Crack the Code


We have been cracking pirate codes!

The pirates sent us secret messages, we had to match the colours to find letters and read the words.


First we looked at the cards the pirates had sent us. They had different colours in a row.


Then it was some children’s job to match the colours to the shells.


We turned the shells over and found letters on the back!


We sounded out the words then told our friends what we thought it might say. We had pictures to help us match the answer.


Once we cracked to code we found the matching picture.


We worked together and managed to crack all the pirate’s codes!


We love cracking codes and we’ve been doing more in our phonics sessions and around the classroom. There is a lot of different learning in our code cracking activities! We learnt to colour match, recognise letters, read left to right, blend sounds to read and match words and pictures.

To support children’s letters and sounds at home you can play ‘I spy’, listening for initial sounds or blending sounds in words e.g I spy a z-i-p. You can support children to recognise letters on signs and labels, they might first recognise the letters from their names then begin to recognise other letters.


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