Building Boats


We have been learning about pirates! 

We decided to make the pirates a new boat. First we thought about the materials we could use. We chose the size we needed then tested the materials to see if they were waterproof. Some of the boys noticed that even though the materials were waterproof some had little holes in so we couldn’t use them for boats.

142 144

We thought about what else our boat might need. L suggested that the boats might need sails. We chose from waterproof materials and cut them to the size we needed. We then used pegs, clips and elastic bands to attach the sails.

145 146

Finally we tested our boats in the water to make sure the Pirates didn’t sink!

154164 160

If the boats didn’t work the children worked together to find ways to make them waterproof.


Finally we took them to the water tray to hold the Pirates and their treasure.


What were we learning? 

We investigated materials comparing the different materials for different purposes

We learnt about what waterproof meant

We learnt about floating and sinking

We made choices of how best to attach materials together

We worked together to try and improve our models

What can you do at home? 

Make models from objects around the house such as empty containers

Investigate floating and sinking in the sink or bath

Talk about different materials when choosing clothes for different weathers e.g. choosing a waterproof coat in the rain


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