Stop and Go


After a few near misses with the bikes we had a think and decided to add a road to our bike track. We used chalk to draw a road then we added traffic lights, a crossing and a car park.


One of the children then decided the roads needed some maintenance and introduced roadworks, adding cones and a sign and sending the bikes on a detour through the car park.


Then the children took it in turns controlling the traffic. They used a sign to tell the traffic when to stop and go.


We had lots of fun on the bike track. Soon the children were making up stories and adding extra resources from around the outside area. There were trips to McDonald’s, Asda and Meadowhall! The children started using direction words to tell each other which way to go and there were no more bumps!

We love using the chalks outside. We can draw on the ground and it washes off easily. Sometimes we use the chalks to draw pictures, maps, letters, numbers or practise our writing. What could you use chalks for at home?


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