it was lots of fun. We had parties and picnics and sang Happy Birthday. We added a teddy bears picnic and kept bringing food and presents for the teddy bears. We even wrote cards and invitations for the bears!

DSCF2873 069 059 049 035 020

We learnt to find the resources we needed for our play around the classroom. We played imaginatively with our friends and the bears bringing presents and pretending it was their birthday. We practiced mark making, copying our friend’s names and writing our own names when we wrote our cards and invitations.

Guess the Sound

We wrapped the instruments to make them look like presents. Then we shook them and tried to guess what was hiding inside.

005 006 008 024

When we played guess the sound we had to listen very carefully. We learnt new words like rattle, squeak and bang and used them to describe the way things sound.

Play dough buns

In the play dough area we made buns with bun tins, cases and candles.

019 018 017 014

We built our fine motor skills to make our hands stronger with the play dough, pushing and squeezing the dough and rolling decorations.

Baking Buns 

We even baked our own buns! We mixed the ingredients and baked them in the oven.

011 007 003 DSCF2867 DSCF2876 DSCF2878 DSCF2880

We learnt about being safe and clean when we did our baking. We thought about following instructions and taking it in turns. We had to be very careful when we poured and mixed the ingredients.

Wrapping Presents 

In the workshop we wrapped boxes and containers in wrapping paper to look like presents.

DSCF2863 DSCF2872 DSCF2879 DSCF2875 DSCF2860 DSCF2858 DSCF2857

In the workshop we built our fine motor skills and coordination to make our hands stronger. We folded the paper and used the scissors to cut the paper and the tape.

We had lots of fun learning about birthdays and parties. You could try some of these activities at home too…

  • Use leftover wrapping paper to wrap empty boxes and containers.
  • Use empty party bags and decorations to have your own party.
  • Have a teddy bears picnic at home!
  • Bake your own buns or party food.
  • Use bun cases and candles to make play dough buns.
  • Wrap noisy objects in paper to play guess the sound.
  • Make birthday cards and invitations or write on old ones.

If you do anything that you would like to share with us at school please bring in a picture or something to share 🙂


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